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December 4/11 10:52 am - Verge/NBX GP Cross: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 12/4/11

Keough, Smith Stage Upsets at NBX in Warwick, Rhode Island

The final weekend of the Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series presented by Verge kicked off with a bang as two of the best races of the season were decided by a wheel’s width. Perfect weather, with light breezes and temperatures in the high-40s and clear skies were over Goddard Park in Warwick, Rhode Island for the NBX Gran Prix of Cross. Saturday’s racing was riveting and some of the biggest crowds in New England were on hand to see it.

The course offered its usual top-level challenge, with a steep ride up, long sections of deceivingly tricky woods, sand run on Narragansett Bay and an extremely fast, downhill finish. This racecourse has all the features that we think of when we want to define proper cyclocross, and the best names in the sport came out in force.

Elite Women
This season’s racing in New England has seen a battle pitted between Laura Van Gilder (C3 p/b Mellow Mushroom), Sally Annis ( p/b JRA Cycles) and the trio from LadiesFirst Racing, Andrea Smith, Crystal Anthony and Elle Anderson. Van Gilder has been dominant this season and holds a sizable lead in the Shimano Series coming into the final weekend. She picked up a pair of victories last week at Bay State Cross and hoped to do the same at NBX. Annis and the women of LadiesFirst had other plans.

Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) took the holeshot and was the first out of the sand, driving the initial group of eight women. The pace was taken over and lifted by Van Gilder and the selection was made quickly. At the front, it was Van Gilder, Annis, Anthony, Anderson and Smith. For the first time this season, the women of LadiesFirst worked coherently as a group to put Annis and Van Gilder under pressure.

First, it was Anderson launching an attack, which was closed by Van Gilder, then Anthony went, putting the pressure on Annis. Smith was, all the time, sitting safely in the group, clearly biding her time. As the race went on, Anderson launched a final attack and, once reeled in, fell off the back of the group.

With the group reduced to four, it was Anthony’s turn to take off. Her attack came very late in the game, with little more than half a lap to go, and put Van Gilder and Annis under pressure once again. When Anthony was reeled in, Van Gilder stayed on the front, hoping to undo her luck from last year by leading out the sprint. Van Gilder was the first to the pavement, but Smith came in hard and shot through, outfoxing Van Gilder and picking up a great victory. Van Gilder held off Annis for second with Anthony ahead of Anderson for fourth.

Elite Men
The Elite Men’s field was absolutely star-studded with six-time Swiss National Champion Christian Heule and his Cannondale/ teammate Jamey Driscoll joining the pinnacle of New England racing. The Series leader, Luke Keough (Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross) came back to defend his jersey following the World Cup in Koksijde, holding a slim lead over Justin Lindine (’s Garage).

The racing was furious from the gun, with Dylan McNicholas ( taking the holeshot and leading the field into the sand. For the first few laps, despite the intense pace, the front group contained twelve racers with leadership switching between McNicholas, Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada), Shawn Milne (ECV/Mazda) and the duo from Cannondale/ Notably, Keough, while rarely on the front, was never behind third wheel and was quick to cover all moves.

The clip slowly began to shed racers as Driscoll turned on his big diesel engine. The group was eventually trimmed to seven with Driscoll at the front, followed by Heule, Keough, McNicholas, Lindine and SmartStop/MOB p/b Ridley teammates Jerome Townsend and Adam Myerson. While Myerson, McNicholas and Lindine each were put into difficulty, each demonstrated their grit and determination by coming back to the lead. A split came with four to go as Heule, Driscoll and Keough went off the front, forcing the group of four to chase. At two to go, thanks to some chess playing at the front, the gap had come down and it came back together. With seven racers evenly matched together, this looked likely to come to a sprint. On the final half of a lap, Heule attacked out of the sandpit and Keough dug incredibly deep to stay with him. McNicholas, slightly gapped, turned himself inside out and made contact with Driscoll behind him.

