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August 10/09 9:16 am - TransRockies Stage 1: report, photos and results

Posted by Editoress on 08/10/09

Rocky Mountain Factory Team Riders Grab the Early Jerseys in the TR3 and TransRockies



The first stage of the TransRockies is always a little but different from the rest, the shorter distance, nervous adrenaline and fresh legs mean that the start and riding is much more aggressive than at any point during the rest of the week. By day two, when riders wake up with sore legs and a more realistic sense of their place in the pecking order of speed, the start is a little more orderly and most teams settle themselves down for one of the hardest weeks they'll ever spend on a bike.

Such was the case on Day 1 of the 2009 TransRockies, when riders from over 20 countries headed out on a ceremonial lap of Panorama Mountain Village before turning and heading straight up for a climb of 1300 metres to the high point of the week at roughly 2500 metres. The ascent averaged roughly 13 per cent for the 10km with sustained pitches as steep as 20 per cent.

At the start, TransRockies staff wondered if racers competing in the inaugural TR3 would change the dynamic of the event. With only three days to race, these riders could set a tempo which might not be sustainable for a whole week. The TR3 solo racers did exactly that, as Cory Wallace of Jasper set an early pace heading out of Panorama which no-one else could follow. Closest behind him were the second and third placed TR3 riders Colin Kerr (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) and Roddi Lega who were chasing with the leading TransRockies teams, Rocky Mountain Factory Team Stefan Widmer and Marty Lazarski and Team Amarante Bike Zone Onbike (Joao Marinho and Jose Silva)

After the epic climb, the riders traversed a high and exposed ridgeline with many short sharp climbs and steep descents. On the last of these, just before the major descent of the day, disaster struck. Wallace flatted on the sharp shale and couldn't repair the flat. First, Colin Kerr passed him, heading into the mega-steep avalanche chute and then Roddi Lega passed him as well-had a major endo and ended up taking a minute to dust himself off before starting again.

Misery loves company, though, as Widmer and Lazarski also suffered a flat at the same spot. With the flat fixed with help from passing riders, Wallace began the chase back to the front. Over the next 25km, he passed everyone except Kerr and as he neared the finish line, he got the Rocky Mountain rider in his sights. The two riders came to the line together with Kerr taking the sprint finish in 2:45:58 to win the first stage and the first leader's jersey. Lega rolled through the finish line in third place before the Rocky Mountain Factory Team riders arrived at K2 Ranch to win the first stage in the Open Men's category in 2:51:32 with the Team Amarante of Portugal less than a minute behind.

While the Open Men's category offered the tightest racing of the day, there was suffering and hard racing throughout every category. In the Open Women's category Team VeloBella/Vanderkitten (Erika Krumpelman and Shannon Holden) took first and in Open Mixed, Team Terrascape/Trek Toronto (Mical Dyck/Jeff Neilsen) grabbed the early leaders' jerseys.

After 2300 tough metres of climbing today riders face an even tougher physical test tomorrow on the run in from K2 Ranch to Nipika Mountain Resort. An extra 30 kn of riding and 500 metres of climbing add up to a leg crushing 72.2km/ 2835m in total
Report Courtesy Trans Rockies


Open Men
1 Colin Kerr (Can) 2:45:58
2 Cory Wallace (Can) at s.t.
3 Roddi Lega (Can) 0:03:17
4 Jonathon Firth (Can) 0:23:14
5 Steven Beeler (USA) 0:24:46
6 Garrett Ford (USA) 0:41:40
7 Jesse Mong (Can) 0:45:11
8 Matt Handford (Can) 0:52:37
9 Shane Munro (Can) 0:53:34
10 Yuri Lortscher (Can) 1:01:40
11 Andrew Dineen (Can) 1:02:10
12 Shaun Van Zyl (Can) 1:04:32
13 Ashley Brown (GBr) 1:05:46
14 Martin Schoenherr (Can) 1:08:17
15 Sean Tosh (Can) 1:09:34
16 Alejandro Quintero (Ven) 1:14:15
17 Jack Phillips (USA) 1:16:16
18 Kent Dyck (Can) 1:22:19
19 Donovan Thorkelson (Can) 1:28:45
20 Sylvain Gagnon (Can) 1:34:16
Open Women
1 Katharina Beeler (USA) 3:51:27
2 Carrie Edwards (USA) at 12:06
3 Lisa Ford (USA) 0:43:30
4 Bronwyn Richards (Can) 0:54:44
5 Corinne McKernan (Can) 0:55:59
6 Barbara Schmidt (Can) 1:41:41
7 Leanne Pidsadowski (Can) 1:41:41
8 Gabi Moeller (Can) 1:41:42
9 Juliana Aagaard (Bra) 2:28:12
10 Ghislaine Corbeil (Can) 2:29:59
11 Christine Banford (Can) 2:44:15
12 Lisa Grabas (Can) 3:08:53
13 Debbie Collins (Can) 3:09:31
Masters Men (40+)
1 Calvin Zaryski (Can) 3:04:53
2 Craig Bartlett (Can) at 2:17
3 Andy Aufschnaiter (Can) 0:07:53
4 Pete Eaton (Can) 0:33:43
5 Brad Tymchuk (Can) 0:36:36
6 Howie Hall (Can) 0:42:18
7 John Monk (Can) 0:45:16
8 Craig mclaren (Can) 0:53:40
9 Kelly Smith (USA) 0:58:35
10 Albie Malan (Can) 0:59:55
11 Dan Savage (Can) 1:00:04
12 Steve Swenson (Can) 1:08:33
13 Scott MacTavish (Can) 1:12:43
14 Lewis Juell (Can) 1:21:18
15 Steve Kutina (USA) 1:21:56
16 KIrk Chambers (Can) 1:22:35
17 Shawn Gibson (Can) 1:32:28
18 Brian Mueller (USA) 1:35:33
19 David Meban (Can) 1:35:58
20 Shayne Nixey (Can) 1:38:02

