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July 22/09 1:25 am - Tour de l’Abitibi/Coupe des Nations: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/09

The First Stage Sees an Austrian Followed By Two Quebecois Val-d’Or

After having led a breakaway for almost 25 km at the start of the race, Austria would finally win the first stage of the Tour de l’Abitibi/Coupe des Nations 2009. A young Abitibi rider by the name of Pierrick Naud, however, challenged for the honors right to the finish line. In what can be qualified as a closely fought race, Austrian Marco Haller finished ahead of Pierrick Naud (Team Canada) and Mikael Bilodeau (Espoirs Saputo) in a time of 2 hours, 12 minutes and 28 seconds. Spectators were elated at the end of the 96.4 km stage from Preissac to Val-d’Or as four riders from the province of Quebec finished among the top ten.

Austrian Stephan Rabitsch captured everyone’s attention right from the start. The 128 riders had barely crossed the 4 km mark when Rabitsch took the lead. He had a 1 minute, 25 second lead over his compatriots after just 9 km. The exploit earned him the first ``Grand Prix de la Montagne.``

Exhausted by the effort, Rabitsch was quickly reeled in by the peloton before he could reach Highway 117. The rest of the race saw a few, short attempts by riders from different countries to break from the pack. Three teams led the peloton for most of the remaining race. Denmark, Canada and Austria took turns in the lead. A race that had unfolded without incident saw four riders crash as the peloton arrived in Val-d’Or. A second group of three riders also fell in the second lap of the urban circuit. Luckily, there were no major injuries.

The second stage of the Tour de l’Abitibi/Coupe des Nations 2009 will be held tomorrow. St-Mathieu-d’Harricana will be host to the start of the race, which will end in front of City Hall in Val-d’Or, 117 km later.