On the final 180-degree turn onto the pavement, Heule was at the front with Driscoll second and looked ready to pick up his second Shimano Series victory of the season. Keough, dug deep into his reserves and uncorked one of the finest sprints we’ve seen all season and came around Heule for the most prestigious victory of his young career. Heule held on for second ahead of Driscoll. McNicholas came across the line fourth. Townsend picked up fifth ahead of Lindine with Myerson seventh.

UCI Elite Women
1 Andrea Smith (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:37:05
2 Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 Pb Mellow Mushroom 0:37:06
3 Sally Annis (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 0:37:06
4 Crystal Anthony (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:37:11
5 Elle Anderson (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:37:29
6 Nicole Thiemann (USA) Team CF 0:37:33
7 Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Bob's Red Mill Pb Seven Cycles 0:37:33
8 Catherine Sterling (USA) 0:37:59
9 Carolyn Popovic (USA) Team CF 0:37:59
10 Cassandra Maximenko (USA) Silverbull Centralwheel 0:38:00
11 Linnea Koons (USA) Embrocaton Cycling 0:38:27
12 Rebecca Wellons (USA) Quad Cycles 0:38:54
13 Frances Morrison (USA) J.A.M. Fund / NCC 0:39:11
14 Julie Lafreniere (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 0:39:15
15 Laura Ralston (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology p/b Fxdd 0:39:21
16 Kathleen Lysakowski (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:39:24
17 Christina Birch (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology / Fxdd 0:39:25
18 Elizabeth Lukowski (USA) 0:39:59
19 Molly Hurford (USA) Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles 0:40:02
20 Stacey Barbossa (USA) Elite Endurance Training Systems 0:40:07
21 Marian Jamison (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:40:37
22 Nancy Labbe-Giguere (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:40:54
23 Bryna Blanchard (USA) North American Velo 0:40:57
24 Brittlee Bowman (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 0:41:12
25 Kathleen Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 0:43:37
DNF Arley Kemmerer (USA) C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes
DNF Jena Greaser (USA) Noreast Cycling
DNF Christina Tamilio (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing
DNS Lauren Kling (USA) New England Athletic Cyclocross
DNS Sarah Krzysiak (USA)
UCI Elite Men
1 Luke Keough* (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross 1:01:49
2 Christian Heule (Sui) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld 1:01:50
3 Jamey Driscoll (USA) Cannondale Cyclocrossworld 1:01:51
4 Dylan McNicholas (USA) 1:01:52
5 Jerome Townsend (USA) Smartstop / Mockorangebikes Pb Ridley 1:01:58
6 Justin Lindine (USA) / Joe's Garage 1:02:00
7 Adam Myerson (USA) Team Mountain Khakis Presented By Smartstop 1:02:07
8 Shawn Milne (USA) Essex County Velo - Driven By Mazda 1:02:39
9 Mike Garrigan (Can) Lapierre Canada 1:02:44
10 Jeffrey Bahnson* (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 1:02:45
11 Dan Chabanov (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs 1:03:28
12 Alec Donahue (USA) J.A.M. Fund / Ncc 1:03:29
13 Christian Favata (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs 1:03:29
14 Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 1:03:29
