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April 8/07 4:29 am - London Velodrome Results

Posted by Editor on 04/8/07

Forest City Velodrome - London, Ontario
Courtesy Bon Schelstraete

April 7, 2007

Flying Laps
1Jamie Shankland8.48
2Rob Good8.89
3Rod Olliver8.98
4Dave Byer9.04
5Scott Lundy9.3
6Chris Atkins9.35
7Ian Whenam9.55
8John Hueston9.78
9Kyle Frye9.8
10Andrew Lockhart9.95
11Stephanie Bester10.16
12Larry Pollock10.25
13Brian Kelly10.54
14Ryan Lave10.56
15David Bee10.84
16Sarah McKenzie-Picot11.78
Devon Lowrie (9 yrs old)13.84
Devon Lowrie (2 laps)27.68
Sprints - A Group
1Rob Good
2Chris Atkins
3Jamie Shankland
4Dave Byer
5Scott Lundy
6Ian Whenam
7Rod Olliver
Sprints - B Group
1Kyle Frye
2Andrew Lockhart
3Stephanie Bester
4Sarah McKenzie-Picot
5David Bee
6Brian Kelly
Race - Velo Kids (15 laps)
1Stephanie Bester
2Andrew Lockhart
3Ryan Lave
4Sarah McKenzie-Picot
5Matthew Bester
Scratch Race - B Group (20 laps)
1John Hueston
2Kyle Frye
3Andrew Lockhart
4Brian Kelly
5Larry Pollock
6David Bee
Points Race - A Group (50 laps)
1Dave Byer22 pts
2Jamie Shankland18 pts
3Scott Lundy5 pts
4Keith Thorarinson5 pts
5Ian Whenam3 pts
6Rob Good1 pt
7Chris Vlemmix
8Chris Atkins
Miss & Out - A Group
1Jamie Shankland
2Dave Byer
3Scott Lundy
4Chris Vlemmix
5Rod Olliver
6Chris Atkins
7Rob Good
8Kyle Frye
9Ian Whenam
Miss & Out - B Group
1John Hueston
2Andrew Lockhart
3Stephanie Bester
4Larry Pollock
5David Bee
6Sarah McKenzie-Picot
Keirin - A Group
1Jamie Shankland
2Dave Byer
3Rod Olliver
4Scott Lundy
5Kyle Frye
Keirin - B Group
1Rod Olliver
2Stephanie Bester
3John Hueston
4Larry Pollock
5Sarah McKenzie-Picot
6David Bee
2 lap Standing Start
Andrew Lockhart22.91
Kyle Frye
Sarah McKenzie-Picot25.75
Stephanie Bester


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