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December 1/09 18:18 pm - Canadians Favour Tough Doping Penalties

Posted by Editoress on 12/1/09

A survey of 1005 Canadians found that, overall, we are tough on athletes who are caught using performance enhancing drugs. Nanos Research conducted a random telephone poll across Canada, asking questions about what the penalty should be if an athlete is caught at the Olympics using PEDs. Fully one-third said that it should be a lifetime ban, with another third opting for a four year ban (ie, one Olympic cycle) and 26% wanted a one year ban. An insignificant 3% said there should be no penalty. Regionally, the West (particularly the Prairies) were toughest on dopers.

With respect to current usage of PEDs at the Olympics, 38% say there has been no drop in usage, 26% say that use is increasing and 20% say that it is decreasing.

Read the full report (PDF) at:


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