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December 8/08 10:53 am - Team Ontario for 2009

Posted by Editoress on 12/8/08

Team Ontario 2009
Courtesy OCA

The OCA is pleased to announce Team Ontario for 2009 season

Team Ontario Carded Quest for Gold
Derek Zandstra
Adam Morka
Bryson Bowers
Dave Vukets
Andrew Watson
Joe Veloce
Devon Novakowski
Emily Batty
Amelia Walsh
Lisa Perlmutter
Krista Ruby
Heather Logan
Denise Ramsden

Team Ontario Carded 08/09

Amelia Walsh (Junior)
Andrew Harper (Senior)
Chance Herrington (Cadet)
Corey Walsh (Cadet)
Hunter Foster (Cadet)
Jayson MacKinnon (Cadet)
Kyle Lourensson (Cadet)
Kyle Pearson (Junior)

Rob Fraser (Junior)
Justin Brown (Senior)
Taylor Rowlands (Junior)

Ashley Barson (Junior)
Chris Everist (Junior)
Kaitlin Michener (Espoir)
Kyle Douglas (Espoir)
Mikaela Kofman (Espoir)
Ryan Atkins (Espoir)
Tyson Wagler (Junior)
Zach Hughes (Junior)
Mitchell Bailey (Cadet)

Matteo Dal-cin (Junior)
Matthew Gallo (Cadet)
Steven Noble (Cadet)
Ryan Aitcheson (Junior)
Buck Miller (Senior)
Katie Spittlehouse (Junior)
Laura Bietola (Cadet)

Stephanie Bester (Junior)
Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Cadet)
Allan Leparskas (Junior)

Team Ontario Non-Carded 08/09
Charlotte Batty (Junior - MTB-XC)
Trevor Damen (Junior - Road)
Andrew Lattimore (Junior - Road)
Matt Zdriluk (Senior - MTB-DH)
Andrew Gotuaco (Junior - MTB-DH)
Kevin Massicotte (Junior - Road)
Jacob McClelland (Espoir - MTB-XC)
Sarah Coney (Espoir - Road)
Cam Jette (Espoir - MTB-XC)
Evan Mundy (Espoir - Road)
Jamie Riggs (Espoir - Road)
Ryan Crawford (Espoir - Track)
Steve Meyer (Espoir - Track)
Kyle Fry (Espoir - Road)


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