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May 2/08 11:56 am - Race the Ridge results

Posted by Editoress on 05/2/08

Race the Ridge April 26-27, Maple Ridge BC

2 day 3 stage (TT, Crit, RR) Omnium

1/2 Men
1. Zach Bell (Symmetrics Cycling)47pts
2. Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)35
3. Cory Forrest (Total Restoration)32
4. Rob Britton (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)29
5. Devon Smibert (Synergy)18
6. Zack Garland (KONA-ADOBE)17
7. Nathan MacDonald (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)15
8. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)14
9. Cody Campbell (Symmetrics Cycling)13
10. Tim Shertobitoff (Total Restoration)12
11. Scott Laliberte (Campione Ratcliff)11
12. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)10
13. Matthew Cottrell (Team Aviawest)10
14. Daniel Macdonald (KONA-ADOBE)9
15. Craig Richey (Team Aviawest)7
16. Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)5
17. Andrew Kyle (Escape Velocity)4
18. Jonathan Gormick (KONA-ADOBE)4
19. Brett Boniface (Campione Ratcliff)4
20. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity)3
21. Brad Kerr (Total Restoration)2
22. Ryan Taylor (Campione Ratcliff)0
23. Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)0
24. Nic Hamilton (Chris Cookies/Swan Cyclies)0
25. Trevor Connor (Rocky Mountai - Different Bikes)0
26. Tom Skinner (KONA-ADOBE)0
27. Shawn Goulet (Escape Velocity)0
28. Jason Thompson (Mighty Cycling)0
29. Shane Savage (Schwalbe Cycling Club)0
30. Hugh Trenchard (Escape Velocity)0
31. John Tolkamp (Team Aviawest)0
32. Kurtis Vallee (Total Restoration)0
33. G. Tommaso Cirella (Escape Velocity)0
34. Owen Harrison (Glotman Simpson)0
35. Chris Squire (La Bicicletta/J.Lindeberg)0
36. Maurice Worsfold (Team Aviawest)0
37. Jonathan Wood (Glotman Simpson)0
38. Jim Wheeler (KONA-ADOBE)0
39. Chris Worsfold (Escape Velocity)0
40. Marcel Aarden (Campione Ratcliff)0
41. Jeff Ain (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)0
42. Julian Base (Pactimo Racing)0
43. Dave Brooks (KONA-ADOBE)0
44. Christopher Hillier (Campione Ratcliff)0
45. Alistair Howard (KONA-ADOBE)0
46. Ryan Olson (Campione Ratcliff)0
47. Chris Reid (Total Restoration)0
48. Marco Sabatino (Escape Velocity)0
49. Dan Skinner (Kelowna Cycle, Opus, sd23)0
50. Owen Sturgess (Total Restoration)0
51. Joe Wessel (H&R BLOCK)0
52. Sean Williams (Repswest)0
DNF. Christiaan De Vries (Campione Ratcliff)
DNF. Jason Fluckiger
DNF. Christopher Reynolds
1/2 Women
1. Leah Goldstein (Total Restoration)40pts
2. Jessica Hannah (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)40
3. Stephanie Roorda (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)35
4. Sarah Stewart (Total Restoration)32
5. Jean-Anne McKirdy (Rocky Mountain Bikes)28
6. Gillian Kornell (Total Restoration)21
7. Marie-Claude Gagnon (Glotman Simpson)21
8. Kristine Brynjolfson (Team Coastal Cycling)16
9. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)12
10. Kelsey Miller (Wedgewood)10
11. Lisa Howard (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)10
12. Lisa Dorian (Chicks Cycling)6
13. Karen Watson (Glotman Simpson)5
14. Jennifer Shultz (Total Restoration)5
15. Shoshauna Laxson (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)3
16. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)3
17. Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay BIkes)2
18. Lee Darling (Glotman Simpson)0
19. Leslie V ice (Glotman Simpson)0
20. Fiona Macleod (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)0
DNF. Marni Hambleton (Valueact Capital Cycling Team)