TR3 full results


Open Men's Team
1 Rocky Mtn Factory Team (Stefan Widmer/Marty Lazarski) 2:51:32
2 Team Amarante Bike Zone - Onbike (João Marinho/José Silva) at 0:58
3 (Ray Adams/Ryan Leech) 0:12:22
4 Bow Cycle / Specialized (Ryan Correy/Brian Bain) 0:31:08
5 Couloir Racing (Pierre Boivin/David Gauvreau) 0:35:39
6 Green Force - T2 (Tom Smets/Tom Luyten) 0:36:50
7 (Netzer Quan/Carlos Sanchez) 0:43:51
8 Born2bike Team (Pascal De Meulenaer/Ives Verbruggen) 0:47:52
9 Gears and Beers (Dean Etienne/Jeremy Trask) 0:49:09
10 Rye (Johan Erlandsson/Per Andreas Norseng) 0:54:33
11 Team Crowsnest Pass (Andrew Fairhurst/Jeff Smith) 0:56:30
12 Caribbean Motors Kia Puerto Rico (Javier Lopez/Luciano Sanchez) 0:56:41
13 The Fishermen (David Jones/Kurt Shanski) 0:59:27
14 Chemical Crew (Stuart Dewar/Robert Cameron) 1:07:55
15 Biking Skillz or Stapleford Billz (Ryan Leibel/Shane MacNaughton) 1:11:14
16 Team Hayland (Nicholas Ringwood/Philip Richmond) 1:11:52
17 Wrecsam Tri (Chris Smith/David Warren) 1:13:36
18 Tasmania (Ross Farrell/Trevor Innes) 1:16:16
19 DOA (Rob Russell/Matt Russell) 1:17:31
20 The Pom & Limey (Paul Cockshott/Bart Hallmark) 1:18:43
Open Women's Team
1 Velo Bella/ Vanderkitten (Erika Krumpelman/Shannon Holden) 4:05:10
2 Team Nipika (Magi Scallion/Kate Scallion) at 7:53
3 Sempre Amigas (Maria Garcia/Betania Roberto) 3:54:50
4 TEC2 (Giselle Weybrecht/Angelique Van Oort) 3:54:50
DNS Hilarious Rides Again (Christina Moon/Claire Thompson)
Open Mixed Team
1 Terrascape/Trek Toronto (Jeff Neilson/Mical Dyck) 3:19:38
2 Team Detrog-Granville Men (Xavier Vermeeren/Mieke Deroo) at 8:01
3 Steed Cycles (Dean Irvine/Alena Irvine) 0:15:10
4 Detroggranville 3 (Kristof Schoonbaert/Sofie De Wulf) 0:20:24
5 Swisslys (Rolf Reimann/Ingrid Hohermuth) 0:43:21
6 Bavarian Brits (David Randall/Victoria Randall) 1:10:29
7 TooBee (Thomas Schneeberger/Andrea Kyburz) 1:21:21
8 Ruote Quadre Tandem (Giuseppe Salerno/Milena Bettocchi) 1:43:31
9 Done Tri-ing (Chris Jeske/Chantal Requier) 1:44:44
10 Two Wide Fields (Simon Hirota/Christina Hirota) 1:48:19
80 + Mixed Team
1 Deadgoat Racing (Pat Doyle/Trish Grajczyk) 3:31:08
2 Team de Trog-Granville Mixed 1 (Freddy Compernolle/Lieve Durnez) at 38:49
3 Harland Hammers (Margo Downey/Craig Gillett) 0:51:19
4 Team Loupgarou (Tanya Martin/Ray Vermette) 1:35:50
5 Team Charek (Derek Higgins/Charmaine Lingard) 1:57:39

Full results


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