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July 8/07 1:33 am - Marathon World Cup #2

Posted by Editoress on 07/8/07

Marathon World Cup #2 - Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike Villabassa/Niederdorf (Italy)


With a wonderful weather, Massimo Debertolis from Italy won the marathon World Cup Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike preceding Julio Caro from Colombia and Thomas Dietsch from France and achieving the leadership of the Nissan UCI World Cup ranking after two races. Among the women the winner was Esther Süss from Switzerland before the World Cup leader Pia Sundstedt from Finland and Dolores Rupp from Switzerland. The course led over 120 km and almost 4000 m of difference in height.

The running time of the winner was of four hours 49 minutes and 18 seconds. Julio Caro Silva finished the race second with a delay of two minutes and 50 seconds, while Thomas Dietsch was behind by three minutes and 41 seconds. Marzio Deho from Italy finished fourth, Lukas Büchli from Switzerland fifth, and the local Hannes Pallhuber sixth.

“I dedicate this victory to my mother and my father who no longer are among us“, Debertolis said in the finish. “At the moment I am in a top shape, and I prepared the Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike very conscientiously. This is a very important victory for me.”

One kilometre before the ascent to Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese (about km 96) Debertolis broke away from a group of five consisting of Thomas Dietsch, Marzio Deho, Julio Caro,and Hannes Pallhuber and started the climb alone. “I had a precise strategy in mind, and it worked out“, states the winner. “I and Hannes Pallhuber attacked already on the climb to the Croda Rossa/Rotwand at km 53. However the group caught up in the flat parts. The average speed of the winner was of 24.8 km/h.

“The winner of last year, Leonardo Paez, who is injured, sent me an sms this morning, telling me it would be my day“, says Julio Caro. “During the race I had a problem with the gear of the back wheel and lost one and a half minutes. The effort was really big”, Caro Silva states.

And Thomas Dietsch tells: “Today it was a really really tough fight. I am really happy with my third place at the Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike. If I consider I was completely out of shape only one month ago, this really is an excellent result. I challenged with Julio for the second place on the climb to Prato Piazza, but I could not keep up with him”.


The winning time of the women was of five hours 43 minutes and one second. The 33 year old Esther Süss from Switzerland repeated her success of last year with an advantage of one minute and 34 seconds over the 32 year old Pia Sundstedt from Finland. Dolores Rupp from Switzerland finished third with a delay of five minutes and 15 seconds. The fourth place went to Annabella Stropparo from Italy, the fifth to Blaza Klemncic from Slovenia.

“During the first two hours it was Annabella Stropparo to make the rhythm“, the winner states. “On the last climb Pia and I were still together. Then I tried to increase my speed, and it worked out”.

“Indeed: I could no longer keep up”, states Pia Sundstedt. “Congratulations to Esther for her great victory“.

Both ladies knew the race would be decided on the last climb. „Who has more power at that point wins“, the first and second ranking athletes say unisono.

Dolores Rupp, the 34 year old mother from Valens in the canton St.Gallen, who has even been in the lead at times, explains: „The result is more than I expected. I am not that strong technically, so I was surprised to be in the lead in some downhills and on some single trails”.

