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February 17/08 7:24 am - Tour of Belize: Stages 4 to 6 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 02/17/08

Tour of Belize Belize

Stage 4 - February 15: Belize City - Benque Viejo, 130 km
1. Michael Olheiser USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:46:10
2. Gavriel Epstein (CAN) Santinos2:50:11
3. Luis Gutierrez (MEX) Tecos2:50:13
4. Walter Gaitan (GUA) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club2:50:14
5. Manuel Oseas Rodas (GUA) Cable DX-Decorabanos2:50:14
6. Peter Choto (BIZ) GS Cogeas2:50:14
7. Noe Camacho (MEX) C-Ray Tequilla Afamado2:51:21
8. Christian McNish (PAN) Bennys Megabytes2:51:21
9. Greogory Lovell (BIZ) Red Bull2:51:21
10. Guy East (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
12. Chad Beyer (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
13. Maxime Vives (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team2:51:21
14. Chris Barton (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
15. Brad Armstrong (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
16. Anthony Taylor (USA) Alliance Environmental2:51:21
20. Bain Foote (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:51:21
24. Peter Salon (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
28. Ben Bradshaw (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
29. Michael Norton (USA) Calyon Pro Cycling Team2:51:21
31. Bjorn Selander (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
34. Gabriel Lloyd (USA) Alliance Environmental2:51:21
37. Cole House (USA) USA National Team2:51:21
47. Frank Moak (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:51:33
48. Timmothy Regan (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:53:36
49. Ryan Boudreaux (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:53:36
51. Eric Riggs (USA) USA National Team2:50:14
54. William Goodfellow (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team2:57:56
62. Charly Vives (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team2:57:58
63. Chris Alexander (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:58:00
64. Kenneth Bellau (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team2:58:00
69. Brian Husen (USA) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club2:58:40
87. Michael Miller (USA) Alliance Environmental3:01:14
88. Tim Gresh (USA) Alliance Environmental3:01:59
Stage 5 - February 16: Benque Viejo - Dangriga - Gap, 182 km
1. Lizandro Ajcu (GUA) Santinos4:56:26
2. Carlos Oyarzun (CHI) Tecos4:56:28
3. Luciano Santos (ARG) Santinos4:56:32
4. Carlos Hernandez (GUA) Bennys Megabytes4:56:35
5. Manuel Oseas Rodas (GUA) Cable DX-Decorabanos4:56:35
6. Michael Olheiser (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team4:56:43
7. Guy East (USA) USA National Team4:56:50
8. Gavriel Epstein (CAN) Santinos4:56:53
9. Bain Foote (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team4:56:54
10. Juan Cach (GUA) Cable DX-Decorabanos4:56:56
11. Peter Salon (USA) USA National Team4:56:56
13. Brad Armstrong (USA) USA National Team4:56:56
18. Michael Norton (USA) Calyon Pro Cycling Team4:56:59
21. Ben Bradshaw (USA) USA National Team4:56:59
22. Johathan Arellano (MEX) Tecos4:56:59
26. Bjorn Selander (USA) USA National Team4:57:25
28. Gabriel Lloyd (USA) Alliance Environmental4:57:25
30. Cole House (USA) USA National Team4:57:25
31. Chad Beyer (USA) USA National Team4:57:25
40. Chris Barton (USA) USA National Team4:57:49
41. Anthony Taylor (USA) Alliance Environmental4:57:57
48. Timmothy Regan (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team4:58:14
57. Maxime Vives (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team4:59:18
58. William Goodfellow (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team4:59:18
59. Ryan Boudreaux (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team5:02:24
60. Frank Moak (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team5:03:01
62. Chris Alexander (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team5:06:26
72. Brian Husen (USA) Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club5:13:17
78. Kenneth Bellau (USA) Herring Gas Cycling Team5:13:30
81. Tim Gresh (USA) Alliance Environmental5:13:51
87. Charly Vives (CAN) Calyon Pro Cycling Team5:15:45
dnf. Scott Harris (USA) Bennys Megabytes
dnf. Eric Riggs (USA) USA National Team
dnf. Michael Miller (USA) Alliance Environmental
Stage 6: San Ignacio - Benque to Belize City, 145 km
1. Ernest Meighan (Red Bull )3:54:13
2. Chris Barton (USA National Team)3:54:14
3. Cole House (USA National Team)3:54:44
4. Luis Gutierrez (Tecos)3:54:44
5. Mauricio Frazer (Santinos)3:54:44
