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May 26/09 12:03 pm - Critrium du Centre Pre Sablon

Posted by Editoress on 05/26/09

Parc Laurier, Montréal QC, May 24th

Senior Women (60 min)
1 Karol- Ann Canuel (Specialized-Mazda-Samson) 58:37
2 Lucie Poulin (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles) at s.t.
3 Veronique Labonte (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles) 0:16
4 Shanie Bergeron (Team Ultralink) 0:25
5 Joanie Caron (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles)
6 Laurie- Anne Dupont- Renaud (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle)
7 Lex Albrecht (Le Yéti)
8 Mathilde Hupin- Debeurme (Specialized-Mazda-Samson)
9 Catherine Bovet (Cycle Patrick)
10 Ariane Patenaude (Indépendant-RP) all s.t.
11 Valerie Crete (Guru) 0:28
12 Clemence Trudel (Sherbrooke (club cycliste))
13 Allison Lampi (Indépendant-RP)
14 Veronique Bilodeau (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles) all s.t.
15 Catherine Couture (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles) 1:00
16 Erin Dawn Redl (Indépendant-RP) 1:05
17 Audrey Sarrazin (Le Yéti) 2:28
18 Catherine Naulleau ( 11:05
DNF Emilie Ainsley- Perron (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles)
DNF Lynn Beaumont (Haut Richelieu Megavolt/Atac)
DNF Caitlin Friesen (Indépendant-RP)
DNF Marie- Laurence Leclair (Haut Richelieu Megavolt/Atac)
DNF Marie- Eve Mercier (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux)
Senior 1/2 Men (75min)
1 Stephane Cossette (Volkswagen-Specialized) 1:12:35
2 Martin Gilbert (Planet Energy)
3 Aroussen Laflamme (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy)
4 Charles Dionne (Fly V Australia)
5 Jean- Francois Laroche (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
6 Guillaume Boivin (Volkswagen-Specialized)
7 Stephen Keeping (Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized)
8 Nicholas Rowe (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
9 Ugo Lapierre (Novabrik)
10 William Goodfellow (Volkswagen-Specialized)
11 Thomas Devisscher (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
12 Olivier Savaria (Martin-Swiss Rio tinto) all s.t.
13 Marc Boudreau (Ride with Rendall) 0:04
14 Ryan Taylor (Land Rover)
15 Christian Deshaies (Volkswagen-Specialized)
16 Martin Rooseboom (Cycles Patrick)
17 Mathew Bell (Volkswagen-Specialized)
18 Alexi Richer (Le Yéti)
19 Dominic Cantin (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)
20 Benoit Lussier (Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized)
21 Benjamin Martel (
22 Sebastien Rousseau (Iris)
23 Jean- Michel Lachance (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
24 Marc Allard (Volkswagen-Specialized)
25 Joel Pelletier (Iris)
26 Mathieu Boudier- Reveret (Club Cycliste Gervais Rioux)
27 David Maltais (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
28 Matthew Guse (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
29 William Blackburn (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
30 #78
31 Philippe Leduc (Novabrik)
32 Thierry Laliberte (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
33 #24
34 David Boily (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
35 David Gruber (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss) all s.t.
36 Hugues Lapointe (Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized) 0:10
37 Carl Desroches (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss) 0:11
38 Kianoush Missaghi (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur) 0:13
39 Jean- Francois Racine (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy) 0:14
40 Luc Dionne (Novabrik)
41 Yann Deville (Novabrik) both s.t.
42 Oliver Harding-Sheath (Indépendant) 0:16
43 David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:17
44 Jonathan Wood (ERTC)
45 Charly Vives (Planet Energy)
46 Philippe Raymond (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss) all s.t.
47 Jean- Philippe Houle- Paradis (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 0:22
48 Jean- Sebastien Perron (Volkswagen-Specialized) 0:26
49 Charles B. Thibault (Bluberi-Martin Swiss-Specialized) 0:33
50 Ryan Beliveau (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) s.t.
51 Francois Chabot (Volkswagen-Specialized) 1:14
52 Jean- Sebastien Beland (Volkswagen-Specialized) 1:21
53 Andre Tremblay (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 1:30
DNF Eric Boily (Planet Energy)
DNF Jonathan Arseneault (Novabrik)
DNF Joel Dion- Poitras (Planet Energy)
DNF Mathieu Fleury (Iris)
DNF Maxime Joly- Smith (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
DNF Remi Pelletier- Roy (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)
DNF Antoine Stundner (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
DNF Edward Forest (Iris)
DNF Jean- Sebastien Maheu (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
DNF Jean-Philippe Marion (Rio Tinto- Martin Swiss)
DNF Yannick Bedard (Gaspésien)
DNF Frédéric Boivin (Indépendant)
Junior Men (60 min)
1 Antoine Duchesne (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 58:00
2 Pierre- Etienne Boivin (EVA-DEVINCI (Club)) at 2:00
3 Laurent Dallaire (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))
4 Raphael Masse- Viau (Pro Bike Pool Kuota)
5 Philippe Lacasse (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) all s.t.
6 Frederic Ouellet- Lacroix (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 2:06
7 Pierre-Yves Aubin (EVA-DEVINCI (Club))
DNF Pierre- Yves Aubin (VéloSelect)
DNF Yanik Fontaine (VéloSelect)
DNF Louis Leclerc (VéloSelect)

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