1. Esther Süss (SUI) Küttigen5:43:01
2. Pia Sundstedt (FIN) Gewiss Bianchiat 1:34
3. Dolores Rupp (SUI) Valens5:15
4. Annabella Stropparo (ITA) Valle San Floriano (VI)15:21
5. Blaza Klemencic (SLO) Pintatim Full Dynamix18:00
6. Elena Gaddoni (ITA) 20:51
7. Katrin Schwing (GER) Trek VW24:58
8. Michela Benzoni (ITA) Lissone (MI)25:24
9. Alexandra Hober (ITA) Meran (BZ)25:25
10. Fabienne Heinzmann (SUI) Trek VW30:12
11. Andrea Kuster (SUI) Davos Platz31:33
12. Elena Giacomuzzi (ITA) Ziano di Fiemme (TN)34:09
13. Asa Erlandsson (SWE) Subaru Gary Fisher34:38
14. Marg Fedyna (CAN) Canada T6C 1K538:33
15. Milena Landtwing (SUI) Zug40:57
16. Elizabeth Scalia (ITA) Aci Catena (CT)45:32
17. Barbora Radova (CZE) Frydlant48:22
18. Kathrin Heimberg (SUI) Oberwil im Simmental49:03
19. Kerstin Brachtendorf (GER) Breitbrunn am Chiemsee1:10:58
20. Barbara Oberdorfer (ITA) Bolzano (BZ)1:10:58
21. Jo-Anne Bennett (AUS) Perth1:13:23
22. Karolina Stolarova (CZE) Praha1:35:14
23. Daniela Campuzano (MEX) Mexico City1:48:19
24. Alexa Hüni (GER) Friedrichshafen2:07:14
DNF. Roberta Gasparini (ITA) Cantoira (TO)
DNF. Charlotte Klein (CAN) Squamish British Columbia V8B
1. Massimo De Bertolis (ITA) FULL-DYNAMICS-R.S.M.4:49:18
2. Julio Humberto Caro Silva (COL) 2:50
3. Thomas Dietsch (FRA) Gewiss Bianchi3:41
4. Marzio Deho (ITA) Ranica (BG)3:59
5. Lukas Buchli (SUI) Safien Platz6:20
6. Johann Pallhuber (ITA) Antholz (BZ)7:01
7. Alban Lakata (AUT) Trek VW8:51
8. Mirko Pirazzoli (ITA) Castel San Pietro Terme10:21
9. Heinz Verbnjak (AUT) Klagenfurt-Wolfnitz10:39
10. Thomas Zahnd (SUI) Noflen BE10:39
11. Urs Huber (SUI) Jonen10:41
12. Johnny Cattaneo (ITA) Lissone (MI)11:30
13. Walter Costa (ITA) Carmignano di Brenta (PD)13:34
14. Karl Markt (AUT) Haiming13:51
15. Martin Kraler (AUT) Lienz14:24
16. Tim Bohme (GER) GOLD Mountainbike16:55
17. Mike Felderer (ITA) Prato (PO)18:113
18. Nicolas Vermeulen (BEL) Lingier Versluvs Mtb Team22:37
19. Marco Lang (SUI) Zeiningen23:39
20. Benjamin Sonntag (GER) Medebach24:174
21. Martin Horak (CZE) Hradec Králové 624:45
22. Eero Jappinen (FIN) Mikkeli24:57
23. Joseba Lizaso Albizu (ESP) Azpeitia25:25
24. Samuele Pisu (ITA) Selargius (CA)27:16
25. Giancarlo Paperini (ITA) Palazzo del Pero (AR)27:23
26. David Schoggl (AUT) Eibiswald31:30
27. Mannie Heymans (NAM) Windhoek32:064
28. Ramon Bianchi (ITA) Brescia (BS)32:065
29. Thomas Paccagnella (ITA) Marostica (VI)33:30
30. Ivan Rybarik (CZE) Jistebnice34:31
31. Roman Peter (SUI) Steg im Tosstal34:31
32. Bjorn Rondelez (BEL) Lingier Versluvs Mtb Team35:47
33. William Bjergfelt (GBR) North Somerset36:56
34. Kris Henderieckx (BEL) SintNiklaas Belsele38:21