6. Chad Beyer (USA National Team)3:54:44
7. Timmothy Regan (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:54:44
8. Brad Armstrong (USA National Team)3:54:44
9. Carlos Hernandez (Bennys Megabytes)3:54:44
10. Carlos Oyarzan (Tecos)3:54:44
11. Walter Gaitan (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)3:54:44
12. Jesus Patalagoytia (Santinos)3:54:44
13. Michael Norton (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)3:54:44
14. Manuel Oseas Rodas (Cable DX-Decorabanos)3:54:44
15. Ben Bradshaw (USA National Team)3:54:44
16. Michael Olheiser (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:54:44
17. Bain Foote (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:54:44
18. Gavriel Epstein (Santinos)3:54:44
19. Guy East (USA National Team)3:54:44
20. Jeovanni Leslie (Santinos)3:54:44
21. Luciano Santos (Santinos)3:54:44
22. Epyfanio Maca (Tecos)3:54:44
23. Lizandro Ajcu (Santinos)3:54:44
24. Gabriel Lloyd (Alliance Environmental)3:54:44
25. Mario Contreras (GS Cogeas)3:54:44
26. Peter Salon (USA National Team)3:54:44
27. Chris Alexander (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:54:44
28. Bjorn Selander (USA National Team)3:54:44
29. Octavio Gutierrez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)3:54:44
30. Danillo Luis Marroquin (Santinos)3:54:59
31. Kenneth Bellau (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:56:13
32. Frank Moak (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:56:14
33. Marlon Castillo (Santinos)3:56:16
34. Rafael Carbajal (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)3:56:16
35. Roger Troyer (Western Spirit)3:56:16
36. Jose Choto (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)3:56:23
37. Ryan Boudreaux (Herring Gas Cycling Team)3:56:23
38. Greogory Lovell (Red Bull)3:57:29
39. Leonardo Flores (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)3:57:57
40. Armando Orellana (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)3:58:08
41. Rafael Choto (GS Cogeas)3:58:26
42. Noe Camacho (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)3:58:58
43. Glen O'Brien (Red Bull)3:58:58
44. Byron Pope (Bennys Megabytes)3:58:58
45. Giovanni Shoto (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)3:58:58
46. Mateo Cruz (Red Bull)3:58:58
47. Gian Ochaeta (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)3:58:58
48. Noel Grajalez (Red Bull)3:58:58
49. Teddy Vasquez (Western Spirit)3:59:26
50. Peter Choto (GS Cogeas)3:59:26
51. Darnell Barrow (Bennys Megabytes)3:59:26
52. Johathan Arellano (Tecos)4:06:39
53. Anthony Taylor (Alliance Environmental)4:06:39
54. Cristian Velasquez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)4:06:39
55. William Goodfellow (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)4:06:39
56. Javier Lindner (Santinos)4:06:39
57. Jose Ramon Canalez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)4:06:39
58. Juan Esquivel (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)4:06:39
59. Juan Cach (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:06:39
60. Tim Gresh (Alliance Environmental)4:06:39
61. Andrea De Silvestris (Western Spirit)4:06:39
62. Jeffery Zeleya (Bennys Megabytes)3:58:58
63. Omar Cervantes (Tecos)4:06:39
64. Maxime Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)4:08:41
65. Larry Vasquez (Western Spirit)4:09:57
66. Erick Loaiza (Bennys Megabytes)4:09:57
67. Asbel Rodas (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:09:57
68. Jose Garcia (Tecos)4:09:57
69. Omar Benitez (GS Cogeas)4:09:57
70. Angel Tzib (Western Spirit)4:09:57
71. Guillermo Huinac (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:09:57
72. Preston Martinez (M & M Engineering)4:09:57
73. Eduardo Avelar (GS Cogeas)4:09:57
74. Kenneth Butler (M & M Engineering)4:09:57
75. Fredi Colop (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:09:57
76. Leslie Sanchez (M & M Engineering)4:09:57
77. Edgar Hoch (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:09:57
78. Brian Husen (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)4:09:57
79. Alfredo Ajpacaja (Cable DX-Decorabanos)4:09:57
80. Carlos Avalos (GS Cogeas)4:12:46
81. Charly Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)4:12:53
82. Manuel Hernandez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)4:12:53
83. Elliot Vasquez (Tecos)4:12:53
84. Fausto Esparza (Tecos)4:12:53
dnf . Shane Vasquez (Western Spirit)
dnf . Sherman Thomas (Western Spirit)
dnf . Michael Lewis (M & M Engineering)
dnf . Bertran Brown (M & M Engineering)
dnf . Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)
dnf . Abraham Centeno (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)
