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June 8/09 18:38 pm - Second Ascent Ballard Twilight Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 06/8/09

Second Ascent Ballard Twilight Criterium, Presented by Second Ascent / Step Down Racing, June 6th in Ballard, WA

1/2/3 Women
1 Tela Crane (Hagens Berman Cycling)
2 Jadine Riley (Unattached)
3 Annette Williams (Unattached)
4 Amara Boursaw (Unattached)
5 Kimberley Turner (Seattle Pacific University)
6 Rhae-christie Shaw (Cycle U)
7 Judith Wexler (Team Group Health)
8 Kele Murdin (Garage)
9 Catherine Varland (
10 Liga Mezaraups (Starbucks Cycling- Women)
11 Sarah Laliberte (Westwood Cycle)
12 Liz Marzolf (Starbucks Cycling)
13 Mimy Bailey (Team Group Health)
14 Lee Smith (Team Group Health)
15 Heidi Blackie (Blue Rooster Cycling Team/the)
16 Kristina Bajema (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
17 Rachel Headley (Team Group Health)
18 Shannon Payne (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
19 Tamara Donnelly (Group Health)
20 Michele Conrad (Blue Rooster Cycling Team/the)
21 Heather Lang (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
22 Andrea Fisk (Velo Bella)
23 Mindy Ziffren-Hall (Sound Velo Cycling Club)
24 Lisa Picard (
25 #140
26 Christina Norwich (Asc Junior Development Associa)
DNF Gina Kavesh (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)

Pro/1/2 Men
1 Steven Beardsley (Unattached)
2 David Richter (Hsp)
3 Kenneth Williams (Unattached)
4 Ian Mensher (Unattached)
5 Grant Boursaw (Unattached)
6 Dave Rider (Alki Rubikon)
7 Aaron Levin (Unattached)
8 Cooper Lange (Hagens Berman)
9 James Stangeland (Unattached)
10 Galen Erickson (Gin Optics)
11 Michael Hainsworth (Kryki Sports)
12 Rory Mcadams (Unattached)
13 Ian Crane (Rad Racing NW)
14 Benjamin Swedberg (Unattached)
15 Patrick Stanko (Unattached)
16 Travis Venabb (Lenovo)
17 Jason Schniepp (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
18 Dakin Bell (Lenovo)
19 Scott Laliberte (Westwood/Cannondale)
20 Christopher Hill (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
21 Warren Atkey (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
22 Dustin Van Wyck (
23 Randy Bott (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
24 Brent Davis (Lenovo)
25 Andrew Martin (Unattached)
26 Brian Hall (Lenovo)
27 Joe Baratto (Unattached)
28 Dan Mensher (Gentle Lovers)
29 Jonathan Knight (Hagens Berman Cycling)
30 Ian Terry (Hagens Berman)
31 Bradley Marquardt (Lenovo)
32 Stephen Higgins (Lenovo)
33 Steve Fisher (Rad Racing NW)
34 Sam Johnson (Hagens Berman Cycling)
35 Benjamin Kaplan (Modus Demo Team)
36 Julian Base (Westwood/cannondale)
37 Alec Duxbury (Gin Optics)
38 Clark Rider (Alki/rubicon Racing)
39 Jiri Senkyrik (Second Ascent)
40 Jason Bethel (Garage Racing)
41 Colin Westbrook (Doppio Athletico)
42 Greg Miller (
43 Todd Herriott (Hsp)
44 Mike Hone (Unattached)
45 David Fleischhauer (Unattached)
46 Lang Reynolds (Hagens Berman Cycling)
47 Brian Virahlr (Lenovo)
48 John-christian Flack (Valley Athletic)
DNF Mark Hinman (Unattached)
DNF Brian Estocapio (Garage Racing)
DNF Joe King (Team Oregon)
DNF Colin Gibson (Lake Washington Velo)
DNF Gary Latdizatal (Bbc)
DNF Ben Chaddock (Westwood/cannondale)
DNF Patrick Stanko (Unattached)
DNF Brent Carlson (Team Steam)
DNF Kevin Hansen (Second Ascent)
DNF Christopher Daifuku (Hagens Berman Cycling)
DNF Damon Pettinger (Hagens Berman Cycling)
DNF Ross Sperd (Hagens Berman)
DNF Joseph Holmes (Unattached)
DNF Nicholas Clayville (Hagens Berman Cycling)
DNF Bryan Smith (Wines Of Washington)

Master A
1 Gary Brown (Benaroya Research Institute Cyling)
2 Todd Gallaher (Ava/counterbalance Bicycles)
3 Erik Anderson (Cbc Racing)
4 Larry Boyer (Seattle Super Squadra)
5 Chris Torgerson (Bri)
6 Doug Davis (Lenovo)
7 Rory Mcadams (Glotman Simpson)
8 Stephen Poulter (Emerald City Cycling Club)
9 Mark Young (Second Ascent)
10 Nikos Mills (Garage Racing)
11 Sean Curran (Second Ascent)
12 James Flynn (Old Town Bicycle Race Team (ot)
13 Harley Sheffield (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
14 Rollin Rogers (
15 Christopher Adolf (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
16 #141
17 Dickie Mallison (Mellow Johnies)
18 Max Kullaway (Hup United)
19 Joseph Thomas (First Rate Mortgage)
20 Landon Erickson (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
21 Will Fernyhough (Byrneinvent)
22 Bart Sanderson (Blue Rooster Cycling Team/the)
23 Dan Wynn (Novara)
24 Brian Fornez (Raliegh)
25 Jeffrey Goodwin (Lenovo)
26 Anthony Dickson (Second Ascent)
27 Michael Wasserman (Lenovo)
28 Brian Cole (Jet City Velo)
29 Ingy Dot Net (Wines)
30 Eric Davis (Lenovo)
31 Scott Petermeier (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
32 Joseph Ecker (First Rate Mortgage)
33 Jonah Oswin (First Rate Mortgage)
34 Brett Clothier-Sharman (Cucina Fresca Cycling Team)
35 Dave Stonich (Alki Rubicon)
36 Alastair Lockett (
37 Michael Burdo (Team Steam)
38 Jason Bethel (Garage Racing)
39 Mike Rogers (Union Bay Cycling/wines Of Wa)
40 Alex Shapecash (Unattached)
41 Wesley Pierce (Wines Of Washington / Bikesale)
42 Corrie Martin (
DNF John Dowell (Unattached)
DNF Marcus Nedelmann (Blue Rooster Cycling Team/the)
DNF Joe Baratto (Unattached)
DNF John Stambaugh (Alki/rubicon Racing)
DNF Jim Peot (Unattached)
DNF Larry Doll (Viking)
DNF Stephen Schauer (Edr)
DNF Bobbie Picardo (Unattached)
DNF Bernard Georges (Hup United)
DNF Bob Ludeman (Lenovo)
DNF Mark Hinman (Unattached)
DNF Matthew Bergerson (Seattle Super Squadra)
DNF Gordy Bolstad (Union Bay Cycling/wines Of Wa)
DNF David Burke (Recycled Cycles Racing)


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