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April 15/99 2:14 am - Tour of Willamette Women's Results for Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 04/15/99

Tour of Willamette - Hineman Vineyard Road Race - April 14
Distance: Women 46 miles

Place Name Time
1Dede Demet2:21:10
2Lynne Bessett2:21:15
3Melanie Dorion2:21:32
4Kimberly Bruckner2:21:37
5Pamela Schuster2:22:13
6Julie Hansen2:24:59
7Anke Erlank
8Susy Pryde
9Linda Jackson
10Julie Young
11Melanie McQuaid
12Laura Shuford
13Anna Wilson
14Emily Robbins
15Erin Veenstra
16Marg Fedyna
17Tracy Timms
18Karen Timewell
19Karen Dunne
20Caren Spore
21Nikki Gugliotta
22Cynthia Mommsen
23Karry Hellmuth
24Jennifer McRae
25Rachel Lloyd
26Leah Toffolon
27Leah Goldstein
28Iaileen Low
29Darnelle Moore
30Nicole Gingles
31Rhonda Quick
32Sarah Umler
33Lysle Wilhelmi
34Kendra Wenzel
35Anne Samplonius
36Kathleen Gleason
37Muffy Roy
38Gina Hall
39Amber Chorney
40Cecilia Potts
41Inge Aiken
42Angela Dejok
43Emily Thurston
44Sandra Colb
45Carol Breed
46Giana Robergeall s.t.
47Shannon Greenhill2:25:46
48Gretchen Reeves2:25:45
49Odessa Gunn2:25:53
50Claire Townsend2:26:00
51Cynthia Carrolls.t.
52Nicole Freedman2:26:05
53Louise Penkman
54Lisa Huntall s.t.
55Rydeen Stevens2:26:16
56Stacy Peters2:26:16
57Emily Gove2:26:20
58Laura Reed
59Tina Willetall s.t.
60Carianne Pullar2:26:31
61Nicole Rheinhart2:26:49
62Leah Gillman-Burr2:27:13
63Ashley McCullough2:27:31
64Andrea Ratkovic-Bowman2:27:32
65Leigh Fulwood
66Gretchan Jackson
67Allison Beall
68Lisa Merrell
69Karen Henry
70Rhonda Reichel
71Darien Curl
72Julie Koester
73Barbara Belcher
74Brandy Bounds
75Heather Holton
76Martha Walsh
77MC Jenni
78Lyndsey Williams
79Jennifer Rhodesall s.t.


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