35. Lucien Peterhans (SUI) Fislisbach39:23
36. Paolo Alberati (ITA) Corciano (PG)42:48
37. Daniel Gathof (GER) Vogt43:18
38. Flurin Riedi (SUI) Schattdorf43:51
39. Daniele Zucconi (SUI) Sementina44:02
40. Werner Hobarth (AUT) Aldrans44:41
41. Michael Borup (DEN) Aarhus N46:57
42. Max Friedrich (GER) Kelkheim48:07
43. Klemens Bont (SUI) Frauenfeld48:10
44. Piero Pellegrini (ITA) San Fermo della Battaglia48:444
45. Matthias Ball (GER) Trek VW52:34
46. Dario Steinacher (ITA) Klausen (BZ)53:07
47. Milan Spolc (CZE) Praha54:07
48. Robby De Bock (BEL) Melsele56:12
49. Bart van Hecke (BEL) Lingier Versluvs Mtb Team57:12
50. Michael Schucard (GER) Bad Tolz58:02
51. Stephan Andreas Tobler (SUI) Azmoos58:41
52. Uros Breski (SLO) Nova Gorica59:48
53. Tim Bennett (AUS) Perth1:00:15
54. Nico Berckmans (BEL) Balen1:01:39
55. Tim Carleton (CAN) Toronto M4S2V61:03:51
56. Michael Iversen (DEN) Ã…rhus C1:05:09
57. Simon Turner (GBR) Brighton 1:05:44
58. James Fraser-Moodle (GBR) Edinburgh EH112EW1:07:10
59. Luca Dal Bo (ITA) Pieve di Soligo (TV)1:12:02
60. Hans Planckaert (BEL) Lingier Versluys Mtb Team1:12:14
61. Leo Bont (SUI) Frauenfeld1:12:34
62. Paolo Mencacci (ITA) Mira Porte (VE)1:14:32
63. Peter Ven (BEL) Heist-op-den-berg1:14:42
64. Giuseppe Vian (ITA) Roveredo in Piano (PN)1:14:45
65. Emil Makan (SLO) Ravne1:16:55
66. Kris Hertsens (BEL) Versluys-Team--1:20:00
66. Mathias Smet (BEL) SintNiklaas1:20:00
68. Petr Simera (CZE) Mnichovice1:20:23
69. Daniel Horak (CZE) Kraluv Dvur1:21:25
70. Georg Widmann (ITA) Tramin a.d.Weinstrasse (1:21:36
71. Simon Klavz (SLO) Crna na Koroskem1:22:25
72. Michal Mikyna (CZE) Benesov1:22:38
73. Mauro Zambelli (ITA) Nuvolera (BS)1:24:00
74. Alberto Bolla (ITA) Udine (UD)1:24:31
75. Alessandro Zasso (ITA) Agordo (BL)1:24:44
76. Achim Scholz (GER) Warstein1:27:20
77. Michele Benamati (ITA) Dro (TN)1:30:35
78. Rok Kolar (SLO) Prevalje1:33:08
79. Alessio Rainato (ITA) Santa Maria di Sala (VE)1:33:09
80. Olivier Guth (FRA) Epfig1:33:24
81. Pietro Lauro (ITA) Bedizzole (BS)1:35:23
82. Gianluca Bertoli (ITA) Padenghe sul Garda (BS)1:38:57
83. Luca Stopar (ITA) Gorizia (GO)1:39:05
84. Jorg Scherle (GER) Aalen1:39:49
85. Marco Cassetta (ITA) Gualdo Tadino (PG)1:40:47
86. Andreas Gatterer (AUT) Lieserbrücke1:42:54
87. Marco Discacciati (ITA) Rovellasca (CO)1:43:40
88. Nico Prinsen (BEL) Aarschot Langdorp1:43:43
89. Roberto Montanari (ITA) Caionvico (BS)1:48:31
90. Alessandro Dora (ITA) Botticino (BS)1:50:11
91. Stefan Hackl (AUT) St. Polten1:53:30
92. Andrea Massaccesi (ITA) Cingoli (MC)1:53:37
93. Youssef Mansour (ESP) Granada1:54:04
