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August 29/99 10:25 am - G.P. Féminin International du Québec Stage 5

Posted by Editoress on 08/29/99

G.P. Féminin International du Québec

Stage 5 Brigham Time Trial - Bedford Road Circuit 107.2 km

1Lyne Bessette(Saturn)19:31
2Emily Robbins(Saturn)at 0:05
3Anne Samplonius(Canadian National)0:14
4Clara Hughes(Saturn)0:17
5Annie Gariepy(Elita)1:02
6Dede Demet(Saturn)1:17
7Andrea Radkovic(Timex)1:29
8Linda Jackson(Timex)1:31
9Cybil DiGuistini(Elita)1:33
10Melanie McQuaid(Canadian National)1:57
11Leigh Hobson(Canadian National)1:58
12Odessa Gunn(Timex)2:06
13Pamela Schuster(Timex)2:09
14Melanie Dorion(Elita)s.t.
15Marissa Van DeVelde(USA National-Bermuda)2:24
16Kim Langton(Elita)2:37
17Kerry Helmuth(Timex)2:45
18Melanie Claude(USA National-Bermuda)2:50
19Darnelle Moore(Canada-Peccos)2:57
20Fanny Jouvin(Groupe Corlet)s.t.
21Allyson Fox(Ontario)2:59
22Sophie Radecki(Ontario)3:00
23Julia Bradley(Ontario)3:01
24Lindsay Williams(USA National-Bermuda)3:04
25Ann Turrin(Ontario)3:05
26Julie Hutsebaut(Canadian National)3:17
27Melanie Nadeau(CC Vezar-Sugoi)3:28
28Sabine Gentieu(Groupe Corlet)3:34
29Julia Farell(Ontario)3:45
30Nadine Murtada(Canada-Peccos)3:47
31Sophie St Jacques(Elita)3:52
31Jessica Haddock(USA National-Bermuda)4:02
33Sarah Ulmer(Elita)4:15
34Myriam Derosiers(Canadian National)4:29
35Catherine Pouliot-Bernard(Canada-Peccos)4:38
36Natacha Tremblay(CC Vezar-Sugoi)4:45
Alison Warfel(USA National-Bermuda)out of limit


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