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July 6/07 11:06 am - Canadian National Road Championships: Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 07/6/07

Canadian Road Nationals

The Canadian Road Nationals Day 2 in St. Georges, Quebec with the criteriums for Masters, Junior Men, Elite Men & Women's disciplines.

Masters - 42km
1. Kevin Davis (ON) Wheels of Bloor54:30
2. Jeff Bolstad (AB)
3. Marc Dufour (QC) LeMaillot Bleu
4. Paolo Eugein (ON) Hooters / Reynold cycling team
5. Greg Cavanagh (ON) Oakville Cyclepath
6. Jonathan Wood (ON) E.R.T.C. / Redbikeall s.t.
7. Luc Blain (QC) La Cabosse d'Or00:07
8. Sébastien Pilotte (QC) Sleeman Clear / TATV
9. François Brunelle (QC) Sleeman Clear / TATV
10. James Brooks (QC)
11. Garnett Abbey (ON) D'Ornellas
12. Brian McKeown (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton
13. Daniel Wood (AB) E.R.T.C. / Redbike
14. Tim Woodcock (MB) Woodcock Cycleall s.t.
15. Kevin Rokosh (AB) ERTC Redbike 00:11
16. Pascal Allie (QC) Drummond00:11
17. François Doyon (QC) Cinélume - Cycles Performance00:14
18. Geoff MacDonald (AB) E.R.T.C. / Redbike00:22
19. Éric Provost (QC) Opus-OGC00:30
20. Marc Boudreau (ON) Ride with Rendall00:32
21. Sean Wakefield. 00:40
DNF. Brent Atkins (QC) West of Quebec Wheelers
DNF. Patrick Allaire (QC) Rocky Mountain/Pro-cycle
DNF. Stéphane Joncas (QC) Brunet
DNF. Marc Lapointe (QC) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Ed Makarchuk (ON) Sound Solutions
DNF. David Munden (ON) Ride With Rendall
DNF. Joël Samson (QC) Équipe Brunet
DNF. Fred Perez (ON) Open Access/GRG Road Racing
DNF. Chris Wood (ON) Sound Solutions
DNF. Stéphane Chainé (QC) Sleeman Clear / TATV
DNF. Nicolas Paquin (QC) Gaspésien Xcluziv (équipe cycliste)
DNF. Chris Paton (ON) Cycle4MS
DNF. Stirling McArthur (ON) Cycle4MS
DNF. Éric Giroux (QC) Indépendant
DNF. Éric Giroux (QC) Indépendant
DNF. Peter Toth (AB) Juventus
DNF. Andrew Arsenault (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton
DNF. Chris Chambers (ON) Team
DNF. André Lamarche (QC) Club Cycliste Drummond
DNF. Robert Orange (QC) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Daniel Gauthier (QC)