dnf . Enrique Arellano (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)
dnf . Omar Cruz (F & F Mountaineers)
dnf . Dennis Molina (Bennys Megabytes)
dnf . Christian McNish (Bennys Megabytes)
dnf . Fernando Tejada (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)
Final GC
1. Carlos Oyarzan (Tecos)20:37:00
2. Luciano Santos (Santinos)0:00:41
3. Guy East (USA National Team)0:03:39
4. Lizandro Ajcu (Santinos)0:03:45
5. Cole House (USA National Team)0:04:00
6. Bain Foote (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:04:05
7. Carlos Hernandez (Bennys Megabytes)0:04:38
8. Michael Olheiser (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:05:14
9. Gavriel Epstein (Santinos)0:06:03
10. Jose Choto (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:06:31
11. Ben Bradshaw (USA National Team)0:06:47
12. Mauricio Frazer (Santinos)0:07:24
13. Gabriel Lloyd (Alliance Environmental)0:09:10
14. Walter Gaitan (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:10:25
15. Brad Armstrong (USA National Team)0:10:29
16. Manuel Oseas Rodas (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:10:34
17. Chris Barton (USA National Team)0:10:55
18. Chad Beyer (USA National Team)0:10:58
19. Luis Gutierrez (Tecos)0:11:05
20. Michael Norton (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)0:11:19
21. Peter Salon (USA National Team)0:13:24
22. Bjorn Selander (USA National Team)0:13:32
23. Roger Troyer (Western Spirit)0:15:01
24. Frank Moak (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:15:05
25. Mario Contreras (GS Cogeas)0:15:23
26. Marlon Castillo (Santinos)0:16:01
27. Johathan Arellano (Tecos)0:16:01
28. Greogory Lovell (Red Bull)0:16:06
29. Ryan Boudreaux (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:16:41
30. Noe Camacho (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:18:05
31. Giovanni Shoto (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:19:00
32. Timmothy Regan (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:19:10
33. Rafael Carbajal (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:19:49
34. Armando Orellana (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:23:02
35. Jesus Patalagoytia (Santinos)0:25:20
36. Juan Cach (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:27:19
37. Anthony Taylor (Alliance Environmental)0:28:12
38. Elliot Vasquez (Tecos)0:28:48
39. Epyfanio Maca (Tecos)0:29:09
40. Asbel Rodas (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:31:02
41. Ernest Meighan (Red Bull)0:32:31
42. Noel Grajalez (Red Bull)0:32:48
43. Octavio Gutierrez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:32:52
44. Maxime Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)0:32:54
45. Andrea De Silvestris (Western Spirit)0:33:57
46. Fausto Esparza (Tecos)0:33:58
47. Carlos Avalos (GS Cogeas)0:34:28
48. Juan Esquivel (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:36:48
49. Peter Choto (GS Cogeas)0:37:58
50. Edgar Hoch (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:38:56
51. Danillo Luis Marroquin (Santinos)0:39:52
52. William Goodfellow (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)0:40:17
53. Chris Alexander (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:40:22
54. Glen O'Brien (Red Bull)0:40:33
55. Omar Benitez (GS Cogeas)0:41:12
56. Omar Cervantes (Tecos)0:41:34
57. Jeffery Zeleya (Bennys Megabytes)0:42:05
58. Cristian Velasquez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:44:07
59. Leonardo Flores (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:44:38
60. Rafael Choto (GS Cogeas)0:44:43
61. Javier Lindner (Santinos)0:45:11
62. Jeovanni Leslie (Santinos)0:45:14
63. Gian Ochaeta (C-Ray Tequilla Afamado)0:49:13
64. Teddy Vasquez (Western Spirit)0:50:05
65. Kenneth Bellau (Herring Gas Cycling Team)0:51:00
66. Alfredo Ajpacaja (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:51:36
67. Brian Husen (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)0:53:14
68. Fredi Colop (Cable DX-Decorabanos)0:54:32
69. Byron Pope (Bennys Megabytes)0:56:50
70. Mateo Cruz (Red Bull)0:58:45
71. Tim Gresh (Alliance Environmental)0:59:53
72. Charly Vives (Calyon Pro Cycling Team)1:02:07
73. Jose Ramon Canalez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)1:05:38
74. Darnell Barrow (Bennys Megabytes)1:06:25
75. Eduardo Avelar (GS Cogeas)1:11:34
76. Manuel Hernandez (Nicaragua Honduras Cycling Club)1:11:52
77. Leslie Sanchez (M & M Engineering)1:17:01
78. Guillermo Huinac (Cable DX-Decorabanos)1:17:35
79. Kenneth Butler (M & M Engineering)1:21:39
80. Larry Vasquez (Western Spirit)1:22:13
81. Angel Tzib (Western Spirit)1:32:06
82. Jose Garcia (Teco


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