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June 7/07 8:47 am - Commerce Bank Triple Crown: Reading Classic, Men's Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/07

Commerce Bank Triple CrownUSA

Stage 2: Reading Classic, 75 miles

1. Bernhard Eisel (Aut ) T-Mobile 2:48:54
2. Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg) Rite Aid Usa
3. Oleg Grishkin (Rus) Navigators Insurance
4. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance
5. Charles Dionne (Can) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa
6. Kayle Leo Grande (USA) Rock Racing Usa
7. Rory Sutherland (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
8. John Freddy Parra (Col) Tecos De La Universidad
9. Martin Pedersen (Den) Team Csc
10. Caleb Manion (USA) Toyota-United Usa
11. Benjamin Brooks (USA) Navigators Insurance
12. Neil Shirley (USA) Jittery Joe's
13. Luke Roberts (Aus) Team Csc
14. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Jittery Joe's
15. Andrew Bajadali (USA) Jelly Belly
16. Chris Wherry (USA) Toyota-United Usa
17. Edward King (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel
18. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
19. Marco Pinotti, (Ita) T-Mobile
20. Dominique Rollin (Can) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
21. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
22. Mark Walters (Can) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
23. Anthony Colby (USA) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa
24. Justin Spinelli (USA) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
25. Christopher Jones (USA) Nerac
26. Michael Grabinger (USA) Slp
27. Alexander Gonzalez (Col) Caico
28. Danny Pate (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
29. David Vitoria (Sui) Bmc Racing Team
30. Greg Henderson (NZl) T-Mobile all s.t.
31. David O'loughlin (Irl) Navigators Insurance 0:20
32. Valery Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators Insurance 0:23
33. Jackson Stewart (USA) Bmc Racing Team
34. Allan Johansen (Den) Team Csc both s.t.
35. Hector Hugo Rangel (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad 0:32
36. Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel
37. Gregorio Ladino (Col) Tecos De La Universidad both s.t.
38. Frank Pipp (USA) Health Net - Maxxis 0:57
39. Michael Blaudzun (Den) Team Csc s.t.
40. Jesse Anthony (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada 1:02
41. Daniel Holt (USA) Nerac
42. Kasperklostergaard Larsen (Den) Team Csc
43. Ben Day (Aus) Navigators Insurance
44. Jake Rytlewski (USA) Rite Aid Usa
45. Nicholas Waite (USA) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
46. Francois Parisien (Can) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
47. Herberth Gutierrez (Col) Tecos De La Universidad
48. Alejandro Ivan Cortes (Col) Caico
49. Emile Abraham (Tri) Priority Health P/B Bissel
50. Scott Nydam (USA) Bmc Racing Team
51. William Frischkorn (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
52. Kirk O'bee (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
53. Roger Hammond (Gbr) T-Mobile all s.t.
54. Curtis Gunn (USA) Slp 1:32
55. David Mccann (Irl) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa 1:48
56. Christian Valenzuela (Mex) Slp 1:51
57. Cameron Evans (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
58. Matthew Rice (Aus) Jelly Belly both s.t.
59. Tyler Wren (USA) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa 2:15
60. Dominique Perras (Can) Kelly Benefit / Medifast s.t.
61. Javier De Jesus Zapata (Col) Caico 2:21
62. Jorge Martinez (Col) Caico 2:36
63. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's s.t.
64. Michael Friedman (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle 3:11
65. Stefan Obarberi (Bra) Toyota-United Usa s.t.
66. Davide Frattini (Ita) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa 3:14
67. Eric Baumann (Ger) T-Mobile 3:32
68. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance
69. Aaron Olson (USA) T-Mobile both s.t.
70. Matt Shriver (USA) Jittery Joe's 4:07
71. Sean Sullivan (Aus) Toyota-United Usa
72. Greg Reain (Can) Calyon - Litespeed 6:26
73. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
74. Todd Yezefski (USA) Nerac
75. Christopher Frederick (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa all s.t.
DNF. Daniel Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
DNF. Martin Gilbert (Can) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
DNF. Dave Mccook (USA) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
DNF. Ryan Roth (Can) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
DNF. Jonathan Sundt (USA) Kelly Benefit / Medifast
DNF. Sebastian Alexandre (Arg) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Eudaldo Asencio (Pur) Caico
DNF. Ian Ayers (USA) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Rahsaan Bahati (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Clayton Barrows (USA) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Alessandro Bazzana (Ita) Slp