DNF. Stéphane Le Beau (QC) Opus-OGC
DNF. Mike Renneboog (ON) Silver Spokes
DNF. Peter Kofman (ON) Coach
DNF. Daniel Bédard (QC) Espoirs Laval
DNF. John Sullivan (BC) Vancouver Velo Vets
DNF. Claudel Desroches (QC) Indépendant
FONT COLOR="#0033FF">Junior Men - 42km
1. Guillaume Boivin (QC) Équipe du Québec1:04:10
2. Arnaud Papillon (QC) Équipe du Québecat 0:01
3. Stéphane Cossette (QC) Eva-Devinci00:08
4. Hugo Houle (QC) Équipe du Québec
5. Simon Lambert-Lemay (QC) Équipe du Québec
6. William Garneau (QC) Équipe du Québec
7. Vincent Quirion (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
8. François-Charles Malo (QC) Équipe du Québec
9. Evan Flater (BC) Aviawest- Rocky Mountain Bikes
10. Jérôme Boucher (QC) André cycle/idcad
11. Devon Novakowski (ON) Team Ontario
12. Spencer Smitheman (AB) Team Alberta
13. David Boily (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
14. David Maltais (QC) Eva-Devinci
15. Marc Dugas (QC) André cycle/idcad
16. Cody Campbell (BC) Cycling BC
17. Evan Mundy (ON) Team Ontario
18. François Chabot (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
19. Antoine Matteau (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
20. Thomas Devisscher (QC) CIBC/Wood Gundy
21. Garrett McLeod (NB)
22. Matthew Stein (ON) Maple Leaf Cycling
23. Jason Manning (BC) DEVO / Escape Velocityall s.t.
24. Neal Gregory (AB) Team Alberta00:15
25. Owen Harrison (BC) Team British Columbia
26. Guillaume Blais-Dufour (QC) Équipe Québecboth s.t.
27. David Larson (AB) Juventus00:17
28. Dustin Andrews (AB) Team Alberta00:20
DNF. Sherwood Plant (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Kyle Harris (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Stephen Andrichuk (AB) Cyclemeister/bow cycle
DNF. Pier-Luc Croteau (QC) Club cycliste Dynamiks de Contrecoeur
DNF. Kyle Fry (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Stephen Meyer (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Logan Cornel (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Jamie Riggs (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Andrew Lattimore (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Cédric Dion-Poitras (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
DNF. Ludovic Fleury (QC) Garneau-Crocs-Ogilvy Renault
DNF. Gabriel Leboeuf (QC) CIBC/Wood Gundy
DNF. Nicolas Lefrançois (QC) CIBC/Wood Gundy
DNF. Ryan MacDonald (NB)
DNF. Jonathan Daigle (NB)
DNF. Ryan Crawford.