DNF. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles/Team Whistler)
3 Men
1. Guy Biggar (Escape Velocity)43pts
2. Michael Rothengatter (Escape Velocity)38
3. Evan Guthrie (Total Restoration)38
4. Jason Manning (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)35
5. Matthew O'Hagan24
6. Boris Martin (Campione Ratcliff)22
7. Roy McBeth (Local Ride Racing)20
8. Carsten Ivany (Local Ride Racing)16
9. Emile De Rosnay (Organic Athlete Victoria)16
10. Kevin Rutherford (Campione Ratcliff)15
11. Curtis Jung (dEVo)9
12. Corey Hess (Team Aviawest)7
13. Gordon Smith (Campione Ratcliff)4
14. Ryan Calbick (Oak Bay Bicycles - Victoria Wheelers)4
15. Sebastian Sleep (Team BC, Sunshine Coast Cycling)3
16. Axel Bergman (Escape Velocity)3
17. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo)0
18. Ted Russo0
19. Jonathan Cheung (Escape)0
20. Doug Mulder (Wedgewood)0
21. Patrick Love (Wedgewood)0
22. Kevin Thorpe (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)0
23. Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling)0
24. Mark Walker0
DNF. Andrew Lea (Team Coastal Cycling)
DNF. Matthew Coley (The Bike Gallery)
DNF. Russell Stead (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Mark Dormer (Escape Velocity/dEVo)
DNF. James Beieler
DNF. Bert Sandie
3/4 Women
1. Gillian Carleton55pts
2. Barb Zimich (zimichcoaching)46
3. Annie Ewart (Team Aviawest)33
4. Linda Chow31
5. Sarah Mcmillan (Chicks Cycling)24
6. Dana Lis (Chicks Cycling)23
7. Sarah Nathan (Chicks Cycling)20
8. Sonja Heilmeier (Chicks Cycling)17
9. Bonnie Catlin (Chicks Cycling)17
10. Kyla Giesbrecht (dEVo)14
11. Camille Nonis (dEVo)12
12. Jennifer Kohm (Glotman Simpson)7
DNF. Lauren Hughes (Team Aviawest)
4/5 Men
1. Mike Sidic (Super Champion Shop)45pts
2. Marvin Guzman (Mighty Riders)38
3. Sebastian Salas (Campione Ratcliff)33
4. Kenyon Campbell31
5. Michael Elkink (Team Naked)27
6. Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing)20
7. Brent Hladchuk (Evolve CC)14
8. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride Racing)14
9. Mike Laxdal (Campione Ratcliff)14
10. Richard Machhein13
11. Michel Pelletier10
12. Alan Bransdon (Escape Velocity)10
13. Stuart Lynne (Escape Velocity)8
14. William Riley (VANCOUVER VELO VETS)7
15. Paul Mccloskey (Mighty Riders)6
16. Nick Holatko (independent)5
17. Rob Thompson (CVC RACING)5
18. David Nelson (Gerick Cycle)4
19. Wes Ochitwa (Campione Ratcliff)3
20. Paul Craig (Natural Earth Racing)0
21. Craig Fabische (Overtime Sports Coquitlam, Bayview)0
22. Mark Rainer (
23. Joe Petty0
24. Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing)0
25. Carl Zeschner (CVC RACING)0
26. Derek Ferguson (
27. Doug Merrick (comox valley cycle club)0
28. Ben Cowburn (Escape Velocity/dEVo)0
29. Roman Kralovic0
30. Phil Hesse (Fresh Air Experience)0
31. Kenny Thatcher0
32. Gavin Day0
33. Darrin Grund (Team Coastal Cycling)0
34. Bryan Gallant (Escape Velocity)0
35. Jeff Ker0
36. Chris Gullett0
37. Mac Mcdell (Wedgewood)0
38. David Kosick (Escape Velocity)0
39. Ray Lachance (Glotman Simpson)0
40. Thomas Pickett (Glotman Simpson)0
41. Antony Winter (Oak Bay Bicycles - Wheelers Cycling)0
42. Zachary Young (Team Aviawest)0
DNF. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders)
DNF. Chris Mckillican (Kelowna Cycle)
DNF. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Colin Campbell (Escape Velocity/dEVo)
DNF. Ted Martin (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Andrew Peters (Escape Velocity)
DNF. David Broemeling (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Zwane Mwaikambo


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