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December 5/11 10:52 am - Verge/NBX GP Cross: Day 2 report and results, Garrigan 5th

Posted by Editoress on 12/5/11

Smith Doubles Up, Heule On Top at NBX

For the last time this season, the throngs of New England cyclocross gathered for a race in the inaugural Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series presented by Verge. The season’s battles for the Shimano Series has been hard fought for both the men and women. Heading into the final day, Laura Van Gilder (C3 p/b Mellow Mushroom) and Luke Keough (Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross) had built up sizable leads, but both being the competitors they are, wanted to honor the jersey with victory in the final day.

Today’s second day of racing at the NBX Gran Prix of Cross was a bit more technically demanding than Saturday’s, with tight and loose corners on the upper woods section and a second sand section, ending in a steep runup. The hurdles had been moved from a flat approach to an uphill and caused problems for racers throughout the day.

Elite Women
In a move uncharacteristic of Elite Women’s racing, the first half of the race saw an extremely large group on the front of thirteen riders. Saturday’s victor, Andrea Smith (LadiesFirst Racing) was patrolling the front, joined by Sally Annis ( p/b JRA Cycles), Laura Van Gilder and Maureen Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles).

The demands of the course, as usual, created a selection late in the race, reducing the front group to five with only a lap and a half remaining. Smith, Bruno Roy, Annis, Van Gilder and Smith’s teammate Crystal Anthony had made the lead, but unlike Saturday, it seemed like there were no team tactics to be found. The high pace kept all riders under pressure, continually creating small gaps which each burned matches to close.

Bruno Roy began to stretch off the back on the final lap and, as the group entered the sand with little more than half a lap remaining, Anthony also started to lose the pace. On the exit from the sand, Smith was the first wheel and Van Gilder slipped on a tight, rooted corner and hit the ground.

This was Smith’s opportunity and she seized it with both hands, building a lead of ten bike lengths in an instant. Van Gilder turned herself inside out to close the gap but was unable to make contact. Smith was able to raise her hands alone in victory. Behind, Van Gilder was unable to match an acceleration by Annis on the pavement and came across the line third.

Van Gilder’s third place was enough to hold on for the Shimano Series victory. “I’m so happy to have won this,” said Van Gilder, who races on Dura-Ace. “Shimano has done so much and the Series is such a fantastic event. I wanted to support it and am so proud of winning.” By virtue of her great weekend of racing, Andrea Smith was able to pick up second overall in the Shimano Series, which boasts a $10,000 prize purse split evenly between the men and women. Sally Annis’s third overall was a fantastic result for the young team.

Elite Men
Coming off Luke Keough’s surprise victory Saturday, the Cannondale/ duo of Jamey Driscoll and Christian Heule came into the final day of the Shimano Series looking for revenge. Knowing that the crafty racer from Cape Cod packs a world-class sprint, coupled with his ability to maintain himself in difficulty, the two knew they would have to isolate Keough.

The early group was extremely large and, following Adam Myerson (SmartStop/MOB p/b Ridley) driving the pace into the sand pit, the pace was taken over by Texan Bryan Fawley (Orbea USA), who came to NBX looking for his first taste of cyclocross in New England. Last year’s winner, Nick Keough, followed by his teammate and brother Luke, then headed the group of fifteen. At six laps to go, Driscoll, Keough and Heule found themselves off the front, in a repeat of Saturday’s racing, ahead of a driving group led by Jerome Townsend (SmartStop/MOB p/b Ridley) and Dylan McNicholas ( McNicholas bridged up, only to attack immediately.

At five to go, with McNicholas back in, Heule attacked. Keough attempted to cover, but was left dangling and returned to the group. The next move came when Heule was up to ten seconds and Driscoll took a dig. Keough attempted to cover this move as well, but went down hard in a soft corner. Driscoll was then clear to reach his teammate at the front.

With Driscoll and Heule working at the front, the chase behind was left with McNicholas, Keough, Justin Lindine (’s Garage) and Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada). Garrigan, who is best known for his blisteringly fast first two laps, had remained within himself and launched an attack inside three to go. The Canadian’s attack didn’t amount to much and McNicholas began to pull the chase as the leaders got the bell. The high pace put Garrigan into difficulty and Lindine misjudged a corner, hit the ground and got up with a mechanical problem with his bike.

