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October 6/14 10:03 am - Team Escape Velocity's CastleCross: report and results (BC)

Posted by Editoress on 10/6/14

Mud, snow and donkey

After a dry start to the Lower Mainland cyclocross season in September, racers participating in Team Escape Velocity cycling club’s CastleCross at Port Coquitlam’s Castle Park on Saturday October 4th were treated to periodic rain showers and the sluggish, slippery mud that makes cyclocross racing so unique.

Castle Park is a new venue on the Lower Mainland cyclocross circuit and organizer/course designer Tobin Copley made great use of the variety of terrain and wide open spaces in this picturesque urban park.  “We had so many great terrain features to work with at Castle Park – steep run ups, off camber grassy sections, gravel paths and enough open field space to incorporate longer straight sections linked together by twisty technical corners that kept the racers on their toes for the entire race”, said Copley.  “Castle Park is a great venue for cylocross”, he added.

With overnight rain and early morning showers soaking the grass, racers were forced to deal with something they have not encountered thus far this season:  mud.  The slippery corners and leg sapping wet grass was further augmented by a large pile of snow in the middle of the course that had been trucked in especially for the race.  The back side of the course also included three consecutive leg sapping run ups, the first of which was so steep, riders had to focus on careful foot placement while carrying their bike just to ensure they did not fall over.

Over 200 racers participated through the day, with categories for every age and ability level.  In the Elite Men’s race, former professional cyclocross racer and Canadian National Team member Craig Richey (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) continued his early season dominance, finishing 1’51” ahead of Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Factory Racing).  Bob Welbourne (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) rounded out the Elite podium in third.

Sandra Walter (Liv Giant), the 2014 Canada Cup Mountain Bike series champion won the Elite women’s race, followed by 16 year old Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) and Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club).

The youth races featured a large contingent of riders from DEVO, the youth-development team of Escape Velocity.  The youth race was won by Cody Scott (EV/DEVO p/b Catalyst Kinetics) followed by Quinn Storey (EV/DEVO) and Lief Rodgers (EV/DEVO).

In the tradition of cyclocross, organizers also tried to keep the overall race atmosphere fun.  In additional to the on course snow patch, a variety of enthusiastic course side hecklers, cowbells and a small army of kids offering marshmallow “hand ups” to the suffering racers, the Escape Velocity race once again featured a friendly donkey.

“The City of Port Coquitlam was very supportive, making this a truly great race.  Everyone really enjoyed the course and we really hope to be back next year.”, added Copley.

