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December 2/07 1:31 am - 2007 CCA AGM report

Posted by Editoress on 12/2/07

2007 CCA AGM

After the usual administrative details (approval of agenda, previous AGM minutes, Reports - some of which will become available online at a later date). President Pierre Blanchard did present a report touching on some highlights, including:

- The adoption by the provinces at the IPC (Interprovincial Council) meeting of using the FQSC Drug Free Sport program nationally.

- Publishing of the first volume of the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development Model), which will allow coaches and provinces to work towards an integrated model. Education of coaches will move forward under a completed strategy.

- Better collaboration between provinces/territories and national body; "The trust is back". Note: the Sport Canada representative commented specifically on this improved attitude.

- Canada has strong international presence in UCI Commissions, Commissaires and Committees, but needs stronger presence in continental association COPACI. USA Cycling and CCA are now meeting and working towards better communication and integration.

- Current sponsors have reaffirmed commitment to cycling.

- '07-'08 budget is on target, and the goal is not to affect athlete programs, so there have been many administrative cuts (50% cut in human resources). However, there are still uncertainties around some human rights legal issues and the bankruptcy of the BMX Worlds.

- The CCA Hamilton Road Worlds Legacy is now contributing funds to athletes and programs.

- The BMX Worlds were a success on the sporting front, and Canada has received the 2010 Mountain Bike Worlds. Canada has 3 World Cups (two MTB and one Road) - the U.S. have none. But Canada needs more international level events.

- A review of the High Performance Program by Podium (a group of partners that support Olympic sports) is underway (and will be released publicly).

- The Athlete Council is being revived, with Sue Palmer-Komar taking the lead, and agreeing to become the Athlete representative on the Board of Directors.

- The Sport Canada representative was generally pleased with cyclings efforts, and specifically mentioned the Drug Free Sport initiative, and that it has been very beneficial on Sport Canada's behalf to have Lorraine Lafreniere as the Executive Director.

The meeting then moved to the Financial Statements. These statements for the year ending March 31, 2007 will be published in detail by the CCA, but the highlights are:

- Revenue increased from $3,070,593 in 2006 to $3,236,526. However, expenses increased more rapidly - from $3,013,279 to $3,371,872. Therefore, the organization went from a surplus of $57,314 to a deficit of $135,346. Much of this is due to projected revenues not being met - budgets were not exceeded. The accumulated deficit is $1,258.

- Inventory markdowns and depreciation adjustments were higher than expected. Also, ongoing legal actions were accounted for in '06-'07. There are legal actions pending and unresolved potential liabilities. One of these is the action by 2003 Road Worlds original organizer Giuseppi Ferrara to receive expenses back. The Board has been told by legal council not to discuss other ongoing actions.

- From this point, a more conservative approach will be used and expenses will be tied to confirmed revenues instead of projected. This is not the way most corporations work, but is more standard for non-profits.

- The CCA sent out an RFP (Request for Proposal) for new auditors, and a new firm has been appointed: Ouseley Hanvey Clipsham Deep LLP. OHCD has worked with numerous other similar associations.

This year there no By-Law Amendments.

From here the AGM went into the most 'exciting' portion of the morning - the Elections for Board and Committee positions.

Board of Directors

Two positions for Board up for election with three nominees:
Aaron Hershoff (Ontario) - current member
Lesley Tomlinson (B.C.) - current member
Chantal Lachance (Quebec).
Aaron Hershoff and Chantal Lachance elected.

Officials Committee Chair - Wayne Pomario acclaimed

Officials Committee MTB Representative - Jim Bratrud acclaimed

Athlete and Coach Development Committee Chair - currently this Committee has suspended operations

Events Committee
MTB Representative - Mathieu Boucher acclaimed
BMX Representative - Adam Muys acclaimed

High Performance Committee Disability Program Representative - Brian Cowie acclaimed

High Performance Committee National Team Program Representative - Denise Kelly (Ontario) and Richard Wooles (B.C.) nominated.
Richard Wooles elected.

Athlete and Coach Development Committee has suspended operations while the CCA restructures the development and education components of the Association. To move some programs (such as the LTAD and National Coaching Program revisions) forward, the CCA has brought in contractors for specific projects. The ACDC will resume operations at a later date.

The 2008 AGM will be in Quebec City, with the date to be announced at a later date.

Meeting adjourned.


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