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August 27/09 11:33 am - Speedgoat's Annual Bike Raffle for Breast Cancer

Posted by Editoress on 08/27/09

Speedgoat's Annual Pink Bike Raffle Turns Purple


Each year Speedgoat Bicycles invents a bike for its annual raffle benefiting the Breast Cancer Fund with only one absolute: the bike must be pink. The campaign however, has proven so huge that Speedgoat has become a victim of its own success and spawned a few entrepreneurial souls who have gone on to fashion pink bike raffles of their own. Rather than turn purple with rage at the copycats, this year's bike simply turned purple - and gold too, which are the colors that distinguish the Breast Cancer Fund.

The bike this year started with a graciously donated Lynskey R230 frame and fork featuring custom purple and gold panels to go with gold hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, courtesy of Chris King. With a nod toward the original Pink Bike concept, Cateye donated three pink Strada wireless computers. For a modest charge, Velocity offered up purple rims and George Yoder, Speedgoat's custom wheel builder, has kindly given his time to build up the wheelset. Speedgoat donated the balance of parts and labor.




The parts' geneses speak for themselves, the bike's matchless identity will be unmistakable, and its charitable beneficiary will get to strengthen its mission to identify and eliminate environmental and other preventable causes of breast cancer. The retail price for this bike including the frame and all the parts if sold on Speedgoat's web site would be more than $6,900.

"The Breast Cancer Fund is thrilled to once again be a part of Speedgoat Bicycle's annual raffle," said Julie Homan, senior cause marketing director. "The switch to a purple and gold bike - the Breast Cancer Fund's signature colors - shows the company's commitment to our mission to prevent breast cancer before it starts."

SRAM CranksTo date, Speedgoat has contributed nearly $80,000 to the BCF with every cent from each $10 raffle ticket benefiting the Breast Cancer Fund. What inspired and motivated Speedgoat to create the Pink Bike Raffle came from both a bit of personal history with the disease and a craving to answer the question that's pinned to all great ideas: can this be done? When it comes to custom bikes, the meticulous minds behind Speedgoat have a serious itch to scratch when designing purposeful bikes. There have been four Pink Bikes so far and each one so distinct that Speedgoat must reinvent the theme every year by creating a bike whose superior pedigree is rivaled only by its inspired style.

"We start by imagining a bike for a specific purpose and then dream about what we would want on this bike if it were ours," said Chris Currie, founder and president of Speedgoat Bicycles. "Then we tell manufacturers about our ambition and invite them to be part of the plan. What's most motivating is how anticipated the Pink Bike has become and how - in the end - the bike will go to someone who risked a bit of their hard-earned money in support of the Breast Cancer Fund for a chance at a bike that's peerless."


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