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February 22/09 10:30 am - Valley of the Sun Stage Race final GC

Posted by Editoress on 02/22/09

Valley of the Sun Stage Race February 13/14/15, Phoenix, AZ

Final GC after 3 stages

Pro 1/2 Women
1 Amanda Miller (USA) Team Lip Smacker3:49:10
2 Moriah MacGregor (Can) Team BCat 0:41
3 Melissa Mcwhirter (USA) Veloforma/Zym0:54
4 Heather Sborz (USA) Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus1:02
5 Briana Kovac (USA) Team Revolution1:18
6 Catherine Dickson (USA) Metro Phx Bank/LifeLock/Tribe1:25
7 Shannon Koch (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team1:34
8 Coleen Knutson (USA) Colavita Vegas/Wicked Cycling1:49
9 Robin Secrist (USA) Veloforma/Zym2:01
10 Becka Hartkop (USA) Veloforma/Zym2:03
11 Whitney Schultz (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team2:08
12 Spring Clegg (USA) Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus2:22
13 Chloe Forsman (USA) Ind2:37
14 Ashley Anderson (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team3:07
15 Ashley Dymond (USA) Proman Hit Squad3:11
16 Leah Guloien (Can) Team BC3:13
17 Christina Smith (USA) Veloforma/Zym3:17
18 Beatriz Rodriguez (USA) SC Velo3:26
19 Daniela Gandara (USA) Ten Speed Drive/BH Bicycles3:33
20 Ruth Clemence (USA) Simple Green3:35
21 Sarah Stewart (Can) Team BC3:46
22 Maria Monica (USA) Touchstone Climbing Cycling3:47
23 Kirsten Kotval (USA) Park City Iron Man3:55
24 Jenny Trew (Can) Team BC4:13
25 Tamara Bessette (USA) Northern Rockies Cylcing Team4:33
26 kelsey Withrow (USA) Team Kenda4:38
27 Morgan Kapp (USA) Ind4:38
28 Tracey Jacobs (USA) GS Boulder4:44
29 Evelyn Stevens (USA) CRCA/Radical Media5:17
30 Linsey Bradshaw-Sandoval (USA) DFT p/b Treads5:19
31 Andrea Wilson (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team5:22
32 Cara Gillis (Can) Touchstone Climbing Cycling5:23
33 Neva Day (USA) South Bay Wheelman5:37
34 Miranda Moon (USA) Veloforma/Zym6:10
35 Erica Zaveta (USA) University of Arizona6:42
36 Shantelle Pierce (USA) DFT p/b Treads6:54
37 Chris Roettger (USA) Team Revolution7:14
38 Courtney Albert (Can) Landis/Trek7:15
39 Lisa Dorian (Can) Mighty Riders7:29
40 Carrie Cash (USA) Team Revolution8:14
41 Lisa Tumminello (USA) ColoBikeLaw.com8:53
42 Susan Peithman (USA) Veloforma/Zym8:56
43 Sabrina Savage (USA) Veloforma/Zym9:16
44 Louise Turner (USA) Team Revolution11:12
45 Chloe Black (USA) Landis/Trek14:19
46 Kelli Jones (USA) South Bay Wheelman16:58
47 Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Can) Team BC17:17
48 Katie Weber (USA) Team Revolution21:10
49 Maggie Williams (USA) Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus28:20
50 Sue Stokes (USA) ColoBikeLaw.com28:32
Pro/1 Men
1 Jonathan Chodroff (USA) OUCH p/b Maxxis1:39:26
2 Ben Kneller (USA) Ciclismo Racingat 0:45
3 Graham Howard (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling0:58
4 Roman Kilun (USA) OUCH p/b Maxxis1:08
5 Ronald Jensen (USA) RideClean1:09
6 Carter Jones (USA) Team Waste Management1:18
7 Shawn Rosenthal (USA) ZteaM1:20
8 Scott Tietzel (USA) DLP Pro Cycling Team1:21
9 Michael Mathis (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling Team1:23
10 Daniel Zmolik (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling Team1:29
11 Stevie Cullinan (USA) Team Waste Management1:37
12 Kevin Soler (USA) Team Waste Management1:41
