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December 6/98 4:45 am - `Cross World Cup #3

Posted by Editor on 12/6/98

GP de Luxembourg - `Cross World Cup #3

1Daniele PontoniITA1.00.35.14
2Marc JanssensBEL1.00.48.34
3Mario de ClercqBEL1.00.57.33
4Sven NijsBEL1.01.19.09
5Adri van der PoelNED1.01.19.70
6Erwin VerveckenBEL1.02.00.74
7Radomir SimunekCZE1.02.05.86
8Wim de VosNED1.02.19.16
9Richard GroenendaalNED1.02.43.30
10Peter van SandvlietBEL1.02.53.49
11Petr DlaskCZE1.02.58.70
12Beat WabelSUI1.03.33.86
13Maarten NijlandNED1.03.44.09
14Jiri PospisilCZE1.04.16.33
15Gerben de KnegtNED1.04.37.25
16Roland SchzttiSUI1.04.51.58
17Vaclav JezekCZE1.05.11.86
18Dominique ArnauldFRA1.05.17.57
19Christophe MorelFRA1.05.27.75
20Patick BlumSUI1.05.39.64

World Cup Standings (after 3 events)

1Sven NijsBEL116
2Daniele PontoniITA110
3Marc JanssensBEL88
4Mario DeClercqBEL86
4Richard GroenendaalNED86
6Erwin VerveckenBEL52
7Adrie van der PoelNED51
7Jiri PosposilCZE51
9Radomir SimunekCZE50
10Petr DlaskCZE48


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