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September 19/06 2:53 am - Tobago International Cycling Classic: Full Results & Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/06

20th Tobago International Cycling Classic

September 14th to 17 th
Presented by Trinbago Wheelers

Stage 1 - 20 km ITT
1. Phillip Cortes (Canada) Bell Canada22:52.6
2. Ryan Belliveau (Canada) Bell Canada23:26.0
3. Hugh Moran (USA) Team Angostura23:31.1
4. Emile Abraham (Tobago) Team Angostura23:50.0
5. Bruno Langlois (Canada) Team Angostura23:53.2
6. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Canada) Bell Canada24:12.7
7. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab24:13.2
8. Craig Degier (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center24:24.5
9. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab24:28.6
10. O'neil Samuels (Jamaica) Team Trek24:42.5
11. Predrag Prokic (Serbia) Team Angostura24:59.7
12. Colin Wilson (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago25:10.3
13. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center25:24.0
14. David Alves (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab25:32.8
15. John Turton (Barbados) Team Trek25:35.7
16. Jean Francois Racine (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center25:53.8
17. Jason Perryman (Barbados) Team Trek26:00.4
18. Benjamin Jungbluth (Germany) GSG26:06.6
19. Stephen Mangroo (Trinidad) Team Trek26:06.8
20. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek26:17.6
21. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab26:24.0
22. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago26:24.4
23. Eric Keim (USA) Team Angostura26:29.9
24. Jude Bentley (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab26:37.0
25. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago26:39.9
26. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago26:55.7
27. Barry Luces (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago27:17.6
28. Adam Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago27:39.3
29. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) GSG27:40.2
30. Tyrone Thomas (Grenada) GSG27:41.8
31. Carl Desroches (Canada) Bell Canada27:51.9
32. Darriel Pereira (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago28:31.0
33. Ronald Moses (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab28:32.2
34. Max Keeler (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center28:32.9
35. Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) GSG30:17.6
36. Ako Kellar (Trinidad) Team Trek30:23.9
Stage 2 - Circuit Road Race, 125 km
1. Hugh Moran (USA) Team Angostura2:51:12.1
2. Bruno Langlois (Canada) Team Angostura2:51:37.9
3. Emile Abraham (Tobago) Team Angostura2:51:44.6
4. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago2:51:44.6
5. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab2:51:45.0
6. Eric Keim (USA) Team Angostura2:53:26.4
7. Benjamin Jungbluth (Germany) GSG2:53:27.5
8. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab2:53:28.3
9. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab2:53:29.7
10. Adam Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago2:53:43.7
11. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center2:53:44.1
12. Tyrone Thomas (Grenada) GSG2:53:44.3
13. Predrag Prokic (Serbia) Team Angostura2:53:44.5
14. Jason Perryman (Barbados) Team Trek2:53:44.7
15. Phillip Cortes (Canada) Bell Canada2:53:45.0
16. David Alves (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab2:53:45.2
17. Ryan Belliveau (Canada) Bell Canada2:53:45.3
18. Stephen Mangroo (Trinidad) Team Trek2:54:28.4
19. O'neil Samuels (Jamaica) Team Trek2:56:20.4
20. John Turton (Barbados) Team Trek2:58:10.2
21. Darriel Pereira (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago2:59:08.2
22. Jean Francois Racine (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:00:43.4
23. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:00:43.6
24. Colin Wilson (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:00:43.9
25. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:00:43.9
26. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Canada) Bell Canada3:00:44.1
27. Ronald Moses (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab3:02:34.5
28. Craig Degier (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:06:39.8
29. Max Keeler (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:06:40.1
30. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek3:07:59.3
31. Carl Desroches (Canada) Bell Canada3:10:48.5
32. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) GSG3:14:55.7
33. Barry Luces (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:30:52.8
DNF. Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) GSG
DNF. Ako Kellar (Trinidad) Team Trek