15 Synjen Marrocco* (USA) Corner Cycle 1:03:31
16 Anthony Clark (USA) J.A.M. Fund / Ncc 1:03:33
17 Nick Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross 1:04:47
18 David Wilcox (USA) Cycle-Smart 1:04:50
19 Patrick Bradley* (USA) Rutgers University | Raleigh Cycling 1:04:50
20 Tom Sampson (USA) Rhino 1:04:51
21 Colin Reuter (USA) p/b Jra Cycles 1:05:12
22 Bryan Fawley (USA) Orbea Usa 1:05:20
23 Michael Wissell (USA) B2c2/ Boloco 1:05:20
24 Josh Thornton (USA) Bh Bicycles/Gg Events Llc 1:05:25
25 Evan Huff (USA) / Joe's Garage 1:06:00
26 Allan Rego (USA) Farm Team Elite 1:06:01
27 Stephen Pierce (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 1:06:10
28 Thierry Laliberte (Can) Xprezo - Borsao 1:06:22
29 Andrew Lysaght (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology / Fxdd 1:06:27
30 Donny Green (USA) Cycle-Smart 1:06:39
31 John Burns (USA) Burns Racing 1:06:47
32 Manny Goguen* (USA) / Joe's Garage 1:07:44
33 Alex Cox (USA) Uvm Cycling Alumni Mafia (P/B America) 1:07:49
34 Adam Sullivan (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 1:09:11
35 Ben Coleman (USA) Uvm Cycling -1 Lap
36 Ian Schon* (USA) B2c2/Boloco/Backbaybicycles -1 Lap
37 Peter Hagerty (USA) Rochester Institute Of Technology -2 Laps
38 Pierre Vanden Borre (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal -2 Laps
39 Jeff Moote (Can) -3 Laps
DNF Jesse Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
DNF Cary Fridrich (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal
DNF Shaun Adamson (USA) Cycle-Smart
DNS Josh Dillon (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs
DNS John Peterson (USA)
Master Men 35+ (1-3)
1 Mark McCormack (USA) Clif Bar/Pactimo 0:41:54
2 Todd Bowden (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:42:00
3 Brian Wilichoski (USA) 0:42:01
4 Kevin Hines (USA) Corner Cycle 0:42:10
5 Michael Magur (USA) Verge Sport 0:42:24
6 Keith Gauvin (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:42:53
7 Maurice Gamanho (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:42:53
8 Sheldon Miller (USA) 0:42:55
9 Bill Shattuck (USA) Corner Cycle 0:42:58
10 Ryan Rumsey (USA) 0:43:01
11 Tim Ratta (USA) Cheshire Cycle Racing 0:43:02
12 Edwin Bull (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:43:20
13 Matthew Myette (USA) Zanconato Racing 0:43:24
14 Alan Starrett (USA) 0:43:36
15 Pete Smith (USA) Embrocation Cycling / Mad Alchemy 0:43:50
16 Peter Mogg (Can) Stevens Racing 0:43:59
17 Andy Gorski (USA) Pro Bikes 0:44:02
18 Donald Snoop Jr. (USA) Verge Sport/Test Pilot 0:44:02
19 Matt Mitchell (USA) 545 Velo 0:44:48
20 James Harmon (USA) 0:44:52
21 Jerry Chabot (USA) 0:45:19
22 Laurence Merling (USA) Cheshire Cycle Racing 0:45:19
23 Brant Hornberger (USA) 0:45:19
24 Christopher Delisle (USA) 0:45:21
25 Gregory Brown (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:45:24
26 Gary David (USA) 0:45:35
27 Jason Moriarty (USA) Expo Wheelmen 0:45:35
28 Dan Langlois (USA) Bicycle Therapy/ Melitta 0:45:51
29 Gary Aspnes (USA) Ccb Racing Team 0:45:56
30 Frankie Mccormack (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo / Cliff's Cycles 0:46:07
31 Wade Summers (USA) Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team 0:46:13
32 Sean Capizzo (USA) Narragansett Bikes p/b 0:46:17
33 Shawn Mottram (USA) Union Velo / Nfg Cycles 0:46:25
34 Christopher Gagne (USA) Cambridge Bicycle 0:46:32
