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December 19/09 21:52 pm - La Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica - Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 12/19/09

Costa Rica's Esteban Castro gave his team Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez-Exeltec its very first victory in the history of La Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica. Castro won today’s fourth stage between La Fortuna of San Carlos, at the North of the country, and Liberia, the business capital of the North Pacific province of Guanacaste.

The Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez-Exeltec is the newest cycling club of Costa Rica, so this is its inaugural participation to the national road tour.

Esteban Castro, best known as “El Loco” (“The Crazy”), completed the 190.1 kilometre stage - the longest for this year’s event - with a time of 4:56:42, 21 seconds ahead of the main group. Second and third places went to Colombian Carlos Pulgarín and William Valencia (Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia).

The winner attacked out of the peloton with some 30 kilometres to go, after the group chased three riders who had participated in the longest breakaway of the tour to date. Local rider Luis Rojas (Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez.Exeltec), Eduardo Garita (Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue) and Hersson Jiménez (Plycem-JPS-Orbea) attacked early in the stage and gained an advantage of 11 minutes by the middle of the race, before being caught on the flattest section of the course.

The biggest surprise of the day was the decision of the Russian Team to abandon the race in protest for the disqualification of its sprinter Alexander Khatuntsev in yesterday’s stage.

Tomorrow stage covers140 kilometres between Liberia and Esparza.

Press release

Stage 3: La Fortuna to Liberia, 190.1 Km
1 Esteban Castro (CRc) Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez-Exeltec 4:56:42
2 Carlos Pulgarín (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia at 0:22
3 William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia
4 Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
5 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH
6 Fabricio Quirós (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
7 Jeroen Kers (Ned) Team Amsterdam
8 Steven Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
9 Gregory Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
10 Niels Lommers (Ned) Team Amsterdam
11 Federico Ramírez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
12 Juan Carlos Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
13 Mariano Herrera (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
14 Douglas Offer (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
15 Marconi Durán (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue all s.t.
36 Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 0:26
37 Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH
43 Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH both s.t.
50 Vincent Veilleuz (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 0:38
61 Cody Canning (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 1:07
1 Gregory Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS 12:27:35
2 Federico Ramírez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS at 0:01
3 Alexander Sánchez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS s.t.
4 Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 0:04
5 José Adrián Bonilla (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 0:05
6 Marconi Durán (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
7 Allan Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS both s.t.
8 Fabricio Quirós (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS 0:09
9 Janier Acevedo (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia 0:10
10 William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia 0:11
11 Juan Carlos Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea 0:14
12 Pablo Araya (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea 0:15
32 Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 3:09
49 Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 7:51
52 Vincent Veilleuz (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 14:34
54 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 17:04
59 Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 19:56
Points GC
1 Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 39 pts
2 Esteban Castro (CRc) Bufete Guzmán y älvarez-Exeltec 34
3 Douglas Offer (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 31
13 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 12
Best Climber GC
1 Jan Lof (Ned) Team Amsterdam 6
2 Giel Nijs (Ned) Team Amsterdam 6
3 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 4
U23 GC
1 Gregory Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS 12:27:35
2 Allan Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS at 0:05
3 Fabricio Quirós (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS 0:09
Sprint GC
1 Eduardo Garita (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 10 pts
2 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 9
3 Marco Guillén (CRc) Grupo ICE 9
Team GC
1 BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS (Costa Rica 36:57:51
2 Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue (Costa Rica at 0:04
3 Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia (Colombia 0:10


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