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March 30/08 11:47 am - Track World Championships: Day 5 report, photos, results

Posted by Editoress on 03/30/08

Track World Championships Manchester UK

Scratch Race
Points Race

Women's Scratch Race

Men's Kilo

Women's Keirin Round 2 heats and Final

The Track World Championships concluded today and, remarkably the Brits did not win a single gold! Today it was the day of the Netherlands to shine, with world titles in both the Kilo and the women's Scratch Race. New Zealand picked up their first title of these championships in the Omnium, while American Jennie Reed closed out the championships with an exciting win in the women's Keirin.

Canada had two riders competing - Gina Grain in the Scratch Race and Travis Smith in Omnium. Smith finished 13th overall in the omnium after five events (200m TT, Points Race, Pursuit, Scratch Race and Kilo), and was second in the 200m TT. Grain finished in the field, in 14th place, in the Scratch Race.

The Omnium mixes both speed and endurance events, so it takes a true all-rounder to do well. Sprinters Ghislain Boiron (France) and Smith topped the standings after the first event - their specialty of the 200m - but quickly fell behind as the endurance events began. Hayden Godfrey of New Zealand was never really challenged for the overall lead, finishing 3rd, 1st, 4th, 7th and 4th in the five events. Leigh Howard (Australia) and Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus) traded second and third during the competition, but in the end it was Howard who proved to be more consistent. Indeed, without a relatively poor showing in the Points Race, he would have been much closer to Godfrey in the final results.

The 1000m time trial - the 'Kilo' - has lost some of its stature since it was dropped from the Olympic Games, and many top riders such as Chris Hoy no longer compete. However, the field was strong here in Manchester, with Dutchman Teun Mulder the fastest of four riders to go under 1:02. Mulder's 1:01.332 beat out the French duo of Michaël D'Almeida (1:01.514) and François Pervis (1:01.579). Local favourite Matt Crampton just missed the podium by a little over a quarter of a second.

In the women's Scratch Race it was the Dutch again, with Eleonora Van Dijk making a gutsy late move counterattack to Grain's earlier move. While the leaders all looked at each other, Van Dijk managed to get enough of a lead to cruise in 10 metres in front of the sprint. World Cup champion Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba) took the silver, followed by Australia's Belinda Goss.

Grain's mid-race move was the most dangerous of the race, as she joined Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic) and Jessica Jurado (Mexico). Initially, the trio took the lead up to nearly half a lap, but as the chase grew stronger, Grain's partners could no longer contribute to the lead, and they were reeled in.

The women's Keirin was expected to pit defending champion Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) against Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) and Reed. This three had finished 1-2-3 in the Sprint yesterday. All three made the final, along with 2006 world champion Christin Muche (Germany), Clara Sanchez (France) and Pendleton's young team mate Anna Blyth.

Sanchez led out the group, with Reed and Pendleton hanging off the back. When the lead moto came off the track, Reed immediately went to the front, only to be overtaken by Pendleton as they started the last lap. It looked like the third title of the week for the brit, but reed fought back, coming over the top in the final bend to win her first world title. Muche also snuck by Pendleton for the silver.

Race Notes

- Britain completely dominated the standings, with nine gold medals - half the total awarded.

- Zach Bell confirmed that it is pretty much certain that he will qualify for the Olympics in the Points Race.

- It turns out that the newly laid track was initially under regulation length by 17 cm, which would have nullified any world records. You will notice in the photo below that the black and red lines have been moved up one board each; they were painted in the wrong spots originally.

- Official results for the Women's Keirin were delayed due to the fact that 2nd and 3rd places finished so close AND the inside track photo finish camera was obscurred by the 4th place finisher. Officials had to overlay photos from both the inside and outside track cameras to put Pendleton ahead of Muche.