35 Kyle Smith (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 0:46:46
36 Geoff Williams (USA) 0:46:55
37 Daniel Baker (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:47:02
38 Sebastien Dumont (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:47:04
39 Jeff Gelt (USA) Central Wheel 0:47:18
40 Carl Ring (USA) Team Alpine Clininc-Rcn 0:47:41
41 Jeffrey Capobianco (USA) Breakthrough Performance Coaching 0:47:46
42 C Todd Lombardo (USA) Hup United 0:49:14
43 Arthur Roti (USA) Horst Engineering 0:49:42
44 Shawn Mccormack (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo / Spaten -1 lap
DNS Curtis Boivin (USA)
DNS David Dornaus (USA) Corner Cycle
DSQ Barry Petzold (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft
Master Men 45+
1 Paul Richard (USA) 0:44:22
2 Samuel Morse (USA) Corner Cycle 0:44:33
3 Greg Ferguson (USA) Beacon Cycling/Cape Atlantic Racing/Fuji 0:44:40
4 Mark Gunsalus (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo 0:45:04
5 Peter Vollers (USA) Killington Mountain School Cycling Team 0:45:07
6 Geoffrey House (USA) Northampton Cycling Club 0:45:09
7 Tyler Munroe (USA) Ccb/Volkswagen 0:45:25
8 Carl Reglar (USA) Verge Sport / Test Pilot 0:45:28
9 Bob Bisson (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:45:28
10 Kevin Buckley (USA) 0:45:30
11 Anders Larson (USA) 0:45:33
12 Paul Curley (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:45:33
13 Mark Suprenant (USA) Team Type 1 0:45:57
14 Jonathan Tarbox (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:45:58
15 Geoff Mcintosh (USA) New Hampshire Cycling Club 0:46:00
16 Gray Eldridge (USA) Corner Cycle 0:46:00
17 Mitchell Medeiros (USA) Scottee's Westport Bicycle 0:46:04
18 Don Seib (USA) 0:46:07
19 Paul Nyberg (USA) Horst Engineering Cycling Team 0:46:32
20 Keith Button (USA) Ccb Racing 0:46:42
21 Phillip Kenealy (USA) Unh 0:46:49
22 Mark Pagell (Can) Team Worc 0:46:51
23 Brad Young (USA) Team Tinney's Tavern Cycling 0:46:56
24 Wes Deane (USA) Cox Communications Cycling Team 0:46:57
25 Charles Bourdages (USA) Noreast Cycling 0:47:05
26 Christopher Long (USA) Gotham/Toga! 0:47:11
27 Steve Arsenault (USA) Norm's Ski & Bike/ Team Andy 0:47:13
28 Paul Wojciak (USA) Pawling Cycle And Sport 0:47:15
29 Paul Weiss (USA) Oa/Cyclemania Masters Cycling Team/Portland Velo Club 0:47:17
30 David Belknap (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:47:18
31 Eiric Marro (USA) Bob-Goodale's Bike Shop 0:47:22
32 Wayne Barlow (USA) Paradise Sports 0:47:34
33 Bo Fuller (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Tech 0:47:49
34 John Plump (USA) Minuteman Road Club 0:47:52
35 Kevin Callahan (USA) Bicycle Link/Mbrc 0:47:54
36 Matt Williams (USA) If Grassroots/Circle69 0:47:55
37 Terry Blanchet (USA) N A V - North American Velo 0:48:05
38 John Grenier (USA) Clif Bar/ Pactimo 0:48:09
39 Jan Wiejak (USA) Verge Sport / Test Pilot 0:48:09
40 Mike Kavanaugh (USA) Mad River Riders 0:48:12
41 Jack Hayden (USA) Ecv - Driven By Mazda 0:48:17
42 John Mcgrath (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft 0:48:20
43 Chip Baker (USA) Hup United 0:48:24
44 David Foley (USA) Weebike-Hasyun Racing 0:48:48
45 James Paterson (USA) Spin Arts/Gearworks 0:48:49
46 Thomas Hurley (USA) Colavita Racing Inc. 0:48:51
47 Frank Petty (USA) Union Velo 0:48:52
48 Daniel Russell (USA) Bicycle Link/Mbrc 0:48:53
49 Timothy Shea (USA) Bob-Goodale' S Bike Shop 0:48:55