Report courtesy Tour de l’Abitib

Stage 1: Preissac toVal-d'Or, 94.6 km
1 Marco Haller (Aut) Austrian National Team 2:12:28
2 Pierrick Naud (Can) Team Canada
3 Mikael Bilodeau (Can) Espoir Saputo
4 Ty Magner (USA) Florida Vélo Developme
5 Jordan Brochu (Can) Équipe Québec
6 Juan Carmona (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp
7 Pierre-Étienne Boivin (Can) Équipe Québec
8 Ryan Eastman (USA) US National Team
9 Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Team Canada
10 Stuart Wight (Can) Team Canada
11 Laurent Dallaire (Can) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
12 Mark-Sehested Pedersen (Den) Danish National Team
13 Curtis Jung (Can) Western Canada Team
14 Nawuti Liphongyu (Tha) Thailand National Team
15 Charlie Avis (USA) US National Team
16 Joel Shaffer (USA) Western Regional
17 Raphael Massé-Viau (Can) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
18 Masaru Nakazato (Jpn) Japanese National Team
19 Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) Équipe Québec
20 Benjamin Swedberg (USA) US National Team
21 Yusei Noguchi (Jpn) Japanese National Team
22 Kyosuke Kasahara (Jpn) Japanese National Team
23 Christophe Riopel-Benoit (Can) Espoir Saputo
24 Alejandro Olivia Gomez (Mex) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
25 Andreas Hofer (Aut) Austrian National Team
26 Sam Loud (Can) Baraboo Sharks
27 Martin Weiss (Aut) Austrian National Team
28 Karl Steppan (Can) Eva Devinci
29 Ricky Gargiulo (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp
30 Jacob Arnold (USA) South Eastern Regional
31 Danny Heeley (USA) US National Team
32 Tanner Putt (USA) South Eastern Regional
33 Taylor Gunman (NZl) New Zealand (BikeNZ)
34 Thomson Remo (USA) Baraboo Sharks
35 Kevin Massicotte (Can) Team Canada
36 Frederic Poisson (Can) Équipe Québec
37 Zack Stein (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling
38 Kris Dahl (Can) Western Canada Team
39 Maxwell Burnell (USA) South Eastern Regional
40 Sam Lindsay (NZl) New Zealand (BikeNZ)
41 Andrew Barker (USA) US National Team
42 Christian Adel Kreutzfeldt (Den) Danish National Team
43 Nicolas-Amstrup Madsen (Den) Danish National Team
44 Anders Newbury (USA) Baraboo Sharks
45 Antoni Loignon (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault
46 Scott Mullaly (NZl) New Zealand (BikeNZ)
47 Zack Noonan (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp
48 Connor O'leary (USA) US National Team
49 Pelle Niklas Christensen Clapp (Den) Danish National Team
50 Antoine Duchesne (Can) Team Canada
51 Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Team Canada
52 Ian Moir (USA) South Eastern Regional
53 Thomas Hubbard (NZl) New Zealand (BikeNZ)
54 Simon Finucane (NZl) New Zealand (BikeNZ)
55 Andrew Lattimore (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault
56 Tony Wieczorek (USA) Mid-South Regional
57 Jean-Michel Naud (Can) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
58 Brandon Lach (USA) Pro Chain Cycling
59 Stephan Rabitsch (Aut) Austrian National Team
60 Jakarin Mulmanee (Tha) Thailand National Team
61 Eddie Grystar (USA) Mid-South Regional
62 Tucker Gerald (USA) Western Regional
63 Patrick Konrad (Aut) Austrian National Team
64 Andreas Freund (USA) Western Regional
65 Francis Desbiens (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault
66 William Fontaine (Can) Eva Devinci
67 Philippe Nadon (Can) Pro Bike Pool Kuota
68 Yasutaka Miura (Jpn) Japanese National Team
69 Sebastian Refsgaard (Den) Danish National Team
70 James Winter (Can) Western Canada Team
71 Jean-Simon Houle (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault
72 Christopher Bernard (Can) Espoir Saputo
73 Wesley Kline (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp
74 Zachary Taylor (Can) Western Canada Team
75 Pierrick Fiset (Can) Équipe Abitibi Sandoz Garneau
76 Stephen Liguori (USA) Western Regional
77 Kritsada Changpad (Tha) Thailand National Team
78 Matt Muney (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp
79 Jimmy Lapointe (Can) Équipe Abitibi Sandoz Garneau
80 Lukas Pöstlberger (Aut) Austrian National Team
81 Sarawut Sirironnachai (Tha) Thailand National Team all s.t.
82 Craig Creeden (USA) Florida Vélo Developme 0:14
83 Colton Barrett (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling 0:16
84 Sam Stone (USA) Baraboo Sharks
85 Brian Rizk (USA) Mid-South Regional
86 Andrew Hammond (USA) Mid-South Regional
87 Colter Young (Can) Western Canada Team
88 Samuel Bolster (USA) Western Regional
89 Ryan-Shaun Macdonald (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault
90 Tomohiro Kinoshita (Jpn) Japanese National Team
91 Jeff Tompkins (Can) Espoir Saputo
92 Xavier Perreault (Can) Équipe Abitibi Sandoz Garneau
93 Taylor Gaines (USA) Pro Chain Cycling
94 Jacob Bouchard (Can) Équipe Québec
95 Nathaniel Beams (USA) Pro Chain Cycling
96 St-Clair. Cory (USA) Pro Chain Cycling
97 Matt Pence (USA) Mid-South Regional all s.t.
98 Trevor Damen (Can) Pro Bike Pool Kuota 0:29
99 Michael Stone (USA) Florida Vélo Developme same as winner
100 Philippe Lacasse (Can) Équipe Québec 0:29
101 Hugo Barette (Can) Espoir Saputo 0:35
102 Aubrey Moore (USA) Florida Vélo Developme 0:50
103 Henry Willis Ii (USA) Florida Vélo Developme s.t.
104 Erik Dobberfuhl (USA) Baraboo Sharks 1:20
105 Rattapong Rueanmao (Tha) Thailand National Team 1:27
106 Robin Carpenter (USA) Mid-South Regional
107 Jean-Richard Cormier (Can) Garneau Club Chaussures Ogilvy Renault both same as winner
108 Marc-Acdré Bonneau (Can) Eva Devinci 2:08
109 Frederic Ouellet-Lacroix (Can) Eva Devinci
110 Michael Dalterio (Can) Espoir Saputo both s.t.
111 Edward Gurney (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling 2:28
112 Maxime Bilodeau (Can) Équipe Abitibi Sandoz Garneau 2:36
113 Trevor Dickenson (Can) Eva Devinci 2:50
114 Riley Burgoon (USA) Western Regional 2:52
115 Nattapop Sukkai (Tha) Thailand National Team s.t.
116 Wes Rhoads (USA) Pro Chain Cycling 3:01
117 Jimmy Carrico (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling s.t.
118 DION Jimmy Hansen (Den) Danish National Team 3:09
119 Sam Murdock (USA) Pro Chain Cycling 3:24
120 Thomas Desjardins (Can) Équipe Abitibi Sandoz Garneau 3:35
121 James Bird (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling s.t.
122 Pierre-Yves Aubin (Can) Eva Devinci 4:12
123 Michael Raynor (USA) South Eastern Regional
124 Lukas Harville (USA) Florida Vélo Developme both s.t.
125 Scott Rosenfield (USA) ISCorp Junior Cycling 5:20
126 Blake Mackay (Can) Western Canada Team 5:27
127 Jeffrey Alpert (USA) Young Medalists / Team Dual Temp 7:17
128 Spencer Oswald (USA) Baraboo Sharks 12:27


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