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June 11/10 8:18 am - CCA Explains Jeanson Decision

Posted by Editoress on 06/11/10

One June 9th we reported that the CCA has decided to identify results by former cyclist Genevieve Jeanson with an asterick (*), due to Jeanson's admitted use of performance enhancing drugs. [see Daily News - CCA Board Holds Semi-Annual Meeting].

We spoke with CCA Chief Executive Officer Greg Mathieu about the decision, and why the CCA decide to asterick results, rather than remove them.

"When the CCES determined that an anti-doping violation had taken place, it was due to a non-analytic finding; she admitted use during her career. So this means that the time [Jeanson] actually used [PEDs] was never pin-pointed. Jeanson did not make any specific event admittance."

"This left us in an impossible situation, a legal liability situation [if they removed results]. As a consequence, we can only say that she admitted to doping, but cannot withdraw or annul results. It was a very difficult issue that the Board had to deal with."


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