The leaders hit the pavement together with Heule able to hold off a charging Driscoll for his second Shimano Series victory of the season. Twenty seconds behind, elbows were wide in the battle for third between McNicholas and Keough, with Keough pulling off another impressive sprint, leaving McNicholas fourth, with Garrigan fifth and Lindine sixth.

Thanks to his impressive weekend of racing, Luke Keough was able to pull on the final Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series leader’s jersey and payout for both the Elite and the U23 competition. A great weekend’s racing for Heule meant the Swiss Champion moved into second overall with Justin Lindine, the one-time series leader third. On his win, Keough was quick to point out the advantage of racing regionally. “It’s a great series. I’ve grown up with the Verge Series and to see the new Shimano sponsorship means great things for New England racing.” Heule echoed Keough’s response, pointing to the quality of courses and ease of travel as reasons the Shimano Series should be a priority for elite racers.

UCI Elite Men
1 Christian Heule (Sui) Cannondale 1:02:53
2 Jamey Driscoll (USA) Cannondale 1:02:54
3 Luke Keough* (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross 1:03:18
4 Dylan Mcnicholas (USA) 1:03:18
5 Mike Garrigan (Can) Lapierre Canada 1:03:20
6 Justin Lindine (USA) / Joe's Garage 1:03:40
7 Jerome Townsend (USA) Smartstop / Mockorangebikes p/b Ridley 1:04:44
8 Bryan Fawley (USA) Orbea Usa 1:04:50
9 Adam Myerson (USA) Smartstop / Mockorangebikes p/b Ridley 1:04:56
10 Christian Favata (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs 1:05:05
11 Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 1:05:15
12 Jeffrey Bahnson* (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 1:05:27
13 Nick Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross 1:05:32
14 Anthony Clark (USA) J.A.M. Fund / NCC 1:05:33
15 Dan Chabanov (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs 1:06:16
16 Alec Donahue (USA) J.A.M. Fund / NCC 1:06:21
17 Synjen Marrocco* (USA) Corner Cycle 1:06:29
18 Shawn Milne (USA) Essex County Velo - Driven By Mazda 1:06:47
19 Jesse Keough* (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross 1:07:14
20 Amos Brumble (USA) CCB Racing 1:07:15
21 Donny Green (USA) Cycle-Smart 1:07:21
22 Stephen Pierce (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 1:07:22
23 Patrick Bradley* (USA) Rutgers University | Raleigh Cycling 1:08:26
24 Adam St. Germain (USA) NBX / Circle A Cycles 1:08:31
25 Colin Reuter (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 1:08:39
26 John Burns (USA) Burns Racing 1:08:40
27 Chandler Delinks (USA) 1:08:46
28 Cary Fridrich (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 1:08:47
29 Allan Rego (USA) Farm Team Elite 1:08:50
30 Hunter Pronovost (USA) Cheshire Cycle Racing - 1:09:36
31 Andrew Lysaght (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology / Fxdd 1:09:43
32 Josh Thornton (USA) Bh Bicycles/GG Events Llc 1:10:04
33 Shaun Adamson (USA) Cycle-Smart 1:10:19
34 Adam Sullivan (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 1:10:27
35 Michael Wissell (USA) B2c2/ Boloco 1:10:42
36 Ian Schon* (USA) B2c2/Boloco/Backbaybicycles 1 Lap
37 Joshua Friedman (USA) The Devil's Gear Bike Shop/New Haven Bicycling Club 2 Laps
38 Jeff Moote (Can) 2 L
39 Peter Hagerty (USA) Rochester Institute Of Technology 3 L
DNF Evan Huff (USA) / Joe's Garage
