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September 7/07 5:50 am - MTB World Championships: 4X Final (brief)

Posted by Editoress on 09/7/07

MTB World Championships Fort William, Scotland

Coverage sponsored by Maxxis


1. Jill Kintner (United States Of America)
2. Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)
3. Melissa Buhl (United States Of America)
4. Jana Horakova (Czech Republic)

Small Final
5. Mio Suemasa (Japan)
6. Rachel Seydoux (Switzerland)
7. Joey Gough (Great Britain)
8. Caroline Buchanan (Australia)

1/4 Finals
9. Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
10. Steffi Marth (Germany)
11. Diana Marggraff (Ecuador)
12. Julia Boer (Hungary)
13. Anita Molcik (Austria)
14. Neven Steinmetz (United States Of America)
15. Laura Brethauer (Germany)
16. Elisa Canepa (Italy)

17. Orsolya Szeghalmi (Hungary)
18. Jessica Vogt (United States Of America)
DNS. Joanna Petterson (South Africa)


Big Final
1. Brian Lopes (United States Of America)
2. Romain Saladini (France)
3. Jurg Meijer (Netherlands)
4. Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)

Small Final
5. Rafael Alvarez De Lara Lu (Spain)
6. Tomas Slavik (Czech Republic)
7. Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)
8. Jared Graves (Australia)

1/4 Finals
9. Kamil Tatarkovic (Czech Republic)
10. Mickael Deldycke (France)
11. Gee Atherton (Great Britain)
12. Johannes Fischbach (Germany)
13. Cédric Gracia (France)
14. Joost Wichman (Netherlands)
15. Filip Polc (Slovakia)
16. Lewis Lacey (Great Britain)

1/8 Finals
17. Dan Atherton (Great Britain)
18. Ross Milan (United States Of America)
19. Dominik Gspan (Switzerland)
20. Matej Vitko (Slovakia)
21. Will Longden (Great Britain)
22. Peter Prajczer (Hungary)
23. Gabor Deli (Hungary)
24. Tilen Frank (Slovenia)
25. Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)
26. Jakub Hnidak (Czech Republic)
27. Matej Stapic (Slovenia)
27. Jared Rando (Australia)
29. Jeremiah Work (United States Of America)
30. Sascha Meyenborg (Germany)
31. Nigel Page (Great Britain)
32. Luke Strom (Australia)

1/16 Finals
33. Guido Tschugg (Germany)
34. Daniel Auerswald (Germany)
35. Robin Wallner (Sweden)
36. Reon Boe (New Zealand)
37. Thomas Tokarczyk (United States Of America)
38. Mario Sieder (Austria)
39. Jijon Ricardo (Ecuador)
40. John Swanguen (United States Of America)
41. Jonas Westmann (Sweden)

DNS. Markus Pekoll (Austria)
DNS. Michael Hannah (Australia)
DNS. Chris Kovarik (Australia)
DNS. Markolf Berchtold (Brazil)
DNS. Nathaniel Giacomozzi (Brazil)
DNS. Georg Sieder (Austria)
DNS. Elias Somvi (Italy)
DNS. Amiel Cavalier (Australia)
DNS. Grzegorz Borodajko (Poland)


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