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February 9/10 17:25 pm - Vuelta a Cuba: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 02/9/10

Results from today's first stage in Cuba. Andrew Randell (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) was Canada's top finisher in 8th


Stage 1: Baracoa to Guantanamo, 153 km
1 Miguel Ubeto (Ven) Venezuelan National Team 3:43:50
2 Raul Grangel (Cub) Cuban National Team
3 Damian Martinez (Cub) Guantanamo
4 Wilmen Bravo (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri
5 Arnold Alcolea (Cub) Cuban National Team
6 Yans Carlos Arias (Cub) Universidad Del Depo
7 Jaime Castañeda (Col) Colombian National Team
8 Andrew Randell (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
9 Yasmany Martinez (Cub) Cuban National Team
10 Fredy Buergos (Cub) Cuban National Team
11 Luis Pulido (Mex) Mexican National Team
12 Alessandro De Marchi (Ita) Italian National Team
13 Paul Kneppers (Ned) Global Cycling
14 Jose Chacon (Ven) Venezuelan National Team
15 Jose Alarcon (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri
16 Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
17 Ruben Companioni (Cub) Universidad Del Depo
18 Juan Pablo Suarez (Col) Colombian National Team
19 Edwar S. Ortiz (Col) Colombian National Team
20 Francisco Colorado (Col) Colombian National Team
21 John Nava (Ven) Venezuelan National Team
22 Vicente Sanabria (Cub) Matanzas
23 Yennier Lopez (Cub) Cuban National Team
24 David Belda (Esp) Peugeot
25 Juan Murillo (Ven) Venezuelan National Team
26 Adonis Cardoso (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana
27 Reldis Perez (Cub) Universidad Del Depo
28 Rafael Arrate (Cub) C.T. Oriente
29 Pedro Ortuondo (Cub) Universidad Del Depo
30 Julian Muñoz (Col) Colombian National Team
31 Lisuandi Alonso (Cub) Villa Clara all s.t.
32 Adrian Ceballos (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos 0:12
33 Jorge Martinez (Col) Colombian National Team
34 Yoandry Freire (Cub) Sancti Spitirus both s.t.
35 Ruben Flores (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri A 1:14
36 Jose Mujica (Cub) Pinar Del Rio 5:36
37 Pedro Sibila (Cub) Universidad Del Depo A 6:11
38 Yenni Harman (Cub) Santiago De Cuba 6:11
39 Ismel Banzo (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana 6:11
40 Jose M. Rodriguez (Cub) Ciego De Avila 6:54
41 Agustin Martinez (Cub) Villa Clara
42 Jorge J. Rojas (Cub) Sancti Spitirus
43 Eliodis Griñan (Cub) C.T. Oriente
44 Felix Nodarse (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos
45 Rainer Vazquez (Cub) Matanzas
46 William Franco (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana
47 Angel Castillo (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
48 Yoel Solensal (Cub) Sancti Spitirus
49 Guillaume Boivin (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
50 Lizardo Benitez (Cub) Guantanamo
51 Keven Lacombe (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
52 Alvaro Torres (Ven) Venezuelan National Team
53 Alien Garcia (Cub) Cuban National Team
54 Darwins Urrea (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri A
55 Tim Nederlof (Ned) Global Cycling all s.t.
56 Ramon Martin (Cub) Universidad Del Depo A 8:46
57 Carlos Roldan (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos 10:40
58 Leinier Padilla (Cub) Guantanamo s.t.
59 Reinier Veloso (Cub) Sancti Spitirus 13:20
60 Ivan Martinez (Esp) Peugeot
61 Martin Gilbert (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
