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April 25/99 9:56 am - Ontario Track Programme for 1999

Posted by Editor on 04/25/99

Ontario Track Programme 1999
(courtesy Val Davidge)

Venue: Wind-Del Community Park, Windham Centre, Delhi

Ontario Cup

May 22nd and 23rd Wind-Del Grand Prix
June 19th and 20th Ontario Championships
July 24th and 25th Delhi Grand Prix
August 28th and 29th Marcel Thysman Memorial Grand Prix

Ontario Track League

Saturday May 1st - Coordinator Drew Richards, (905) 257-2952
Saturday May 15th
Saturday June 5th
Sunday July 11th
Saturday August 14th

Track League Information

Start Times: 12 Noon
Entry Fees: $10 per meeting

A one time $5 refundable deposit will also be charged for your race number. This will be returned either at the end of the day or the season at the rider's choice

Riders will be divided into A and B groups depending on ability and experience. This will apply to all racing events except the handicap & the final distance event which may carry upgrading points.

Basic Program: (Subject to change at the discretion of the Organizer and according to rider participation)

1. Devil Take the Hindmost, Group A and Group B
2. 500 meter Time Trial (May 1st only)
3. 1st Round Sprint, Group A and B
4. Pursuit Ladder events
5. 500 Meter Handicap Sprint (Not May 1st)
6. 20 Lap Scratch, Group A and B
7. Sprint Series Repechages, both groups
8. Handicap Repechage (Not May 1st)
9. 20 Lap Points Race, Group A
10. 12 Lap Points Race, Group B
11. Spring Finals, both groups
12. 6 Lap Group Hdcp. for riders not in Hdcp. Spr.
13. 400m Handicap Finals (not May 1st)
14. 10km Scratch or 60 lap Madison (for pre-qualified riders only)

No Madison May 1st.

Ontario Track Cup Information

Start each day: 9.30a.m.
Entry Fee: $25 each weekend

The Ontario Cup events are for two categories only - Men and Women. However, Juniors and Masters can ride in these categories if they wish. There will be a full supporting program of events for riders not competing in the O-Cup program or already eliminated from it.

Basic Program:
1. 1 Kilometer TT (men) 500 Mtr. TT (women)
2. 200 meter TT plus Sprints using 3-up format
3. Individual Pursuit - 4,000 mtrs-men; 3,000 mtrs-women
4. Points or Scratch race - 15km-men; 10km-women
5. Miss and Out
6. Olympic Sprint

The above will all carry Omnium Points towards the O-Cup
Points awarded per event - first 5 places, 5,4,3,2,1 points
Supporting events not carrying points will include:

1. Olympic Sprint
2. Unknown Distance event
3. Flying Kilo (May and July meets only)
4. Handicap events
5. Olympic events according to participants

Ontario Track Championships

Date: June 19th and 20th, 1999
Start: 9.00a.m. each day - Registration opens 8.00a.m.
Entry Fees:
Seniors - $10 per event to a maximum of $30
All Masters - $30
Juniors - $8 per event to a maximum of $20.

Weekend Program:

Saturday 19th June

Kilo Finals - Senior and Junior Men
750 mtr Finals - Masters
500 mtr Finals - Women and Grand Masters
4,000 mtr Individual Pursuit - Senior Men (4 qualify all categories)
3,000 mtr Individual Pursuit - Junior Men, Women, Masters
2,000 mtr Individual Pursuit - Grand Masters
Flying 200: Junior Men, Women, Masters and Grand Masters - fastest 8 to 1/4 finals; Senior Men - fastest 12 to 1/8 Final
Team Pursuit Finals - Junior Men (3,000m); Senior Men (4,000m)
Sprint JuniorMastersG.MastersWomen 1/4 final; Senior Men 1/8 final and repechage
10 km. Points Race - Senior Men

Sunday 19th June

Individual Pursuit 1/2 Finals - Grand Masters (2,000m); Junior, Women and Masters (3,000m); Senior Men (4,000m)
Sprint - 1/4 Finals, Senior Men
Olympic Sprint - Open
Sprint - 5th to 8th place and 1/2 Finals best of 3
Individual Pursuit Finals - JWMGMSM
Sprint Finals - JWMGMSM best of 3
7.5 km Points Race Final - JMWMGM
25km Madison Final - Senior Men

Special Championship Notes:

Masters: There will be two (2) groups of Masters only - 40 to 54 and 55 plus. A minimum of 4 competitors will be required for the event to constitute a Championship. The Masters' Championships will be decided on an Omnium basis with points for each event 5,4,3,2,1. The ITT will be used to break any tie. Only one set of medals will be awarded - for the Omnium.

Ontario Track Program

The Ontario Track Program is brought to you by the Ontario Track Committee, a standing sub-committee of the Ontario Cycling Association's Racing Committee.

Committee: Keith Davidge (Chair), Ralph Neumann (ORC Chair), Nigel Roberts, Jonathon Murphy, Valerie Davidge, Peter McCaffery (Chief Commissaire), Wayne Langton, Eleanor and Adrian Mezenburg

Clinics: Clinics will be held at 10.00a.m. the morning of Track League events whenever possible. These will be varied and may be of a specific or general nature for all levesl. Watch the Track Webpage for up to date information.

Race Numbers: Competitors will be allocated race numbers for the entire season, including the Championships. There is a $5 refundable deposit for the numbers which shall be worn at all times. They can be returned at the end of any event you wish.

CCA Racing Licenses: Track League and Ontario Cup (with the exception of the Ontario Championships) hold Citizens' Sanctions with the OCA. No CCA Racing License is required. The Ontario Championships are for licensed riders only. However, one event licenses will be available by special permit.

Awards and Prizes: These will be given at the end of both the Track League and Ontario Cup Series. These will be dependent upon participation during the year - i.e. geared to income - and will be announced as soon as possible.

Special thanks: To the community of Wind-Del Community Park for their support, encouragement and assistance.

Information: (905) 824-8906 or e-mail at


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