94. Primoz Gulin (SLO) Sempeter pri Gorica1:54:31
95. Joze Marinko (SLO) Ljubljana1:55:04
96. Stefano Mazgon (ITA) Farra d'Isonzo (GO)1:55:33
97. Alessandro Gava (ITA) Fogliano Redipuglia (GO)1:55:33
98. Alessandro Spampinato (ITA) Siracusa (SR)1:56:14
99. Andrea Festi (ITA) Fiavè (TN)1:56:16
100. Roberto Chiappa (ITA) Milano (MI)2:00:58
101. Eric Weber (FRA) Paris2:02:34
102. Andrew Gwatkin (GBR) Cardiff CF14 0UH2:10:14
103. Carlo Clerici (ITA) Lomazzo (CO)2:11:56
104. Tiziano Pelizzari (ITA) Nuvolera (BS)2:13:48
105. Fernando Pena (ESP) St. Brigida2:14:27
106. Claudio Santioni (ITA) Gualdo Tadino (PG)2:19:59
107. Stefano Pancera (ITA) Brescia (BS)2:21:10
108. Paolo Zanetti (ITA) Mazzano (BS)2:22:49
109. Nerio Gainotti (ITA) Torino (TO)2:26:11
110. Diego Robert Degano (ITA) Villar Perosa (TO)2:27:10
111. Edoardo Fusar Bassini (ITA) Cerro al Lambro (MI)2:33:08
112. Raimondo Deidda (ITA) Assemini (CA)2:33:47
113. Damijan Lutman (ITA) Gorizia (GO)2:37:33
114. Raffaele Pasetti (ITA) Brescia (BS)2:40:21
115. Sven Schrevens (BEL) TieltWinge Houwaart2:40:27
116. Raf Dilissen (BEL) HechtelEksel Eksel2:40:58
117. Maurizio Mussi (ITA) Vittuone (MI)2:43:10
118. Enrico Bucefalo (ITA) Gualdo Tadino (PG)2:45:18
119. Mauro Rusconi (ITA) Mandello del Lario (2:49:53
120. Davide Tosi (ITA) Dro (TN)3:03:59
121. Antonio Fabi (ITA) Gualdo Tadino (PG)3:04:43
122. Giuseppe Testa (ITA) Amandola (AP)3:22:00
123. Angelo Marinelli (ITA) Gualdo Tadino (PG)3:25:56
124. Luca Posati (ITA) Amelia (TR)3:27:38
125. Jàn Sestina (SVK) Ruzomberok3:34:36
126. Tiziano Gheza (ITA) Calcinato (BS)3:36:36
127. Roberto Gennaro (ITA) Genova (GE)3:59:47
128. Lorenzo Donzelli (ITA) San Secondo Parmense4:09:46
129. Emanuele Moratto (ITA) Mazzano (BS)4:16:14
130. Sandro Chieruzzi (ITA) Amelia (TR)4:20:48
131. Vincente Colomer Romero (ESP) Alcoy4:25:55
132. Salvatore Dessi' (ITA) Garlate (LC)4:30:21
133. Aldo Baggioli (ITA) Oggiono (LC)4:40:49
134. Francesco Prato (ITA) Tolmezzo (UD)5:14:07
DNF. Martino Fruet (ITA) Rovereto (TN)
DNF. Arno Viljoen (NAM) Windhoek
DNF. Dario Acquaroli (ITA) Mozzo (BG)
DNF. Wolfgang Mayer (GER) GHOST Racing Team
DNF. Ismael Ventura (ESP) Badalona
DNF. Benjamin Schmieg (ITA) Weingarten
DNF. Lars Frederic Nordbakken (NOR) Gjerdrum
DNF. Sebastian Ebwein (ITA) Aalen
DNF. Wim Deroover (BEL) Aarschot Langdorp
DNF. Christian Schuldt (GER) Kiel
DNF. Cesare Maffoni (ITA) Brescia (BS)
DNF. Bostjan Lavtar (SLO) Zgornja Besnica
DNF. Thomas Gilfedder (AUS) Alice Springs
DNF. Erwin Pauwels (BEL) TieltWinge Houwaart
DNF. Ivan Lise (ITA) Camponogara (VE)
DNF. Jan Hofmeyer (GER) Bensheim


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