Report courtesy Team Escape Velocity


Elite Men
1 Craig Richey (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
2 Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)
3 Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
4 Garrett McLeod (Team H&R Block)
5 Thomas Skinner (Norco Bicycles)
6 Andrew Pinfold (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
7 James Cameron Birkenbuel (Independent)
8 Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
9 Richard Machhein (Local Ride Racing Team)
10 Matthew Drown (Daryl Evans Racing)
11 Devon Moonie (Independent)
12 Lucas Gallagher (Mighty Cycling)
13 Paul Mc Carthy (Steed Cycles)
14 Scott Mcgregor (Steed Cycles)
DNF Alexander Dove (Independent)
DNF Sherwood Plant (Westside Cycling Club p/b Musette Caffe)
Elite Women
1 Sandra Walter (Liv/giant Canada)
2 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing Team)
3 Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
Master Men
1 Brad Issel (Daryl Evans Racing)
2 Mike Hunter (Different Bikes)
3 Mike Murphy (Steed Cycles)
4 Colin Campbell (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
5 Mark Oldenburg (Mighty Cycling)
6 David Kvick (Independent)
7 Christian Hansen (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
8 Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing Team)
9 John Stamp (Atomic Racing Club)
10 Edward Lawson (Independent)
11 Chris Bond (Pennsula Velo)
12 Ray Lachance (West Coast Cycling)
13 Michael Dolling (Daryl Evans Racing)
14 Jason Crookham (Independent)
15 John Perkins (
16 Brian Griffin (Bayview Towing)
17 Greg Inkster (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
18 Michael Parrish (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
19 Owen Scott (Steed Cycles)
20 Jamin Davies (Independent)
21 Kevin Hay (Westside Cycling Club p/b Musette Caffe)
22 Niels Steiner (West Coast Cycling)
23 Dale Tiessen (Daryl Evans Racing)
24 Charles Russell (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
25 Piers Cunnington (Fulgas)
26 Russell Stead (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
27 Matt Chater (Independent)
28 Brian Storey (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
29 John Ramsden (Steed Cycles)
30 Craig Fabische (Daryl Evans Racing)
31 Corey Tracey (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
DNF Richard Humphries (Ridge Meadows BMX)
DNF Patrick Beckstead (Mighty Cycling)
Novice Men
1 Clarke Bayles (Fulgas)
2 Bevan Moss (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
3 Corey Grobe (Independent)
4 Joshua Doherty (Independent)
5 Bronson Patychuk (Independent)
6 John Tani (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
7 Jeff Kalman (Westside Cycling Club p/b Musette Caffe)
8 Ben Johnson (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
9 Michael Dhont (Independent)
10 Scott Schroeder (Independent)
11 Dominic Toa (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
12 Benjamin Low-Beer (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
13 Ashley Paul James (Independent)
14 Andrew Coelho (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
15 David Usher (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
16 Ben Smith (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
17 Calvin Chow (Independent)
18 Alan Walker (Independent)
19 Brent Fahl (Boundary Bay Cycling Club)
20 Bob Mclaren (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
21 Aakash Johari (Mighty Cycling)
22 Ronald Noakes (Independent)
23 David Lyall (Independent)
24 William Richardson-Little (Independent)
25 Kevin O'connor (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
26 Andrew Cheung (Independent)
27 Geoffrey Wherrett (Independent)
28 Robert Wasylyshyn (Independent)
29 Carmen Marin (CRC Coastal Race Club)
30 Graeme Kaine (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
31 harry Bohan (Independent)
32 Hugh Wellman (Independent)
33 Arne Bickle (Westside Cycling Club p/b Musette Caffe)
34 Joseph Ujfalusi (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
35 Jake Cullen (Independent)
36 JIM Mckay (Independent)
37 Fred Baral (Independent)
38 James Marshall (Salomon West Van + Cariboo Brewing)
Novice Women
1 Lindsey von Bloedau (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
2 Risha Golby (Independent)
3 Natalia Mulekova (Independent)
4 Valerie Ross (Independent)
5 Mackenzie Neale (Independent)
6 Trisha Tisseur-Rodgers (Daryl Evans Racing)
7 Rosemary Gin (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
8 Angela Cullen (Independent)
9 Gillian Case (Independent)
10 Gail Harrison (Independent)
11 Melanie Tremblay (Independent)
Youth Open
1 Cody Scott (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
2 Quinn Storey (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
3 Lief Rodgers (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
4 Evan McBeath (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
5 Reese Critchlow (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
6 Emilly Johnston (Trail Bikes)
7 Base Wagner (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
8 Evan Russell (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
9 Bronwen Campbell (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
10 Brendan Flynn (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
11 Evan Gratham (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
12 Toria Kalyniuk (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
13 Patrik Rytir (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
14 Lilly Ujfalusi (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
15 Maia Matson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
16 Calista Valente (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
17 Erin Usher (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
18 Campbell Parrish (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
19 Tomas Kalyniuk (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
20 Adam Usher (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
21 Anja Matson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
22 Angela Law (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
23 Maximilian Wagner (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
24 Kate Matson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
25 Meghan Holmes (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
26 Isabel Shaw (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
27 Hannah Deppiesse (Independent)
28 Geza Rodgers (Daryl Evans Racing)
29 finn Bohan (Independent)
DNF Eric Inkster (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
Intermediate Men
1 Michael Wegner (Independent)
2 Tim Sherstobitoff (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
3 Marc Edwards (Independent)
4 Murray Mclennan (Cycosis Racing)
5 Quentin Emeriau (Independent)
6 David Gillam (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
7 Michael Goodman (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
8 James R Davison (Daryl Evans Racing)
9 Corey Itterman (Cycosis Racing)
10 Roni Jones (Westside Cycling Club p/b Musette Caffe)
11 dominik Szopa (Leading Edge Cycling Club)
12 Sean Zoschke (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
13 Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing Team)
14 Mike Tunnah (West Coast Cycling)
15 Brandon Thomson (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
16 Nathan Killam (Cycosis Racing)
17 Brett Whitehead (Team Zaui)
18 Chris Chou (Independent)
19 Alejandro Galindo (Independent)
20 Mick Stobart (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
21 Troy Neale (Independent)
22 Tom Craik (Salomon Flight Crew)
23 Erik Diertens (Pro City Racing)
24 Kyle Scully (Independent)
25 Athanasios Caramanolis (
26 Kurt Withers (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
27 Jason Rhodes (Todd's Racing)
28 Brian Greening (West Coast Cycling)
29 Darcy Reno (Mighty Cycling)
30 Riley Pickrell (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
31 Matthew Sipple (Mighty Cycling)
32 Harry Henderson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
33 Alexander Capon (Team Whistler)
34 Jeremy Jones (Independent)
35 Hung Mai (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
36 Brian Gunn (Daryl Evans Racing)
37 Stuart Mullan (Steed Cycles)
38 Paul Craig (Local Ride Racing Team)
39 Daniel Sivertson (Independent)
40 Von Winkelmann (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
41 Tian Gee (Independent)
42 Finn Blackburn (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
43 Farrar Lister (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
44 David Gilmour (Independent)
45 Brendan Cowley (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
46 Thierry Keable (Fulgas)
47 Oliver Wood (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
48 Ryan Cousineau (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
49 Jon Taylor (Daryl Evans Racing)
50 Tobin Henderson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
51 James Thompson (CVC Racing)
52 Kelly Barnes (Orange Sport Supply)
53 Martin Richardson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
DNF Jesse Reams (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
DNF dDave Struthers (Independent)
DNF Aydin Rezazadeh (Tag Cycling Club)
DNF Darrel Domenko (Mighty Cycling)
DNF JB MacGregor (
Intermediate Women
1 Margaret Ovenell (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics)
2 Stacey Hutton (Mighty Cycling)
3 Sarah Olner (Whistler Cycling Club)
4 Kelsie Lengert (CCN Bikes)
5 Alyssa Myshok (West Coast Cycling)
6 Kelly Bietola (Independent)
7 Joanna Fox (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
Single Speed (Open)
1 Nick Berry (Independent)
2 Richard Machhein (Local Ride Racing Team)
3 Mark Oldenburg (Mighty Cycling)
4 Robert Airey (Mighty Cycling)
DNF paul McCloskey (Independent)
DNF Paul McCarthy (Steed Cycles)


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