DNF. Zachary Bell (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
DNF. Ryan Belliveau (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Adam Bergman (USA) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa
DNF. Heath Blackgrove (NZl) Toyota-United Usa
DNF. Eric Boily (Can) Eva
DNF. Brooke Boocock (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Alex Candelario (USA) Jelly Belly
DNF. Mark Cavendish (GBr) T-Mobile
DNF. Aidan Charles (USA) Nerac
DNF. Phil Cortes (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Chuck Coyle (USA) Slp
DNF. Michael Creed (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
DNF. Wendy Cruz (Dom) Caico
DNF. Luca Damiani (Ita) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa
DNF. Ryan Dewald (USA) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Michael Dietrich (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
DNF. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Eva
DNF. Alec Donahue (USA) Nerac
DNF. Jason Donald (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
DNF. Evan Elken (USA) Jittery Joe's
DNF. Richard England (Aus) Priority Health P/B Bissel
DNF. Jacob Erker (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
DNF. Ricardo Escuela (Arg) Slp
DNF. Fausto Marcelino Esparza (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad
DNF. Yosvani Falcon (Cub) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Agustin Font (Pur) Caico
DNF. Mariano Friedick (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Jos-Manuel Garcia (Mex) Toyota-United Usa
DNF. Matthew Harleygoss (Aus) Team Csc
DNF. Kyle Gritters (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
DNF. Matthew Guse (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Juan Jose Haedo (Arg) Team Csc
DNF. Sebastian Haedo (Arg) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Alex Hagman (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Ken Hanson (USA) Bmc Racing Team
DNF. Chad Hartley (USA) Bmc Racing Team
DNF. Peter Hatton (Aus) Colavita-Sutter Home Usa
DNF. Todd Henriksen (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Sergio Hernandez (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Graham Howard (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel
DNF. Alex Howes (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
DNF. Timothy Johnson (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
DNF. Brice Jones (USA) Jelly Belly
DNF. Michael Jones (USA) Jelly Belly
DNF. Eric Keim (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Omer Kem (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel
DNF. Stephen Kincaid (USA) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's
DNF. Peter Lopinto (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
DNF. Erik Lyman (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Ian MacGregor (USA) Slipstream P/B Chipotle
DNF. Luis Fernando Macias Hernandez (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad
DNF. Juan Pablo Magallanes (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad
DNF. Sterling Magnell (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Alexi Martinez (USA) Slp
DNF. Bryce Mead (USA) Jelly Belly
DNF. James Meadley (Aus) Jelly Belly
DNF. Karl Menzies (Aus) Health Net - Maxxis
DNF. Shawn Milne (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
DNF. Scott Moninger (USA) Bmc Racing Team
DNF. John Murphy (USA) Health Net - Maxxis
DNF. Adam Myerson (USA) Nerac
DNF. Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Jittery Joe's
DNF. Rudolph Napolitano (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Keith Norris (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Cody O'rielly (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
DNF. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel
DNF. Jakob Piil (Den) T-Mobile
DNF. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
DNF. Predrag Prokic (USA) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Ben Raby (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
DNF. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics Cycling Team
DNF. Viktor Rapinski (Blr) Navigators Insurance
DNF. Nick Reistad (USA) Jelly Belly
DNF. Jacob Rosenbarger (USA) Bmc Racing Team
DNF. Mathieu Roy (Can) Eva
DNF. Mike Sayers (USA) Bmc Racing Team
DNF. Nikola Smutny (Cze) Nerac
DNF. Cody Stevenson (Aus) Jittery Joe's
DNF. Ivan Stevic (Scg) Toyota-United Usa
DNF. Adam Switters (USA) Rock Racing Usa
DNF. Joshua Taylor (USA) Rite Aid Usa
DNF. Dan Timmerman (USA) Kodak Gallery P/B Sierra Nevada
DNF. Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Eva
DNF. Frank Travieso (Cub) Aeg-Toshiba-Jetnetwork Usa
DNF. Raphael Tremblay (Can) Eva
DNF. Jose Carlosvaldez (Mex) Tecos De La Universidad
DNF. Charly Vives (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon - Litespeed
DNF. Henk Vogels (Aus) Toyota-United Usa
DNF. Patrick Walsh (USA) Nerac
DNF. Ryan Yee (USA) Slp
DNF. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Priority Health P/B Bissel


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