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December 16/07 9:20 am - Burnaby Sixers Volunteers Needed

Posted by Editor on 12/16/07

Burnaby Sixers Volunteers Needed
Courtesy Rob McMurtry

Our roster of volunteers is beginning to fill out. The race schedule
is available at for your review. An hour or two on any given night will help, so don't hold off if you can't do all 25 hours.

If you have responded to a previous request - Thanks! I've got your name on a list and will get in touch next week with any updates.

Requirements include:
- Setup on Dec. 31. Anytime between noon and 6PM. Pulling nets aside, setting up "pit area" fencing, beer garden tables, etc. More the merrier.
- Rider sign-in assistance. Dec. 31, 4-7PM, Jan. 1, 12-1PM, Jan. 4 5-7PM.
- Points/lap counters: All racing hours. Critical to providing accurate and timely results!
- Beer garden: We have two helpful volunteers...possibly three. Let's go for four. Like a good paceline, the beer must be smooth.
- Whip: Authority. Power. You can have it all! "Riders to the rail! Yes, that means you! Move it move it move it!"
- Tear down: Like setup, but backwards. And faster.

Not sure what you can do, or when? Give me a call at 604.512.9453 or mail me at - I'll have my list and reassuring words about on-the-job-training at the ready.


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