13 Bobby Lea (USA) OUCH p/b Maxxis1:42
14 Jose Garcia (USA) Rock Racing1:44
15 Peter Salon (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin1:45
16 Emiliano Jordan (USA) Ten Speed Drive/BH Bicycles2:05
17 Nate Page (USA) Mi Duole/Barbacoa2:06
18 Brian Forbes (USA) RideClean2:07
19 Randy Reichardt (USA) Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies2:07
20 Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling2:08
21 Corey Collier (USA) Ind2:08
22 Joshua Bartlett (USA) Land Rover-Orbea2:19
23 David Salomon (GBr) P&S-Specialized2:19
24 Christian Helmig (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team2:25
25 Zachary Allison (USA) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Elite2:33
26 Matt Landen (USA) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy2:36
27 Sean Mazich (USA) Team Waste Management2:37
28 Manuel Serrano (GBr) P&S-Specialized2:40
29 Philipp Sohn (USA) Regio Team SF/UC Irvine Cycling2:58
30 Peter Horn (USA) JBCA/Cycling Center3:00
31 Larry Warbasse (USA) Team Waste Management3:02
32 Nick Schreiber (USA) Landis/Trek3:03
33 Scott Stewart (USA) Team Waste Management3:03
34 Morgan Schmitt (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling3:10
35 Danny Finneran (USA) Rock Racing3:11
36 Nick Friesen (Can) GS Mengoni3:11
37 Bennet van der Genugten (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy3:13
38 Paul Thomas (USA) RideClean3:13
39 Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team3:13
40 Allen Krughoff (USA) Team Rio Grande3:28
41 Taylor Sheldon (USA) Felt-Holowesko Partners-Garmin3:36
42 Jonathan Parrish (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy3:36
43 Tommy Nelson (USA) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy3:47
44 John Loehner (USA) CRCA/Empire Cycling Team3:53
45 Rudy Napolitano (USA) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy3:54
46 Peter Carey (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team4:04
47 Eugene Boronow (USA) GS Mengoni4:10
48 Edgardo Lugo (GBr) P&S-Specialized4:25
49 Benjamin Baumgartner (USA) Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team4:42
50 Eric Marcotte (USA) Bicycle Haus Racing4:44
51 Jaime Gandara (USA) Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy4:45
52 Matt Cooke (USA) RideClean4:46
53 Tim Carolan (USA) Landis/Trek4:47
54 David Talbott (USA) Team Waste Management5:09
55 Michael Van Eerd (USA) NOW MS / VRC5:16
56 Adam Carr (USA) Ten Speed Drive/BH Bicycles5:20
57 Denny Vaughn (USA) Landis/Trek5:33
58 Gunn-Wilkinson (USA) Team DARE5:37
59 Martin Adamczyk (USA) SoCalCycling.com5:41
60 David Glick (USA) RideClean5:45
61 Jared Gilyard (USA) RideClean6:19
62 Sheldon Deeny (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling6:25
63 Brian Lemke (USA) Landis/Trek7:10
64 J. Alain Ferry (USA) Psyclone Sports7:17
65 Juan Pablo Villela (GBr) American Beef7:35
66 Charles Bryer (Can) Independent7:36
67 Carlos Gabriel Cano (GBr) American Beef8:11
68 Ryan O'Connor (USA) Carlos OBriens Racing8:37
69 Dave Reid (USA) Landis/Trek8:56
70 Abraham Taylor (USA) Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy9:13
71 Ryohei Komori (USA) Trek-LiveSTRONG U2311:08
72 Erick Bazan (GBr) P&S-Specialized11:44
73 Austin King (USA) Team Waste Management12:39
74 Logan Loader (USA) Ind15:24
75 Joshua Carter (USA) ABD Cycling Team15:54


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