Women's Keirin

First Round

Heat 1
1. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)
2. Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)
3. Clara Sanchez (France)
4. Christin Muche (Germany)
5. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)
6. Sakie Tsukuda (Japan)

Heat 2
1. Dana Glöss (Germany)
2. Swetlana Grankowskaja (Russia)
3. Willy Kanis (Netherlands)
4. Kaarle Mcculloch (Australaia)
5. Anna Blyth (Great Britain)
6. Elisa Frisoni (Italy)

Heat 3
1. Jennie Reed (USA)
2. Jinjie Gong (China)
3. Sandie Clair (France)
4. Valentina Alessio (Italy)
5. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)
6. Jess Varnish (Great Britain)
First 2 riders in each heat qualify to second round, remainder to first round repechage.

First Round Repechage

Heat 1
1. Clara Sanchez (France)
2. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)
3. Jess Varnish (Great Britain)
4. Kaarle Mcculloch (Australaia)

Heat 2
1. Willy Kanis (Netherlands)
2. Anna Blyth (Great Britain)
3. Valentina Alessio (Italy)
4. Elisa Frisoni (Italy)

Heat 3
1. Christin Muche (Germany)
2. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)
3. Oksana Grishina (Russia)
4. Sandie Clair (France)
5. Sakie Tsukuda (Japan)

First 2 riders in each heat qualify to second round

Second Round

Heat 1
1. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)
2. Anna Blyth (Great Britain)
3. Clara Sanchez (France)
4. Swetlana Grankowskaja (Russia)
5. Jinjie Gong (China)
6. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)

Heat 2
1. Christin Muche (Germany)
2. Jennie Reed (USA)
3. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)
4. Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)
5. Dana Glöss (Germany)
6. Willy Kanis (Netherlands)

First 3 riders in each heat qualify to Final 1-6 and the others to Final 7-12

Final 1-6
1. Jennie Reed (USA)
2. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)
3. Christin Muche (Germany)
4. Clara Sanchez (France)
5. Anna Blyth (Great Britain)
6. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)

Final 7-12
7. Swetlana Grankowskaja (Russia)
8. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)
9. Willy Kanis (Netherlands)
10. Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)
11. Dana Glöss (Germany)
REL. Jinjie Gong (China)

Women's Scratch Race

1. Eleonora Van Dijk (Netherlands)
2. Yumari Gonzalez Valdivieso (Cuba)
3. Belinda Goss (Australia)
4. Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)
5. Rebecca Quinn (USA)
6. Pascale Jeuland (France)
7. Elizabeth Armitstead (Great Britain)
8. Maria Luisa Calle Williams (Colombia)
9. Elke Gebhardt (Germany)
10. Catherine Cheatley (New Zealand)
11. Olga Slyusareva (Russia)
12. Svitlana Galyuk (Ukraine)
13. Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)
14. Gina Grain (Canada)
15. Aksana Papko (Belarus)
16. Wan Yiu Wong (Hong Kong)
17. Jessica Jurado (Mexico)
18. Svetlana Paulikaite (Lithuania)
19. Trine Schmidt (Denmark)
DNF. Gema Pascual Torrecilla (Spain)
DNF. Wathinee Luekajorh (Thailand)

