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April 11/99 8:14 am - International Cup Cuba, Nova Scotia News, Ontario Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/11/99

International Cup Cuba
(courtesy Jason Hawts)

Lori Ann Muenzer won Gold in the sprints and Silver in the 500M at the International Cup in Havana. She won the sprint final in two straight. Chloe Black won Bronze in the Snowball after a 6th place finish in the pursuit.

BNS Mountain Bike Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 @ Sport Nova Scotia, Spring Garden Road, 7pm

Local Nova Scotia mountain biking info is available: here

Ronde Van Wind-Del

Stage 2 ITT

1. Ray Duggan 12.36
2. Hans Strasser 12.43
3. Bradley Frenette 13.07
4. Charlie Gorman 13.21
5. Osmond Bakker 13.26
6. Greg Seganfreddo 13.30
7. James Wadden 13.31
8. Paul Rego 13.33
9. Michael Moore 13.47
10. Dean Peddle 13.53

Stage 3 63km RR (cut to 54km due to 'adverse' weather conditions)

1. Greg Cavannagh
2. Piers Davidge
3. James Wadden
4. Greg Seganfreddo
5. Dan Maggiacomo
6. Dean Peddle
7. David Cornell
8. Hans Strasser
9. Kevin Spreacht
10. Paul Rego


1. Hans Strasser 20 points
2. Ray Duggan 19 points
3. Osmond Bakker 16 points
4th Greg. Seganfredo 12 points
      James Wadden
6th Piers Davidge 11 points
7th Dan Maggiacomo 10 points
      Charlie Gorman
9th Todd Scheske 7 points
10th Dean Peddle 6 points
        Paul Hornack
12th Paul Rego 4 points

Riders who did not complete Stage 3 (despite the conditions) did not qualify
for the overall.

Many, many thanks to the following for their assistance this weekend - Adrian Mezenburg, Joe De Maeyer, Terry and Joseph Halliday, Sandy and Wayne Langton, Silver Spokes CC (Delhi), Wind-Del Community Park volunteers, Mike Gorman and 'clan', Kit and Peter McCaffery. With only small exceptions, this was a volunteer only, break even only race and their contributions were absolutely fantastic. What a team!!

Thank you to a great bunch of riders who seemed to genuinely enjoy the event even if every single women quit at the end of lap 1 on the last stage - can't think why!
You were great.

THIS IS 'THE FRIENDLY RACE' even if it does mimick Ronde Van Vlaanderen


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