DNF David Wilcox (USA) Cycle-Smart
DNF Manny Goguen (USA) / Joe's Garage
DNF Thierry Laliberte (Can) Xprezo - Borsao
DNF Ben Coleman (USA) UVM Cycling
DNF Alex Cox (USA) UVM Cycling Alumni Mafia (P/B America)
DNS Josh Dillon (USA) Rgm Watches - Richard Sachs
UCI Elite Women
1 Andrea Smith (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:37:59
2 Sally Annis (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 0:38:01
3 Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 Pb Mellow Mushroom 0:38:01
4 Crystal Anthony (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:38:02
5 Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Team Bob's Red Mill P/b Seven Cycles 0:38:05
6 Arley Kemmerer (USA) C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes 0:38:39
7 Nicole Thiemann (USA) Team CF 0:38:39
8 Cassandra Maximenko (USA) Silverbull Centralwheel 0:38:40
9 Catherine Sterling (USA) 0:38:42
10 Rebecca Wellons (USA) Quad Cycles 0:38:42
11 Carolyn Popovic (USA) Team CF 0:39:05
12 Elle Anderson (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:39:33
13 Frances Morrison (USA) J.A.M. Fund / NCC 0:39:36
14 Laura Ralston (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology p/b Fxdd 0:39:45
15 Kathleen Lysakowski (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:39:51
16 Liz Lukowski (USA) 0:40:10
17 Brittlee Bowman (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 0:40:17
18 Stacey Barbossa (USA) Elite Endurance Training Systems 0:40:22
19 Christina Birch (USA) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology / Fxdd 0:40:25
20 Christina Tamilio (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:40:25
21 Julie Lafreniere (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 0:40:28
22 Molly Hurford (USA) Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles 0:40:30
23 Kathryn Roszko (USA) / Joe's Garage 0:41:18
24 Bryna Blanchard (USA) North American Velo 0:41:28
25 Nancy Labbe-Giguere (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:41:55
26 Jocelyn Mauldin (USA) Nebc p/b Cycleloft 0:42:49
27 Melissa Ross (USA) Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder 0:43:48
28 Kathleen Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 0:44:48
29 Christine Fort (USA) p/b JRA Cycles 0:45:18
DNF Linnea Koons (USA) Embrocation
DNS Lauren Kling (USA) New England Athletic Cyclocross
DNS Jena Greaser (USA) Noreast Cycling
DNS Sarah Krzysiak (USA)
Master Men 35+
1 Mark Mccormack (USA) Clif Bar/Pactimo 0:42:34
2 Brian Wilichoski (USA) 0:42:41
3 Todd Bowden (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:42:49
4 Kevin Hines (USA) Corner Cycle 0:43:03
5 Keith Gauvin (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:43:16
6 Michael Magur (USA) Verge Sport 0:43:16
7 Sheldon Miller (USA) 0:43:17
8 Ryan Rumsey (USA) 0:43:44
9 Maurice Gamanho (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:43:44
10 Bill Shattuck (USA) Corner Cycle 0:43:46
11 Edwin Bull (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:43:48
12 Frankie Mccormack (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo / Cliff's Cycles 0:44:06
13 Tim Ratta (USA) Cheshire Cycle Racing 0:44:10
14 Peter Mogg (Can) Stevens Racing 0:44:29
15 Donald Snoop Jr. (USA) Verge Sport/Test Pilot 0:44:33
16 James Harmon (USA) 0:44:33
17 Matthew Myette (USA) Zanconato Racing 0:44:36
18 Alan Starrett (USA) 0:44:37
19 Andy Gorski (USA) Pro Bikes 0:44:39
