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August 10/02 12:24 pm - Canadian National Road Championships: Complete results for Master B, C, D men and Master women

Posted by Editoress on 08/10/02

Canadian National Road Championships
Courtesy organizers of 2002 championships
Complete results for Master B, C, D men and Master women's races held in Harrington on Friday August 9. The rest of the results from Friday should be available later today.

Master B - 81km
1. Caron, Alain (Sports Experts/Martin Swiss)2:00:14
2. Burge, Craig (West Que Wheelers)
3. Shaw, Mark (Midweek Cycling Club)
4. Borden, Gregory (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
5. Pyszczek, Marian (Seaco)
6. Sule, Robert (Chain Reaction)
7. Green, Brian (Trek Volkswagen Racing Team)
8. Brehn, Robert (Hamilton Cycling Club)
9. D'Agostino, Edward (Ziggy's Cycling Club)
10. Buckley, Tim (Newmarket Eagles CC)
11. Abbey, Garnett (Hamilton Cycling Club)
12. Farrar, Tim (Velo Voddo/RBM)
13. Adams, Sylvan (Sports Experts/Martin Swiss)
14. Bernier, Gervais (Medico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux)
15. Steer, Bob (L.C.W./Racer Sportif London)
16. Gubala, Raymond (Bicycles Plus)
17. Dermont, David (True North Cycles)
18. Copeland, Steve (L.C.W./Racer Sportif London)
19. Nicol, Brad (London Centennial Wheelers/Racer Sportif)
20. Smith, Wayne (Team Hardwood Hills)
21. Pepper, Fred (Hamilton Cycling Club)
22. Pierce, David (Newmarket Eagles CC)
23. Murphy, Johnathan (Halton Road and Trail)
24. Elzinga, Jim (Midweek Cycling Club)
25. Edwards, Gary (Fast Old Guys)
26. Lacoste, Pierre C. (Mdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux)
27. Wiseman, David (Independent)
28. Cubello, Fulvio (Newmarket Eagles CC)
30. Laird, Jim (Multi-Laser Racing)
31. Woolley, David (Hamilton Cycling Club)
32. Cheskey, Rob (Hamilton Cycling Club)
33. Ford, Chris (Waterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs)
34. Smolinski, Edward (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
35. Duncan, John (Independent)
36. Kiriakopoulos, Chris (Hamilton Cycling Club)
37. Campbell, Colin (Independent)
38. Perrin, Pierre (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
39. Garzon, Laurent (Sports Experts/Martin Swiss)
40. Gammon, Paul (Peterborough Racing Club)
41. Watson, David C (Velocity Cycling Club)
42. Doucet, Craig (L.C.W./Racer Sportif London)
43. Britnell, Dave (Hummingbirds Intl)
44. D'Agostino, David (Independent)
45. Dolson, Terry (Independent)
46. Frost, Tony (Independent)
47. Wolfe, Paul (Independent)
48. Polsinelli, Marc (Pavan/Lindenberg)
49. Laycock, Glen (The Buttery Bakery)
50. Gage, Andrew (Synergy)
51. Avann, Gord (Newmarket Eagles CC)all s.t.
52. Thompson, Alan (Independent)16:03
Master C - 54km
1. Squires, Charlie (L.C.W./Racer Sportif London)1:23:11
2. L'Ecuyer, Pierre (Medico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux)
3. Dornellas, Eon (D'Ornella's Racing Team)
4. Richard, Vincent (Ensure/Cycles Performance)
6. Kocemba, Jan (Independent)
7. Robert, Grard Louis (Mdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux)
8. Viney, Dave (Team Hardwood Hills)
9. Camacho, Bruce (D'Ornella's Racing Team)
10. Pinder, David (Brampton)
11. Cloutier, Pierre (Medico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux)
12. Cluett, Gary (Ziggy's Cycling Club)
13. Buckley, Bill (Independent)
14. Kings, Dennis (Hamilton CC)
15. Strahl, Grant (Newmarket Eagles CC)
16. Clarke, Gordon (Newmarket)
17. Desrochers, Desi (Hamilton Cycling Club)
18. Lee Shee, David (Independant)
19. Skinner, Paul (Bay Cycle Racing Canada)
20. Vanden Elzen, John (Newmarket Eagles CC)
21. Bessin, Gilbert (Cycles Bernard Hinault/Svetlana)
22. Marr, Douglas (Sudbury Cycle Club)all s.t.
Master D - 54km
1. Penman, Peter (Oakville CC)1:23:11
2. Hirsch, Gary (Pavan)
3. Parkinson, John (NCC)both s.t.
4. Wilson, Kenneth (Horizon 100/Cycledelia)5:29
Master Women - 54km
1. Perreault, Gaetane (IND)1:23:11
2. Vincze, Tracy (KHS)
3. Dodman, Nanci (Cervelo)
4. May, Diana (LCW)
5. Simonsen, Linda (MTN)
6. Kleppe, Sandra (Sudbury CC)21:52


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