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August 27/06 1:16 am - MTB World Championships: Men's XC Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/27/06

MTB World Championships Rotorua, New Zealand

Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS

1. Julien Absalon (France)2:09:07.94
2. Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)at 0:43
3. Fredrik Kessiakoff (Sweden)1:58
4. Ralph Näf (Switzerland)4:22
5. Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)4:51
6. Thomas Frischknecht (Switzerland)5:19
7. Filip Meirhaeghe (Belgium)5:54
8. Jeremiah Bishop (United States Of America)6:21
9. Jean Christophe Peraud (France)7:02
10. Liam Killeen (Great Britain)7:13
11. Bart Brentjens (Netherlands)7:39
12. Roel Paulissen (Belgium)7:49
13. Jader Zoli (Italy)8:07
14. Johann Pallhuber (Italy)8:44
15. Marti Gispert Labarta (Spain)8:56
16. Kashi Leuchs (New Zealand)9:10
17. Adam Craig (United States Of America)9:16
18. Cédric Ravanel (France)9:47
19. Jochen Kaess (Germany)9:57
20. Florian Vogel (Switzerland)10:04
21. Karl Platt (Germany)10:14
22. Alban Lakata (Austria)10:17
23. Martino Fruet (Italy)10:59
24. Ludovic Dubau (France)11:39
25. Seamus Mcgrath (Canada)12:01
26. Bas Peters (Netherlands)12:18
27. Oliver Beckingsale (Great Britain)12:21
28. Peter Riis Andersen (Denmark)12:42
29. Dario Acquaroli (Italy)12:53
30. Christoph Soukup (Austria)13:23
31. Sid Taberlay (Australia)13:42
32. Filip Eberl (Czech Republic)14:03
33. Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spain)14:31
34. Andreas Kugler (Switzerland)14:47
35. Ricky Federau (Canada)15:00
36. Geoff Kabush (Canada)15:23
37. Chris Jongewaard (Australia)15:36
38. Manuel Fumic (Germany)15:46
39. Michael Weiss (Austria)16:06
40. Mirko Pirazzoli (Italy)17:16
41. Martin Gujan (Switzerland)at 1Lap
42. Moritz Milatz (Germany)at 1Lap
43. Maxim Gogolev (Russian Federation)at 1Lap
44. Martin Kraler (Austria)at 1Lap
45. Murray Spink (Australia)at 1Lap
46. Balz Weber (Switzerland)at 1Lap
47. Barry Wicks (United States Of America)at 1Lap
48. Mathieu Toulouse (Canada)at 1Lap
49. Milan Spesny (Czech Republic)at 1Lap
50. Ricardo Pscheidt (Brazil)at 2Laps
51. Caspar Austa (Estonia)at 2Laps
52. Jelmer Pietersma (Netherlands)at 2Laps
53. Ovidiu Tudor Oprea (Romania)at 2Laps
54. Eric Drower (New Zealand)at 2Laps
55. Kenji Takeya (Japan)at 2Laps
56. Brent Miller (Australia)at 2Laps
57. Perren Delacour (Australia)at 2Laps
58. Ivan Seledkov (Russian Federation)at 2Laps
59. Gonzalo Aravena (Chile)at 2Laps
60. Stuart Houltham (New Zealand)at 2Laps
61. Michael Broderick (United States Of America)at 2Laps
62. Edivando Cruz (Brazil)at 2Laps
63. Michael Northcott (New Zealand)at 3Laps
64. Cristobal Silva (Chile)at 3Laps
65. Todd Wells (United States Of America)at 3Laps
66. Shingo Shiraishi (Japan)at 3Laps
67. Javier Puschel (Chile)at 3Laps
68. Helmet Tamkorv (Estonia)at 3Laps
69. Wayne Hiscock (New Zealand)at 3Laps
70. Tim Wilding (New Zealand)at 3Laps
71. Mark Leishman (New Zealand)at 4Laps
72. Justice Makhale (Republic of South Africa)at 4Laps
73. Takahiro Ogasawara (Japan)at 4Laps
DNF. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (United States Of America)
DNF. Marek Galinski (Poland)
DNF. Ryan Trebon (United States Of America)
DNF. Marcin Karczynski (Poland)
DNF. Aaron Barry Tuckerman (New Zealand)
DNS. Thiago Aroeira (Brazil)


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