20 Christopher Delisle (USA) 0:44:51
21 Ralf Warmuth (USA) Highland Park Hermes 0:45:28
22 Gary David (USA) 0:45:49
23 Jerry Chabot (USA) 0:45:50
24 Brant Hornberger (USA) 0:45:58
25 Shawn Mccormack (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo / Spaten 0:46:18
26 Kyle Smith (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal 0:46:21
27 Chris Gagne (USA) Cambridge Bicycle 0:46:22
28 Gregory Brown (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:46:45
29 Jason Moriarty (USA) Expo Wheelmen 0:46:45
30 Shawn Mottram (USA) Union Velo / Nfg Cycles 0:46:56
31 Daniel Baker (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:47:00
32 Sean Capizzo (USA) Narragansett Beer p/b Apex 0:47:01
33 Pierre Gervez (USA) Alpine Clinic - Rcn 0:47:02
34 Robert Carmen (USA) Team Edge 0:47:04
35 Alby King (USA) 0:47:21
36 Wade Summers (USA) Horst Engineering Cycling Team 0:47:24
37 Gary Aspnes (USA) Ccb Racing Team 0:47:26
38 Geoff Williams (USA) 0:47:27
39 Sebastien Dumont (USA) Backoffice Associates 0:47:29
40 Michael Kelly (USA) Team Edge 0:47:33
41 Bryan Atwood (USA) Team Edge 0:47:38
42 Wilson Martinez (USA) Bicicentro 0:49:38
43 Jeff Schwab (USA) Arc En Ciel Racing 0:49:53
44 Scott Brooks (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft 0:50:18
45 Steve Roszko (USA) / Joe's Garage 0:50:42
46 Joseph Tindal (USA) Expo Wheelmen 0:51:07
47 John Meyerle (USA) Bethel -1 lap
DNF David Dornaus (USA) Corner Cycle
DNF David Diviney (USA) Cyclepath Racing
DNF Carl Ring (USA) Team Alpine Clininc-Rcn
Master Men 45+
1 Greg Ferguson (USA) Beacon Cycling/Cape Atlantic Racing/Fuji 0:36:44
2 Paul Richard (USA) 0:36:45
3 Mark Gunsalus (USA) Clif Bar / Pactimo 0:36:47
4 Don Seib (USA) 0:36:57
5 Samuel Morse (USA) Corner Cycle 0:37:17
6 Peter Vollers (USA) Killington Mountain School Cycling Team 0:37:22
7 Carl Reglar (USA) Verge Sport / Test Pilot 0:37:34
8 Aaron Miller (USA) 0:37:37
9 Anders Larson (USA) 0:37:45
10 John Mosher (USA) Wheelworks Racing 0:37:51
11 Kevin Buckley (USA) 0:37:53
12 Paul Curley (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:37:56
13 Tyler Munroe (USA) Ccb/Volkswagen 0:37:57
14 Bob Bisson (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:37:57
15 Geoff Mcintosh (USA) New Hampshire Cycling Club 0:38:12
16 Thomas Francis (USA) Wheelworks Racing 0:38:19
17 Paul Nyberg (USA) Horst Engineering Cycling Team 0:38:24
18 Gray Eldridge (USA) Corner Cycle 0:38:26
19 Mitchell Medeiros (USA) Scottee's Westport Bicycle 0:38:26
20 Christopher Long (USA) Gotham/Toga! 0:38:28
21 Chris Borrello (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:38:29
22 Jonathan Tarbox (USA) Expo/Superior Energy 0:38:31
23 Brad Young (USA) Team Tinney's Tavern Cycling 0:38:32
24 Steve Witkus (USA) 0:38:34
25 Jan Wiejak (USA) Verge Sport / Test Pilot 0:38:40
26 Keith Button (USA) Ccb Racing 0:38:45
27 Mark Suprenant (USA) Team Type 1 0:39:00
28 Geoffrey House (USA) Northampton Cycling Club 0:39:09
29 Mark Pagell (Can) Team Worc 0:39:14
30 David Belknap (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:39:19
31 Mike Kavanaugh (USA) Mad River Riders 0:39:21
32 Paul Wojciak (USA) Pawling Cycle And Sport 0:39:22
33 Matt Williams (USA) If Grassroots/Circle69 0:39:26
34 Wes Deane (USA) Cox Communications Cycling Team 0:39:27
35 Paul Weiss (USA) Oa/Cyclemania Master Cycling Team/Portland Velo Club 0:39:37
36 Bo Fuller (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Tech 0:39:49