50 Derek Griggs (USA) Recycled Sports 0:48:59
51 Normand Collard (USA) 0:49:11
52 Tom Stevens (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:49:45
53 Ron Spencer (Can) Velocity Cycle And Ski 0:49:54
54 John Witmer (USA) Gmbc/Synergy Fitness 0:50:03
55 Christopher Burke (USA) Providence Velo/Casters/ 0:50:10
56 Marc Tatar (USA) Bikeworks/Hallamore 0:50:18
57 Dave Geissert (USA) Tolland Bike / Nerac Earth 0:50:19
58 Keith Enderle (USA) Tolland Bike / Nerac Earth 0:50:22
59 John Burkhardt (USA) Ride Studio Café 0:50:25
60 Drew Davis (USA) Minuteman Road Club 0:50:34
61 Chuck Quackenbush (USA) 0:50:43
62 Gilles Cordiert (Can) Independent 0:51:00
63 Neil Armstrong (Can) Teamcf 0:51:12
64 David Powell (USA) Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski And Bike 0:51:15
65 Jim Peters (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech 0:51:20
66 Paul Lussier (USA) Audi Northeast Cycling / Colorado Ski & Bike 0:52:08
67 Jesus Vazquez (USA) 0:52:13
68 Mike Robinson (USA) 0:52:35
69 Jeffrey Maclean (USA) Bob Cycling/Goodale's 0:52:54
70 Scott Kirschner (USA) Blue Hills Cycling Club - Canton Velo 0:53:11
71 Steven Post (USA) Cox Communications Cycling Team 0:53:23
72 Christopher Dale (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer Cycling Team p/b A -1 lap
73 Bill Mark (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology -1 lap
74 Lawrence King (USA) Cox Communications -1 lap
DNF Carl Wittig (USA)
DNF Rex Eberly (USA) Cox Communications Cycling Team
Jr Women
1 Emma White (USA) 0:40:51
2 Ellen Noble (USA) Trek Portsmouth 0:41:16
3 Erin Donohue (USA) Killington Mountain School Cycling Team 0:41:16
4 Elizabeth White (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 0:42:17
5 Victoria Gates (USA) J.A.M. Fund / Ncc 0:44:11
6 Anna Milton (USA) Ladies First Racing 0:47:18
7 Melissa Seib (USA) 0:47:49
Master Women
1 Lori Cooke (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:43:05
2 Vickie Monahan (USA) Exposition Wheelmen 0:43:07
3 Rebekah Weiner (USA) Bikes Not Bombs / Circle A Cycles 0:44:00
4 Amanda Bedard (USA) Cycling Concepts 0:44:12
5 Joanne Grogan (USA) 0:44:21
6 Diane Conway (USA) Raleigh Bicycles/Gus' Bike Shop 0:44:34
7 Katina Walker (USA) 0:44:41
8 Karen Tripp (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 0:45:09
9 Susan Maclean (USA) Bob Cycling-Goodale's/Speed Merchant 0:45:11
10 Sally Mcinnis (USA) Jra Cycles 0:45:17
11 Kirsten Begg-Swider (USA) Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team 0:45:20
12 Lucia Matioli (USA) Rockstar Games, Hup United 0:45:25
13 Aly Armstrong (Can) Team CF 0:45:50
14 Nancy Gillooly (USA) Corner Cycle 0:46:21
15 Heather Heinrich (USA) Wooden Wheels Racing 0:46:49
16 Tracy Gustafson (USA) Danielson Adventure Sports/ Qv Velo 0:47:03
17 Katrina Zalenski (USA) Burns Racing 0:47:27
18 Elaine Debitetto (USA) Hup United 0:47:34
19 Trisha Towanda (USA) Swamp Yankee Road Club/ Cox Communications 0:49:08
20 Millie Milton (USA) Ladies First Racing 0:49:30
21 Jauron Vetter (USA) Hup United 0:49:32
22 Lynn Cochrane (USA) Cycling Concepts Racing Team 0:50:20
23 Tamara Bonn (USA) Bikes Not Bombs / Circle A Cycles
24 Kristen Seib (USA) -1 lap
25 Molly Hamil (USA) -1 lap
26 Robin Macdonald-Foley (USA) Judgement Velo/Tbov -1 lap
27 Julie Lockhart (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft / Nemca -2 laps



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