DNF. Marco Côté. Maple Leaf Cycling
DNF. John Lucente (ON) Maple Leaf Cycling
DNF. Lenny Dion (QC) Eva-Devinci
DNF. Guillaume Dubois (QC) Amos
DNF. Marc Allard (QC) Volkswagen/Trek
DNF. Yannick Bédard (QC) CIBC/Wood Gundy
DNF. Marc-Olivier Bouchard (QC) Indépendant
DNF. Frédérick Montplaisir (QC) Élicycle Sport Expert
DNF. Cedric Bourgeois (QC) André cycle/idcad
DNF. Dominic Cantin (QC) Independent/rp
DNF. Matt Potma (BC) Cycling BC
DNF. Daniel Peters (MB) AE Sport Development
DNF. Michael Rothengatter (BC) DEVO / Escape Velocity
DNF. Charles-Alexandre Cloutier (QC) André cycle/idcad
DNF. Kevin Thorpe (BC) DEVO / Escape Velocity
DNF. Simon Gagnon-Brassard (QC) Eva-Devinci
DNF. Louis-Philippe Leclerc (QC) CIBC/Wood Gundy
DNF. Pier-Alexandre Marquette (QC) André cycle/idcad
DNF. Marshall Verbrugge (MB) Woodcock Cycle
DNF. Jannes Wessels (SK) Moose Jaw Pavers
DNF. Jason Doverspike (MB) Team Manitoba/Alter ego
DNF. James Mollison-Goddard (AB) Bow Cycle
DNF. Thomas Hums (ON) Sudbury Cycling Club
FONT COLOR="#0033FF">Women - 42km
1. Merrill Collins (ON) La Bicicletta1:12:18
2. Alex Wrubleski (SK) Colvaita Sutter Home
3. Alison Testroete (BC) Team
4. Laura Yoisten (AB) Webcor Builders Cycling Team
5. Joëlle Numainville (QC) Team Expresscopy.comall s.t.
6. Leah Guloien (BC) Team Giant00:44
7. Natasha Elliott (ON) The Cyclery
8. Johanie Garon (QC)
9. Geneviève Gagnon (QC) Team Ultranik
10. Anne-Marie Lefrançois (BC) Team Integraleall s.t.
11. Kelly Murray (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton00:49
DNF. Heidi King (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton
DNF. Jenny Trew (BC) Giant Bicycles Canada
DNF. Alena Radomsky (BC) Giant Bicycles Canada
DNF. Stéphanie Roorda (AB) Synergy
DNF. Laura Brown (BC) Giant Bicycles Canada
DNF. Andrea J. Bunnin (SK) Team Saskatchewan
DNF. Sarah Coney (QC) EMD Serono Cycle Logik Racing
DNF. Lila Fraser (QC) Équipe Cascades
DNF. Catherine Hogan (QC) Espoirs Laval
DNF. Jessica Kisell (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Céleste Jones-Baumgardt (ON)
DNF. Krista Ruby (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Ellen Sparling (AB) Bicisport
DNF. Émilie Ainsley-Perron (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Shanie Bergeron (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Lysanne Fratelli (QC) Élicycle Sport Expert
DNF. Raphaelle Chrétien (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Valérie Crête (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF. Karlee Gendron (MB) AE Sport Development
DNF. Gabrielle Duchesne (QC) Eva-Devinci
DNF. Katherine Short (BC) Cycling BC
DNF. Janie Fortin (QC) Eva-Devinci
DNF. Laurie-Ann Dupont-Renaud (QC) Ann
DNF. Vicki Thomas (ON) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Martine Proulx (QC) Gaspésien Xcluziv (équipe cycliste)
DNF. Heather Kay (AB) E.R.T.C. / Redbike
FONT COLOR="#0033FF">Elite Men - 42km
1. Charles Dionne (QC) Colavita Sutter Home
2. Zach Bell (BC) Symmetrics
3. Keven Lacombe (QC) Équipe du Québec
4. Ryan Anderson (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing
5. Martin Gilbert (QC) Kelly Benefit
6. William Goodfellow (QC) Équipe du Québec
7. Cameron Evans (BC) Symmetrics
8. Maxime Vives (QC) Calyon / Litespeed
9. Philippe Abbott (AB) Ital Pasta Transport Belmire
10. Gavriel Epstein (QC) CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25
11. Ugo Lapierre (QC) Le Yéti
12. Jeff Schiller (ON) Cyclepath Thunder Bay
13. Thierry Laliberté (QC) Sportif Bromont
14. Matthew Bell (ON) Team ONtario
15. Nick Friesen (AB) Kelly Benefit
16. Derrick C St John (ON) The Cyclery
17. Zach Garland (NL) Masi-Adobe
18. Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Garneau-Crocs
19. Jamie Sparling (BC) La-Z-Boy
20. Jean-François Racine (QC) Garneau-Crocs
21. François Parisien (QC) Slipstream
22. Darko Ficko (ON) La Bicicletta
23. Aaron Schooler (AB) E.R.T.C. / Redbike
DNF. Michael Nash (ON) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Glen Rendall (ON) Ride with Rendall
DNF. Peter Sanowar (ON) Ital Pasta Transport Belmire
DNF. Ryan McKenzie (AB) Volkswagen/Trek
DNF. Ryan Roth (ON) Kelly Benefits
DNF. Michel Jean (QC) Élicycle Sport Expert
DNF. Stephen Ferris (BC) ERTC Redbike
DNF. Tim Clarke (NB)
DNF. Jean-François Landry (QC) Élicycle Sport Expert
DNF. David Bergeron (QC) Equipe Blueberry-Martin Swiss
DNF. Christian Deshaies (QC) Volkswagen/Trek
DNF. Matthew Guse (ON) Calyon / Litespeed
DNF. Dave Vukets (BC) Trek-Red Truck Racing
DNF. Jackson Beuhler (BC) Trek-Red Truck Racing
DNF. Jay Hawranik (MB) Team Integrale
DNF. Kevin Hazzard (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Zack Morris (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee
DNF. Michaël Joanisse (QC) Garneau-Crocs
DNF. Brandon Crichton (ON) Symmetrics


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