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June 22/10 11:07 am - Junior Pan American Track Championships: Full Day 2 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 06/22/10

Canadian Juniors Continue to Win at Pan Ams

The Canadian team attending the 2010 Junior Pan-American Championships had yet another good day on the track in Mexico City, grabbing medals in two events.

In the Ladies Team Sprint, the duo comprised of Allison Beveridge (Calgary, AB) and Florence Laplante-Lamarche (Ottawa, ON) sprinted to a silver medal performance, stopping the clock at 36.658, just 0.01 of a second behind the Mexican team.

Beveridge, Laplante-Lamarche and their teammate Audrey Labrie (Prévost, QC) took home Canada's second medal of the day, this time in the Ladies Team Pursuit, posting a time of 3 minutes 52 seconds. The Mexican team dominated the event to win the gold with a time of 3 minutes 37.139 seconds.

"Despite the lack of practice, we managed to qualify for the finals in second place.  We made some technical improvement for the final but, in general, the feedback was positive," said Laplante-Lamarche after the second day of competition. "The challenge was to stay together, especially since the time of the third person is the one that counts, and that we managed to accomplish."

Alex Cataford (Ottawa, ON), who won a silver medal in yesterday's Points race, finished fourth in the Men's Individual Pursuit, stopping the clock at 3 minutes 26.942 seconds in the bronze medal final.  Both he and his teammate Patrick McGinley (Oakville, ON), who finished 12th, rode personal bests in the race, showing continuing improvement.

In the exciting Keirin race, which can look like a roller derby, Scott Mulder (Vancouver, BC) dominated the first two rounds to make the finals, but was boxed in by the Mexican and Trinidad Tobago riders for the medal round.  Mulder attempted a pass but, in the process he clipped a wheel, causing him to lose control and fall hard on the track.  As a result of the crash, Mulder will not be racing the 1000 metre time trial today, but will focus on the sprint competition to follow.

In the repechage round of the Keirin, Daniel Mackenzie-Picot (London, ON) missed his qualification to the finals by a mere two inches.

The 2010 Junior Pan-American Championships continue today in Mexico City, with Labrie in the sprints, Beveridge and Laplante-Lamarche in the Scratch, and Kristofer Ovsenek (London, ON) and McKenzie-Picot in the 1000 metre time trial.

Courtesy CCA



Full results from Day 2 at the Junior Pan American Track Championships at the Velodromo del Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento CNAR, Mexico