Men's Omnium
1. Ghislain Boiron (France)10.481
2. Travis Smith (Canada)10.489
3. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)10.569
4. Vasileios Galanis (Greece)10.664
5. Bobby Lea (USA)10.688
6. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)10.701
7. Steven Burke (Great Britain)10.854
8. Leigh Howard (Australia)10.857
9. Gianpaolo Biolo (Italy)10.926
10. Robert Bartko (Germany)10.937
11. Tim Mertens (Belgium)10.944
12. Robert Slippens (Netherlands)11.132
13. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)11.171
14. Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)11.213
15. Reona Sumi (Japan)11.354
16. Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)11.376
17. Evgeny Kovalev (Russia)11.413
18. Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)11.441
Individual Pursuit
1. Robert Bartko (Germany)3:17.078
2. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)3:17.464
3. Leigh Howard (Australia)3:18.080
4. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)3:18.248
5. Robert Slippens (Netherlands)3:19.355
6. Bobby Lea (USA)3:20.123
7. Tim Mertens (Belgium)3:21.410
8. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)3:22.184
9. Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)3:23.263
10. Steven Burke (Great Britain)3:23.439
11. Gianpaolo Biolo (Italy)3:24.000
12. Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)3:25.365
13. Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)3:25.729
14. Evgeny Kovalev (Russia)3:26.880
15. Reona Sumi (Japan)3:29.598
16. Ghislain Boiron (France)3:30.088
17. Travis Smith (Canada)3:34.299
18. Vasileios Galanis (Greece)3:40.991
Scratch Race
1. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)
2. Leigh Howard (Australia)
3. Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)
4. Robert Bartko (Germany)
5. Tim Mertens (Belgium)
6. Gianpaolo Biolo (Italy)
7. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)
8. Bobby Lea (USA)
9. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)
10. Ghislain Boiron (France)
11. Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)
12. Travis Smith (Canada)
13. Vasileios Galanis (Greece)
14. Steven Burke (Great Britain)
15. Robert Slippens (Netherlands)
16. Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)
17. Evgeny Kovalev (Russia)
18. Reona Sumi (Japan)

Points Race
1. Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)11
2. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)9
3. Evgeny Kovalev (Russia)8
4. Tim Mertens (Belgium)8
5. Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)7
6. Steven Burke (Great Britain)6
7. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)5
8. Gianpaolo Biolo (Italy)3
9. Robert Slippens (Netherlands)3
10. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)3
11. Reona Sumi (Japan)2
12. Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)0
13. Leigh Howard (Australia)0
14. Robert Bartko (Germany)0
15. Bobby Lea (USA)0
16. Ghislain Boiron (France)-19
17. Travis Smith (Canada)-40
18. Vasileios Galanis (Greece)-40

Kilo TT
1. Steven Burke (Great Britain)1:03.080
2. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)1:03.408
3. Leigh Howard (Australia)1:03.779
4. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)1:03.948
5. Bobby Lea (USA)1:04.611
6. Ghislain Boiron (France)1:04.800
7. Travis Smith (Canada)1:04.889
8. Robert Bartko (Germany)1:04.977
9. Gianpaolo Biolo (Italy)1:05.230
10. Robert Slippens (Netherlands)1:05.632
11. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)1:05.876
12. Tim Mertens (Belgium)1:05.932
13. Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)1:06.808
14. Reona Sumi (Japan)1:07.743
15. Evgeny Kovalev (Russia)1:08.479
16. Walter Fernando Perez (Argentina)1:08.867
17. Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)1:09.657
18. Vasileios Galanis (Greece)

1. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)19pts
2. Leigh Howard (Australia)28
3. Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)35
4. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)35
5. Robert Bartko (Germany)37
7. Bobby Lea (USA)39
13. Travis Smith (Canada)55

Men's 1Km Time Trial
1. Teun Mulder (Netherlands)1:01.332
2. Michaël D'almeida (France)1:01.514
3. François Pervis (France)1:01.579
4. Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)1:01.822
5. Mohd Rizal Tisin (Malaysia)1:02.409
6. Yevhen Bolibrukh (Ukraine)1:02.432
7. Wen Hao Li (China)1:02.503
8. Scott Sunderland (Australia)1:02.515
9. Tim Veldt (Netherlands)1:02.757
10. Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)1:02.893
11. Yong Feng (China)1:02.955
12. David Daniell (Great Britain)1:03.018
13. Robert Forstemann (Germany)1:03.179
14. Ben Kersten (Australia)1:03.330
15. Didier Henriette (France)1:03.395
16. Michael Seidenbecher (Germany)1:03.428
17. Kamil Kuczynski (Poland)1:03.482
18. Hodei Mazquiaran Uria (Spain)1:03.512
19. Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)1:03.612
20. Sergey Polynskiy (Russia)1:04.025
21. Athanasios Mantzouranis (Greece)1:04.202
22. Vasileios Reppas (Greece)1:04.888


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