37 Phillip Kenealy (USA) Unh 0:39:54
38 John Mcgrath (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft 0:39:59
39 John Buchheit (USA) Quadcycles 0:40:00
40 Kevin Callahan (USA) Bicycle Link/Mbrc 0:40:00
41 Terry Blanchet (USA) N A V - North American Velo 0:40:05
42 Chip Baker (USA) Hup United 0:40:09
43 John Plump (USA) Minuteman Road Club 0:40:15
44 Richard Pirro (USA) Union Velo 0:40:24
45 Derek Griggs (USA) Recycled Sports 0:40:31
46 Timothy Shea (USA) Bob-Goodale' S Bike Shop 0:40:42
47 Carl Wittig (USA) 0:40:54
48 Frank Petty (USA) Union Velo 0:41:08
49 Christopher Burke (USA) Providence Velo/Casters/ 0:41:12
50 Tom Stevens (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts 0:41:17
51 Wayne Barlow (USA) Paradise Sports 0:41:26
52 David Foley (USA) Hayden 0:41:47
53 John Witmer (USA) Gmbc/Synergy Fitness 0:41:53
54 Chuck Quackenbush (USA) 0:41:58
55 Jim Mills (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:42:13
56 Mark Mahoney (USA) Bethel Cycle 0:42:15
57 Marc Tatar (USA) Bikeworks/Hallamore 0:42:24
58 Gilles Cordier (Can) Independent 0:42:30
59 David Powell (USA) Audi Northeast Cycling/Colorado Ski And Bike 0:42:32
60 Keith Enderle (USA) Tolland Bike / Nerac Earth 0:42:46
61 Matthew Snow (USA) Trek Fairfield 0:43:09
62 Jim Peters (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer/Apex Tech 0:43:21
63 Jesus Vazquez (USA) 0:43:36
64 Mike Robinson (USA) 0:44:12
65 Theo Kindermans (USA) 0:44:34
66 Steven Post (USA) Cox Communications Cycling Team 0:44:36
67 Bill Mark (USA) Nbx/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology 0:45:10
68 David Anderson (USA) Essex County Velo 0:46:23
69 Lawrence King (USA) Cox Communications -1 lap
70 Donald Crowell (USA) Bob-Goodale's Bike Shop -1 lap
Master Women
1 Lori Cooke (USA) Cycle Lodge 0:42:28
2 Karen Tripp (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 0:43:26
3 Katina Walker (USA) 0:43:45
4 Kathy Sarvary (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery 0:43:47
5 Vickie Monahan (USA) Exposition Wheelmen 0:44:01
6 Renee Bousquet (USA) Racer-X 0:44:02
7 Diane Conway (USA) Raleigh Bicycles/Gus' Bike Shop 0:44:19
8 Joanne Grogan (USA) 0:44:25
9 Melissa Houde (Can) Sportiff Bromont 0:44:27
10 Kirsten Begg-Swider (USA) Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team 0:45:08
11 Amanda Bedard (USA) Cycling Concepts 0:45:13
12 Lucia Matioli (USA) Rockstar Games, Hup United 0:45:18
13 Jane Anna Chapman (USA) Quadcycles 0:45:24
14 Sally Mcinnis (USA) JRA Cycles 0:46:13
15 Nancy Gillooly (USA) Corner Cycle 0:47:15
16 Heather Heinrich (USA) Wooden Wheels Racing 0:47:30
17 Tracy Gustafson (USA) Danielson Adventure Sports/ QV Velo 0:47:43
18 Katrina Zalenski (USA) Burns Racing 0:48:46
19 Elaine Debitetto (USA) Hup United 0:49:32
20 Millie Milton (USA) Ladiesfirst Racing 0:49:41
21 Trisha Towanda (USA) Swamp Yankee Road Club/ Cox Communications 0:49:52
22 Kristina Donehew (USA) Hup United 0:50:04
23 Katherine Snell (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft 0:50:27
24 Maura O'connor Yanulis (USA) Cycle Lodge -1 lap
25 Kristen Seib (USA) -1 lap
26 Linda Shelburne (USA) Cape Cod Racing/C4 -1 lap
27 Christine Ledin (USA) Cycle Lodge -1 lap
28 Marylou Brooks (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft -1 lap
29 Jennifer Linnane (USA) Comprehensive Racing -1 lap
30 Julie Lockhart (USA) Nebc p/b Cycle Loft / Nemca -2 laps


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