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December 31/07 9:57 am - New Year's Resolutions: Canadian Cyclist Style

Posted by Editoress on 12/31/07

New Year's Resolutions: Canadian Cyclist Style
by Matt Hansen

It's that time of the year again - when everyone makes grandiose plans and promises that are usually never kept. I polled a few of Canada's cycling peeps to see what they had to say about 2008 - and what they hope to do, or not do...

Denise Kelly, former cyclist and now Ontario Provincial Coaching Director was pretty clear about hers...

"....Ride my bike more. Use my computer less, i.e. more efficiently. See Ontario riders win lots of races."

Geoff Kabush, whose e-mail response got to me in the nick of time:

" a better job of staying in touch with my family and friends during the season. Or respond to e-mails quicker."

Michael Barry, who doesn't usually make New Year's resolutions, for but 2008, has taken the "High Road":

"....I would say my state of mind right now is to simplify and focus."

Symmetrics Cycling's Christian Meier should have a great 2008 if he keeps his New Year's resolutions:

"....quit smoking, cut back on drinking and lose 20 pounds."

Genevieve Jeanson, the former pro cyclist whose topsy-turvy career is taking a definite new twist:

" my wine bar in Phuket, Thailand."

The colourful Buck Miller, who in 2008 will ride under Steve Bauer's beefed up RACE team:

"...To balance my training and racing programs with guitar, fishing, and urban trials riding.........somehow."

Symmetrics Cycling's resident philosopher Andrew Randell has vowed to make big changes as well:

"....I resolve not to be a loud mouth while racing, making improper comments to my competitors in the peloton. I've already resolved to get skinny so that one's out."

Speaking of skinny, the new father Dom Perras has plans for 2008 too:

" of my resolutions is to go to bed earlier (!) because the little one does not wake up any later for me."

Catharine Pendrel has vowed to fit in better with her new Luna team mates:

"...I don't usually make these, but since all the other Luna chicks can play an instrument... I am resolved to represent my maritime heritage and hone my skills playing the spoons. Look for our first album next fall."

And Svein Tuft, as always, was stoic with his plans:

"...just keep givin' 'er."


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