Men's Individual Pursuit 3000 m
1 Edibaldo Maldonado (Mexico) 3:24.650
2 Facundo Lezica (Argentina) 3:25.914
3 Ali Pereira (Venezuela) 3:27.694
4 Alex Cataford (Canada) 3:28.255
5 Maharajh Varun (Trinidad & Tobago) 3:31.681
6 Braian Xavier Fenochio (Argentina) 3:33.180
7 Sergio Escutia (Mexico) 3:35.783
8 Christian Quicibal (Guatemala) 3:36.334
9 Cristian Farias (Chile) 3:39.988
10 Romeo Quicibal (Guatemala) 3:40.939
11 Fabian Novoa (Chile) 3:41.384
12 Patrick Mcginley (Canada) 3:42.622
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Facundo Lezica (Argentina) 3:23.441
2 Edibaldo Maldonado (Mexico) 3:25.135
Ride for Bronze
3 Ali Pereira (Venezuela) 3:26.535
4 Alex Cataford (Canada) 3:26.942
Mens Keirin
Round 1
Heat 1
1 Mauricio Quiroga (Argentina)
2 David Alejandro Hernandez (Mexico)
3 Renaldo Carrington (Barbados)
4 Luis Velazquez (Chile)
5 Julio Padilla (Guatemala)
Heat 2
1 Alexander Qunicy (Trinidad & Tobago)
2 Ever Gudiel (Guatemala)
3 Jonathan Matias Gatto (Argentina)
4 Cristobal Genova (Chile)
5 Daniel Mckenzie-Picot (Canada)
Heat 3
1 Scott Mulder (Canada)
2 Browne Kwesi (Trinidad & Tobago)
3 Willis Duque (Venezuela)
4 Javier Alvarado (Costa Rica)
5 Abel Salazar (Mexico)
6 Javed Mounter (Barbados)
Heat 1
1 Renaldo Carrington (Barbados)
2 Javed Mounter (Barbados)
3 Javier Alvarado (Costa Rica)
4 Julio Padilla (Guatemala)
5 Cristobal Genova (Chile)
Heat 2
1 Willis Duque (Venezuela)
2 Abel Salazar (Mexico)
3 Jonathan Matias Gatto (Argentina)
4 Daniel Mckenzie-Picot (Canada)
5 Luis Velazquez (Chile)
Heat 1
1 Mauricio Quiroga (Argentina)
2 Browne Kwesi (Trinidad & Tobago)
3 Renaldo Carrington (Barbados)
4 Abel Salazar (Mexico)
5 Javier Alvarado (Costa Rica)
6 Ever Gudiel (Guatemala)
Heat 2
1 Scott Mulder (Canada)
2 David Alejandro Hernandez (Mexico)
3 Willis Duque (Venezuela)
4 Javed Mounter (Barbados)
5 Alexander Qunicy (Trinidad & Tobago)
REL Jonathan Matias Gatto (Argentina)
Women's Team Pursuit
1 Mexico (Ingrid Drexel/Greta Patricia Ibarra/Carolina Rodriguez) 3:40.914
2 Canada (Allison Beveridge/Andrey Labrie/Florence Laplante-Laarche) 3:47.495
3 Chile (Denisse Ahumada/Flor Palma/Carla Vallejos) 3:48.224
4 Guatemala (Emelyn Galicia/Paula Guillen/Marvia Perez) 3:57.792
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Mexico (Ingrid Drexel/Greta Patricia Ibarra/Carolina Rodriguez) 3:37.139
2 Canada (Allison Beveridge/Andrey Labrie/Florence Laplante-Laarche) 3:52.000
Ride for Bronze
3 Chile (Denisse Ahumada/Flor Palma/Carla Vallejos)
4 Guatemala (Emelyn Galicia/Paula Guillen/Marvia Perez) caught
Women's Team Sprint
1 Mexico (Frany Maria Fong /Luz Daniela Gaxiola ) 35.772
2 Canada (Allison Beveridge /Florence Laplante-Laarche) 36.746
3 Venezuela (Zuralmy Rivas /Gleyolimar Tapias) 36.801
4 Chile (Ilonka Jara/Paz Vicencio) 36.949
5 Trinidad & Tobago (Francis Denese/Goodridge Jodi) 37.12
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Mexico (Frany Maria Fong /Luz Daniela Gaxiola) 35.648
2 Canada (Allison Beveridge /Florence Laplante-Laarche) 36.658
Ride for Bronze
3 Venezuela (Zuralmy Rivas/Rivas Zuralmy) 36.48
4 Chile (Ilonka Jara/Paz Vicencio) 37.031
Men's Scratch
1 Hiram Santiago Perez (Mexico)
2 Cristian Ojeda (Chile)
3 Aldo Zamora (Guatemala)
4 Felipe Peñalosa (Chile)
5 Fabrizio Von Nacher (Mexico) REL
DNF Alex Cataford (Canada)
DNF Javier Alvarado (Costa Rica)
DNF Patrick McGinley (Canada)
DNF Juan Ignacio Curuchet (Argentina)
DNF Isacc Yaguaro (Venezuela)
DNF Granja Manuel Diaz (Argentina)
DNF Adder Espinosa (Guatemala)
DNF Luis Diaz (Venezuela)
DNF Asthon Rudy (Trinidad & Tobago)
DNF Maharajh Varun (Trinidad & Tobago)


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