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December 8/08 11:40 am - Cycling BC News

Posted by Editoress on 12/8/08

Cycling BC News
Courtesy Cycling BC

Cycling BC DH Team Call for Riders

The Downhill Provincial Team will hold its first Training Camp on December 20th-21st, in Squamish. Cycling BC is looking for Junior Downhill riders who aspire to be part of the Provincial Team for 2009. Dave Hord has been appointed as Team Manager for the 2009 Season and will be running a Winter Training Camp December 20 /21 in Squamish.

Please reply to
if you are interested.

Numbers will determine exact place & time. Please respond as soon as possible - deadline being December 9th. Please include Name / Age / Riding Category for 2009 / Top 5 finishes in 2008.

ALL contact information (Email, phone #, address & parent's names & contact information) AND YOUR AVAILABILITY THAT WEEKEND.

Annual Awards Dinner - A 'Sold Out' Success!
The Cycling BC Annual Awards for 2008 represented, in microcosm, the resurgence of this organization. There were so many awards to be presented, the evening had to be divided into two portions with the junior awards being held in a casual atmosphere where the smells of pizza intermingled with the excited cries of foosball players. There was nothing casual, however, about the number and quality of awards presented.

Awards for the older riders and those for annual achievement were presented following a more formal sit down dinner. A dinner for which extra tables had to be added and was still oversubscribed by eighty people. This, in two years, from the organization who had had to cancel their awards ceremonies for lack of attendance. Every discip line was well represented not only by riders, but also by their coaches, family, friends, supporters and clubs.

It was fitting, therefore, that some of the award recipients were staff members and long time organization stalwarts themselves. It was indicative of the loyalty that has been developed that the applause for staff reached the point of a 'Standing O' for Richard Wooles when he was named Coach of the Year. This high level of appreciation was first shown when the riders and staff present in Beijing took the stage. The sight was inspirational as, with so many young up-and-coming riders in the room, the atmosphere became charged with a sense of purpose, desire and admiration. The scene was reflected when National and Canada Cup Champions were gathered on stage for a group shot. They presented a powerful visual image of red and white clad youth with their eyes looking far beyond the lens of the camera to focus on the future.

The venue, the BC Sports Hall of Fame, could not have been more fitting. Not only were two Cycling BC Riders' pictures hanging on the wall honouring the recipients of the 2008 Premier's Awards, but also there were avowals made to see a cycling specific area. This will happen. Cycling will continue to grow, prosper and amaze the world from western Canada. It was perfectly clear on the night of Saturday, November 15th - BC is back. Big-time.

BMX Testing Camp a Hit!

On Saturday November 15th, Team BC held their first training camp on the 2009 season. The athletes gathered at the indoor track at 8am on Saturday morning for an intense camp filled with testing, gates starts and whistle sprints. The camp started with a warm up, gates and testing. Each athlete did 2 vertical jump tests, two 25-meter sprints and two 50-meter sprints. The athletes will be tested with these same tests throughout the 2009 season to monitor their performance increases. The camp ende d with full lap whistle sprints and some tired athletes.

In 2009 we are building on the groundwork our program has made in the past three years. Our focus is changing to create testing protocols to help measure athlete improvement and training focus to improve power and speed. In 2009 our program will have more emphasis on testing and training and less emphasis on team projects. Our program will also be testing the youth and junior teams to help us gauge the level of upcoming talent.

Cycling BC Coaches Conference a Great Success

Cycling B.C. was the host of the first annual Cycling B.C. Coaches Conference on November 22nd. The conference brought coaches from across the province and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Saturday's conference was an excellent example of how great things happen when coaches communicate!

The BC cycling coaching community, represented by 30 coaches in the session, are now linked together by their acknowledged vision of creating athletic excellence within the province of British Columbia. Best of luck to you and the coaches in maintaining this momentum on the road to 2012, and beyond.

Kurt Innes


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