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July 4/99 10:49 am - Ontario Provincial Criterium Championships

Posted by Editoress on 07/4/99

Ontario Provincial Criterium Championships - Sudbury Ontario July 4

1. Peter Sanowar Sudbury Cycling Club
2. Chris Reid Mississauga Cycling Club
3. Joel Zylberberg Sudbury Cycling Club

1. Julia Farrell (Sen) Rip N' Hammer
2. Amy Jarvis Intersports
3. Julia Bradley (Sen2) Up Your Bike
4. Sophie Radecki (Sen2) Rip N' Hammer
5. Allyson Fox (Sen2) Rip N' Hammer
6. Ann Turpin (Sen3) Up Your Bike
7. Maogosha Pyjor (Sen3) Up Your Bike
8. Daniela Ruscio (Jr) Brampton Cycling Club
DNS Stephanie Tarlton (Jr) Ontario MTB Team

1. Reid Carter (B) Thunder Bay Cycling Club
2. Frank Battaillon (B) Sudbury Cycling Club
3. Rob Cheskey Hamilton
4. Ulf B. Kleppe (B) Sudbury Cycling Club
5. Ben Baldassarro Sault Cycling Club
DNF Allan Stolaryk (B) Zoom Velo

Senior 3
1. Paul Carter Festival City Club
2. Mark Toy Kiro
3. Christopher Paton Mississauga Bicycle Club
4. Brendan Duff Sudbury Cycling Club
5. Dan Bartoli Sudbury Cycling Club
6. Kerry Abols Sudbury Cycling Club
7. Travis Brown Silent Sports
8. Adrian Gedye Sudbury Cycling Club
9. Lee Fraser Kingston Velo
10. Jim Kuz Kiro
11. Neil Sauve North Bay Cycling Club
12. Mika Jyuhla Sault Cycling Club
13. Neil Cornett Independent
14. Anthony Bucci Pavan Cycle
DNF Robert Lopatka Independent

Senior 1/2
1. Craig deVeer Sarnia
2. Matt Hansen Jet Fuel/Vitasoy
3. Kevin Speacht Kiro
4. Bruce Davidson Maple Leaf CC
5. Nat Faulkner Jet Fuel/Vitasoy
6. Michael Moore Mississauga Cycling Club
7. Michael Ybanez Mississauga Voltic Club
8. James Wadden Kiro
9. Paul Rego Saeco Canada
10. Jeff Hansen Ital Pasta
11. Daniel Maggiacomo Jet Fuel/Vitasoy
12. Greg Reain Trek
13. Piers Davidge Mississauga Cycling Club
14. Rob Rice Independent
15. Sean Kelly Jet Fuel/Vitasoy
16. Paul Hornak Mississauga Voltic Club
17. Kevin Lehman Kiro
18. Rino Lapiccirella Independent
19. Dean Peddle NARC
DNF Malcolm Munrow Kiro
DNF Derek Beier Independent
DNF Chris Hansen KHS Bicycles


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