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July 11/09 14:01 pm - MTB Nationals: Men's UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 07/11/09

The rain is (so far) holding off


Go to the PREVIEW for the course map and desciption


Lap 1



Elite Men - 41 starters

A mad dash through the start loop and Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team) has the lead as they head out for the 1st of 4 laps. Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing) is on his wheel followed by Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain), Seamus McGrath (Jamis / Oakley) and Max Plaxton (Specialized/Sho-Air/ Specialized)


U23 Men - 28 starters

They started 1 minute behind the elites. Jonathan Boucher (CVM Subway-Génétik) is in front of a long line of riders heading out at the end of the start loop. Raphaël Gagné (Team MAXXIS-Rocky Mountain Bicycles) sitting 3rd


Nearing the end of the 1st lap


Zandstra has attacked and has a small gap on 3 chasers:  Kabush, Plaxton, McGrath and Watson.  At 35 seconds is Matthew Hadley (XPREZO).


In the U23 race, Raphaël Gagné (Team MAXXIS-Rocky Mountain Bicycles) has worked his way up through most of the Elite field and is sitting ~ 12th overall. Cameron Jette (TREK STORE RACE TEAM) is the next U23 and he is 1 min down, followed by a group of 3 at another minute down: Ryan Atkins (Team Ontario - EMD Serono Specialized), Léni Trudel (Specialized) and Cody Canning (Team Alberta)


Lap 2



Elite Men

As they near the end of the 2nd lap, Zandstra is still leading with a small gap on 3 chasers:  Plaxton, Kabush and McGrath.  Watson in 5th at 35 seconds.  Hadley 6th at 2:30.


U23 Men

Gagne sitting 11th overall.  Next U23 is Ryan Atkins  followed by Cody Canning (Team Alberta) and they are over 2:30 back of Gagne


Half way through the 2nd lap.


Elite Men


Still same 4 at the front.  Plaxton and Kabush sitting on letting Zandstra do all the work.  McGrath seems to be labouring a bit on the climbs.  Watson has closed the gap.  ON provincial coach Mike Garrigan could be be heard earlier telling him to 'close it u'p and his gap to the leaders is now just 20 seconds.  At 2:30 is  Hadley who has been joined by Julien Fillion (Devinci).  At 3 min is a group of 3: Eric Batty (Trek Toronto), Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team) and Adam Morka (Trek Store Race Team/Team Ontario).  Raph Gagne has just attached himself to the back of this group


U23 Men


Gagne with Cameron Jette (TREK STORE RACE TEAM) at 3 min in 2nd,  with Ryan Atkins (Team Ontario - EMD Serono Specialized) and Cody Canning (Team Alberta) together at 4 min




Lap 4


Elite Men

Halfway through the 4th lap and the same 4 are still at the front.  Watson has closed the gap to 10 seconds



Lap 5 - last lap


Just before the start of the final lap, Plaxton attacked and took Zandstra with him.  Kabush is out of the saddle chasing.  McGrath is at 10 seconds.  Watson is still moving up and may soon catch McGrath.  Hadley now alone in 6th



2 km to go


Kabush has attacked.  Plaxton was temporarily caught behind a lapped rider but is now chasing.  Zandstra is at 30 seconds.. no sign of McGrath






Overall Men

1 Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)

2 Max Plaxton (Specialized/Sho-Air/ Specialized)

3 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)

4 Seamus McGrath (Jamis / Oakley)

5 Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team)


6 Matthew Hadley (XPREZO)

7 Raphaël Gagné (Team MAXXIS-Rocky Mountain Bicycles)*

8 Julien Fillion (Devinci)

9 Eric Batty (Trek Toronto)

10 Stefan Widmer (Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory Team)

11 Peter Glassford (Trek Store - Team Ontario)

12 Adam Morka (Trek Store Race Team/Team Ontario)








1 Raphaël Gagné (Team MAXXIS-Rocky Mountain Bicycles)

2 Cameron Jette (TREK STORE RACE TEAM)

3 Cody Canning (Team Alberta)

4 Ryan Atkins (Team Ontario - EMD Serono Specialized)

5 Léni Trudel (Specialized)



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