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April 30/06 9:00 am - Bici ITT

Posted by Editoress on 04/30/06

Bici ITT Keoma, Alberta (NE of Calgary)
Andy Holmwood, ABA Road and Track Coordinator

The first Alberta Road Cup event of the season, and also the opener of the Alberta Time Trial Series.


Women A
1. Alex Wrubleski (H and R Block)33:37.0
2. Susan Copeland (Juventus)34:20.0
3. Amy Woodward (CMC/Bow Cycle)34:42.0
4. Laura Brown (CMC/Bow Cycle)35:11.0
5. Danielle Kenny (CMC/Bow Cycle)36:01.0
6. Alison Testroete (CMC/Bow Cycle)36:22.0
7. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy)36:54.0
8. Mical Dyck (Terrascape)37:43.0
9. Colleen Malcolm (Velocity)38:11.0
Women B
1. Carolyn Soules (Crankmaster)35:37.0
2. Julie Beveridge (bicisport)35:45.0
3. Tanya Salomon (TRS Racing)36:06.0
4. Jill Hunt (TRS Racing)36:57.0
5. Lisa Mensink (Speed Theory)37:30.0
6. Joanne Breau (bicisport)37:33.0
7. Jennifer Alexander (Speed Theory)38:09.0
8. Jessica Kisell (bicisport)39:42.0
9. Kate Reed (Juventus)39:59.0
10. Sandra Yaworski (Speed Theory)40:11.0
11. Adrienne Tibbitts (GS Campione)40:48.0
12. Linda D'ilio (Juventus)41:40.0
13. Rebecca Morris (bicisport)42:43.0
14. Marlis Kromm (bicisport)42:57.0
15. Lauren Lankester (bicisport)43:04.0
16. Michelle Beveridge (bicisport)43:10.0
17. Valerie Trainer (Juventus)44:06.0
18. Liane Angerman (Synergy)46:19.0
Category 1/2
1. Bruce Copeland (Juventus)28:48.0
2. Robert Veroba (bicisport)29:35.0
3. Devon Smibert (Synergy)29:57.3
4. Kyle Marcotte (Speed Theory)30:01.0
5. James Sparling (bicisport)30:07.0
6. Philippe Abbott (Italpasta-Transport Belmire)30:45.0
7. Shawn Taylor (Rundle Mountain CC)30:49.0
8. Jeff Bolstad (H and R Block)31:08.0
9. Gary Anderson (TRS Racing)31:29.0
10. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead Roadworks)31:59.0
11. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead Roadworks)32:05.0
12. Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy)32:14.0
13. Nick Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Roadworks)32:17.0
14. Shaun Adamson (Juventus)32:30.0
15. John Twells (Pedalhead Racing Club)32:34.0
16. Tim Bulger (ERTC/redbike)32:55.0
17. Jeff Sparling (bicisport)33:20.0
18. Greg Fulford (Juventus)33:27.0
19. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy)33:35.0
20. Harley Borlee (H and R Block)33:40.0
21. Neal Banner (CMC/Bow Cycle)34:04.0
22. Byron Davis (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)35:03.0
23. Tim Ogryzlo (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)35:19.0
24. Steve German (TRS Racing)37:35.0
DNF. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike)
DNF. Craig Good (Synergy)
DNS. Trevor Williams (Speed Theory)


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