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December 14/15 15:01 pm - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Part 3

Posted by Editor on 12/14/15

Cyclists are often too serious about their kit. It has to be traditional, it has to be matching, or club/team kit, or your favourite pro kit...

Loosen up a little!




One company that is adopting this philosophy is Sako 7 Socks, a South African cycling apparel company that has moved to Canada and is partnering with Canadian Peter Appleton [see Sako 7 Socks Moves to Canada].

The company does more then just socks, but we want to focus on those socks.

Sako 7 states 'The Socks Maketh the Kit', and it is true that these socks can make a statement. Manufactured for Sako 7, the designs do not fit any standard cycling template.

Stripes of every hue, patterned triangles or roses; these socks would make a great stocking stuffer. Each pair comes with an appropriate saying stitched onto the sole.






Water bottles in matching stripes make another stocking stuffer.

The suggested retail for Sako 7 socks is $24 a pair, and for the water bottles, $17. Available at local bike shop dealers, or online at Sako 7.


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