62 Alejandro Aluija (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos
63 Lemay Leon (Cub) Villa Clara
64 Geert Sijkshoorn (Ned) Global Cycling
65 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Peugeot all s.t.
66 Miguel Rodriguez (Cub) Camaguey 13:28
67 Reinier Gomez (Cub) Santiago De Cuba 14:24
68 Reinier Hernandez (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana 14:50
69 Jose A. Gonzalez (Cub) Santiago De Cuba 16:03
70 Yosvany Caceres (Cub) Sancti Spitirus 17:55
71 Polo Luis Masco (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri A
72 Yasmany Estupiñan (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos
73 Badr Bani Hammad (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team all s.t.
74 Maidel Rodriguez (Cub) Matanzas 18
75 Emilio Perez (Cub) Pinar Del Rio 18:09
76 Alain Gonzalez (Cub) Pinar Del Rio 18:24
77 Arnaldo Oramas (Cub) C.T. Oriente 18:46
78 Lazaro Valdes (Cub) Pinar Del Rio 18:48
79 Carlos E. Arias (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana
80 Abrahan Guerra (Cub) C.T. Oriente
81 Osmany Lobaina (Cub) Guantanamo
82 Rosendo Guilarte (Cub) C.T. Oriente
83 Jose A. Gonzalez (Cub) Sancti Spitirus all s.t.
84 Alfredo Hernandez (Cub) Matanzas 18:53
85 Juan R. Juarez (Mex) Mexican National Team 20:55
86 Elia Viviani (Ita) Italian National Team
87 Yariel De Leon (Cub) Matanzas
88 Yoel Mariño (Cub) Matanzas
89 Piero Baffi (Ita) Italian National Team
90 Dennis Luijt (Ned) Global Cycling
91 Florian Bodenschatz (Ger) Saxonia
92 Simon Lambert-Lemay (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
93 Sergio Casanova (Esp) Peugeot
94 Edgardo Lugo (Mex) Mexican National Team
95 Tino Scholz (Ger) Saxonia
96 Angel Rivas (Ven) Sumiglov-Gober. Meri A
97 Sascha Damrow (Ger) Saxonia
98 Luis A. Alfaro (Cub) C.T.Cienfuegos all s.t.
99 Jacob Fiedler (Ger) Saxonia 21:05
100 Joseba Leon (Esp) Peugeot s.t.
101 Alex Buttazzoni (Ita) Italian National Team 23:08
102 Jose A. Diez (Esp) Peugeot
103 Angelo Ciccone (Ita) Italian National Team both s.t.
104 Jose C. Peralta (Cub) Guantanamo 24:02
105 Riazan Fleitas (Cub) Ciego De Avila 28:52
106 Marlon Gonzalez (Cub) Ciego De Avila 29:24
107 Jorge Arevalos (Cub) Camaguey
108 Juan Basulto (Cub) Camaguey
109 Vladimir Fonseca (Cub) Villa Clara
110 Ulises Rodriguez (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
111 Miguel Montero (Cub) Guantanamo
112 Roger Rodriguez (Cub) Pinar Del Rio
113 Yunier Alvarez (Cub) Ciego De Avila
114 Edgar Morales (Mex) Mexican National Team
115 Ivan Carvajal (Mex) Mexican National Team
116 Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Global Cycling all s.t.
117 Ahmed Almansori (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team 29:28
118 Leandro Marcos (Cub) Ciudad De La Habana 30:59
119 Juan Alberteris (Cub) Camaguey 35:29
120 Yhosvani Hernandez (Cub) Villa Clara 36:25
121 Daniel Avila (Cub) Camaguey 48:51
122 Yasmany Argota (Cub) Ciego De Avila
123 Randy Hernandez (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
124 Adrian Mancebo (Cub) Santiago De Cuba
125 Luis Cardoso (Cub) Camaguey
126 Luca Pirini (Ita) Italian National Team
127 Khalid Albalcooshi (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team
128 Majid Albalooshi (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team all s.t.
129 Hernan Santiago (Pur) Global Cycling 53:45
130 Yousif Bani Hammad (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team 56:07
131 Mohamed Almurawwi (UAE) United Arab Emirates National Team s.t.


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