DNF. Jude Bentley (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab
Stage 3: - Circuit Road Race, 135 km
1. Bruno Langlois (Canada) Team Angostura3:15:42.4
2. Phillip Cortes (Canada) Bell Canada3:15:52.8
3. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:21:58.0
4. Emile Abraham (Tobago) Team Angostura3:21:58.0
5. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab3:22:00.4
6. Hugh Moran (USA) Team Angostura3:22:03.0
7. Ryan Belliveau (Canada) Bell Canada3:25:24.7
8. Jean Francois Racine (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:30:44.3
9. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab3:32:11.9
10. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab3:32:12.1
11. Eric Keim (USA) Team Angostura3:32:12.1
12. Colin Wilson (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:32:12.4
13. Benjamin Jungbluth (Germany) GSG3:32:15.2
14. Predrag Prokic (Serbia) Team Angostura3:32:15.2
15. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:32:15.2
16. David Alves (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab3:32:15.5
17. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:43:36.9
18. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:43:37.0
19. John Turton (Barbados) Team Trek3:43:37.0
20. Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) GSG3:54:03.9
21. Barry Luces (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:54:03.9
22. Adam Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago4:26:02.5
23. Max Keeler (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center4:30:05.7
DNF. O'neil Samuels (Jamaica) Team Trek
DNF. Stephen Mangroo (Trinidad) Team Trek
DNF. Ronald Moses (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab
DNF. Carl Desroches (Canada) Bell Canada
DNF. Craig Degier (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center
DNF. Darriel Pereira (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago
DNF. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Canada) Bell Canada
DNF. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) GSG
DNF. Jason Perryman (Barbados) Team Trek
Stage 4 results not available
Stage 5: Road Race, 120km
1. Emile Abraham (Tobago) Team Angostura3:45:58.6
2. Bruno Langlois (Canada) Team Angostura3:51:27.6
3. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab3:51:28.4
4. Jean Francois Racine (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center3:51:28.9
5. Predrag Prokic (Serbia) Team Angostura3:51:28.9
6. Phillip Cortes (Canada) Bell Canada3:51:33.2
7. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek3:51:51.8
8. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab3:52:49.2
9. Ryan Belliveau (Canada) Bell Canada3:54:48.5
10. Colin Wilson (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago3:57:48.2
11. John Turton (Barbados) Team Trek3:58:22.0
12. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab3:59:39.2
13. Benjamin Jungbluth (Germany) GSG3:59:39.2
14. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center4:03:57.0
15. Barry Luces (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago4:04:11.3
16. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago4:10:17.4
17. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago4:10:17.4
18. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago4:10:17.6
19. David Alves (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab4:20:23.9
20. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) GSG4:36:00.0
Final GC
1. Bruno Langlois (Canada) Angostura / Toshiba13:28:09.3
2. Emile Abraham (Tobago) Angostura / Toshiba13:33:16.2
3. Phillip Cortes (Canada) Bell Canada13:36:37.6
4. Guy Costa (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab13:40:51.8
5. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab13:44:48.5
6. Predrag Prokic (Serbia) Angostura / Toshiba13:46:05.8
7. Ryan Belliveau (Canada) Bell Canada13:48:28.1
8. Colin Wilson (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago13:59:21.3
9. Jean Francois Racine (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center13:59:54.5
10. Joshua Alexander (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago14:00:24.0
11. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab14:02:02.6
12. Benjamin Jungbluth (Germany) GSG14:03:05.3
13. Jean-Michel Lachance (Canada) Atlantic Canadian Center14:08:18.1
14. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek14:15:48.8
15. John Turton (Barbados) Team Trek14:23:13.5
16. David Alves (Trinidad) Rafmon Mecalfab14:37:26.9
17. Roger Smart (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago14:38:45.5
18. Shanon Metivier (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago14:39:01.5
19. Barry Luces (Trinidad) Trinidad & Tobago14:23:11.2
20. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) GSG14:48:40.0


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