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August 31/09 9:49 am - Track Nationals Day 4

Posted by Editoress on 08/31/09

The 4th and final day of the Canadian Track Cycling Championships saw the women contest the scratch race, while the junior men competed in the Madison and Keirin, and the Elite men finished off the show with and exciting Madison and Sprint tournament.

The scratch race for the junior women was the last chance for these strong young women to win a national champion jersey and they all came ready to fight for it. In the end, it was Krista Ruby who sprinted to the line fastest, followed by Jasmine Glasser and Allison Beveridge. Since Glasser is not a Canadian Citizen, Veronique Drapeau-Zgoralski took home the bronze medal.

Tara Whitten was the favourite for the women’s scratch race and she used her speed to get away, but Laura Brown was with her and they took a lap on the field that had quickly split up. With one lap to go, Whitten was in the lead, but with 80 meters to go, Brown started sprinting to the line and coming around Whitten. In the end, it was half a bike length more that Brown needed to claim gold. The bronze medal went to Julia Bradley.

Scott Mulder had been itching all week to take home a National Champion Jersey and the junior men’s keirin was his last chance. Allan Leparskas and Boris Martin were also hungry for the gold and the sprint was an impressive show of speed and strength. In the end, Mulder took the gold followed very closely by Leparskas and Martin.

Boris Martin had a short break before partnering with Curtis Jung for the junior men’s Madison. The team was challenged by Kevin Thorpe and Ben Cowburn, and after 30 km and 7 sprints, the two teams were tied with 30 points. Thorpe and Cowburn took the win by winning the final sprint. Alex Cataford and Trevor Dickenson took the bronze.

Zach Bell partnered with junior rider Jacob Schwingboth for the elite men’s madison and impressed the crowd with his speed. The young rider gained a gap on the pack and the team lapped the field. The other teams were left battling for silver, which was won by Daniele Defranceschi and Mark MacDonald. Adam Thuss and Emile De Rosnay finished third.

All the results from the U17, Master, Junior, and Elite races will be posted on the CCA website by the end of the week.

Report Courtesy CCA

Junior Women's Scratch Race (7 km - 35 laps)
1 Krista Ruby (ON)
2 Jasmine Glasser (BC) *
3 Allison Beveridge (AB)
4 Véronique Drapeau-Zgoralski (QC)
5 Florence Laplante Lamarche (ON)
6 Frédérique Lord (QC) -1 lap
7 Emily Mckenzie-Picot (ON) -1 lap
8 Sarah Mckenzie-Picot (ON) -1 lap
*not eligible for a championship medal
Women's Scratch Race (10 km - 50 laps)
1 Tara Whitten (AB)
2 Laura Brown (BC)
3 Julia Bradley (ON) -1 lap
4 Rachel Canning (BC) -1 lap
5 Amy Biskaborn (ON) -2 laps
6 Sarah Laliberte (BC) -1 lap
7 Jennifer Gerth (BC) -2 laps
8 Monique Sullivan (AB) -2 laps
DNF Catherine Couture (QC)
DNS Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (QC)
DNS Stephanie Roorda (BC)
Junior Men's Keirin
Final 1-6
1 Scott Mulder (BC)
2 Allan Leparskas (ON)
3 Boris Martin (BC)
4 Hugo Barrette (QC)
5 Kris Dahl (AB)
6 Frédéric Poisson (QC)
Final 7-12
7 Keith Jones (BC)
8 Guillaume Charest (QC)
9 Mackenzie Carson (AB)
10 Colin Morewood (ON)
11 Brian Trafford (ON)
12 Ty Andrews (AB)
Men's Sprint
Race for Gold and Silver Race 1 Race 2
1 Travis Smith (AB) 11.587 11.813
2 Joseph Veloce (ON)
Race for Bronze
3 Stéphane Cossette (QC) 12.328 12.084
4 Jeff Bakal (AB)
Race for 5-8
5 Lawrence Leroux (QC) 12.576
6 Thomas Hums (ON)
7 Graeme Thomson (AB)
8 Rémi Pelletier-Roy (QC)


Junior Men's Madison (30 km - 150 laps)
1 Team Canada (Kevin Thorpe/Ben Cowburn) 30 pts
2 Team BC Blue (Boris Martin/Curtis Jung) 30
3 Team Ontario (Alex Cataford/Trevor Dickenson) 17 (-1 lap)
4 Team Alberta Plaid (Mackenzie Carson/Ty Andrews) 6 (-4 laps)
5 Team Alberta Blue (Graham Courtney/Kris Dahl) 5 (-6 laps)
Men's Madison (40 km - 200 laps)
1 Team Can Light Blue (Zach Bell/Jacob Schwingboth) 34 pts (1 lap)
2 Team Ontario Black (Daniele Defranceschi/Mark Macdonald) 28 0
3 Team Red (Emile De Rosnay/Adam Thuss) 18 0
4 Team Orange (David Boily/Ryan Aitcheson) 16 0
5 Team BC Gray (Scott Laliberte/Michael Rothengatter) 7 (-2 laps)
T6 Team BC Purple (Stephen Meyer/Vince De Jong) 3 (-2 laps)
T6 Team BC Green (Mike Sidic/Tim Sherstobitoff) 3 (-2 laps)


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