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May 1/07 9:09 am - SwissPower Cup #3

Posted by Editoress on 05/1/07

SwissPower Cup #3 Perrefitte Sui

April 28th

1. Sabine Spitz (Ger) Ghost International1:40:28
2. Petra Henzi (Sui) Fischer-BMCat 0:14
3. Renata Bucher (Sui) Stockli - Craft0:44
4. Nathalie Schneitter (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team1:22
5. Katrin Leumann (Sui) goldwurst-power.ch1:42
6. Sandra Walter (Can) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team2:13
7. Bettina Schmid (Sui) Fischer-BMC2:13
8. Esther Suss (Sui) BikErich/ RC Gränichen2:14
9. Maroussia Rusca (Sui) Scott Allianz Suisse4:36
10. Nadia Walker (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team7:26
11. Maureen Guichardot (Fra) Scott Valloire-Galibier7:46
12. Caroline Mani (Sui) Amicale Cycliste Bisontine9:21
13. Nadja Roschi (Sui) Fischer-BMC10:28
14. Fabienne Niederberger (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team11:30
15. Susanne Litscher (Sui) Wheeler Swiss Team12:37
16. Andrea Kuster (Sui) Swiss Bixs Team15:15
17. Antonia Wipfli (Sui) Team Gisler16:19
18. Claudia Marsilio (Ita) G.P. Racer Team Dart16:36
19. Franziska Rothlin (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team17:28
20. Coralie Redelsperger (Fra) VCCMM19:04
21. Ursina Werner (Sui) Velo Franz-Gary Fischer19:56
22. Janine Droz (Sui) Thomus Racing Team21:37
23. Myriam Saugy (Sui) Texner BMC Acqiris22:50
24. Joelle Schmutz (Sui) Ind27:00
25. Stunzi Daniela (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team1 lap
1. Florian Vogel (Sui) Swisspower Mountainbike--Team1:41:46
2. Lukas Fluckiger (Sui) Athleticum MTBat 0:17
3. Martin Gujan (Sui) Athleticum MTB2:22
4. Jurg Graf (Sui) Scott Allianz Suisse2:32
5. Frederic Frech (Fra) Scott Allianz Suisse2:57
6. Hannes Metzler (Aut) Giant-Swiss-Team3:06
7. Alexis Manetsch (Sui) Athleticum MTB3:55
8. Daniel Suter (Sui) Giant-Swiss-Team4:34
9. Alexandre Moos (Sui) BMC Racing4:37
10. Mathias Fluckiger (Sui) Athleticum MTB4:54
11. Robert Odink (Sui) Kona Verbier Swiss5:45
12. Silvio Bundi (Sui) Giant-Swiss-Team6:09
13. Alexis Vuillermoz (Fra) Scott Allianz Suisse6:10
14. Joris Boillat (Sui) Texner BMC6:11
15. Till Marx (Sui) Swisspower Mountainbike-6:15
16. Lukas Kaufmann (Sui) Thomus Racing Team6:25
17. Marcel Bartholet (Sui) Scott Allianz Suisse6:58
18. Ivan Planzer (Sui) Giant-Swiss-Team7:40
19. Yvan Schalbetter (Sui) Kona Verbier Swiss8:15
20. Hanspeter Gisler (Sui) Gisler-VisionGate8:31
21. Fabian Giger (Sui) Tower Sports - VC8:39
22. Norbert Wyss (Sui) Thomus Racing Team9:08
23. Patrick Tresch (Sui) Gisler Bike+Hike9:19
24. Andreas Kugler (Sui) Fischer-BMC9:20
25. Alexis Swetloff (Fra) Egobike-MSC9:56
1. Renata Bucher (Sui) Stockli - Craft230pts
2. Sabine Spitz (Ger) Ghost International200
3. Katrin Leumann (Sui) goldwurst-power.ch187
4. Sandra Walter (Can) X.0-Felt Womens182
5. Nathalie Schneitter (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens175
6. Esther Suss (Sui) BikErich/ RC170
7. Bettina Schmid (Sui) Fischer-BMC162
8. Nadia Walker (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens153
9. Franziska Rothlin (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens153
10. Fabienne Niederberger (Sui) X.0-Felt Womens141
1. Florian Vogel (Sui) Swisspower240pts
2. Julien Absalon (Fra) Orbea200
3. Jurg Graf (Sui) Scott Allianz Suisse174
4. Fredrik Kessiakoff (Swe) Cannondale-Vredestein160
5. Daniel Suter (Sui) Giant-Swiss-Team151
6. Ivan Planzer (Sui) Giant-Swiss-Team140
7. Lukas Fluckiger (Sui) Athleticum MTB137
8. Fabian Giger (Sui) Tower Sports - VC135
9. Robert Odink (Sui) Kona Verbier Swiss132
10. Lukas Kaufmann (Sui) Thomus Racing Team124


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