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December 29/10 8:39 am - Burnaby 4 Day: Day 2 report

Posted by Editoress on 12/29/10

Day 2 of the Burnaby 4 Day saw both Team Saputo (Dan Holloway and Colby Pearce), and Sarah Hammer (Ouch) extend their leads in the overall standings.


The women started off with an exotic event - the Antioquena.  This event has riders getting eliminated from the back of the race and gaining points at the front until there are only five riders left, at which point it becomes a five lap race with points for the winner.  Hammer took the early points as she set a high tempo at the front, and was joined for the final sprint by Tara Whitten (Velocity), Pascal Schnider (Switzerland), Jasmin Glaesser (Cycling BC) and Cari Higgins (Peanut Butter/2012).  Glaesser took the final sprint, but Hammer won the event.

Next, the women raced a 100 lap Points race, with sprints every 10 laps.  Whitten took an early lead, and then she and Schnider managed to match Hammer as the American took a lap of the field at the halfway mark.  This put Whitten solidly in the lead, and Hammer was beginning to have difficulty getting away from her.  Unfortunately, with less than 40 laps to go, Whitten was taken out in a crash when there was some jostling in the pack.

"I didn't even see who it was, I was on the ground pretty fast," explained Whitton.

While Whitten was getting her bike fixed, Hammer took another lap, putting her into the lead.  Schnider took the final sprint, to take second in the event, followed by Whitten.

For the final event of the evening, the women raced a 75 lap Scratch event.  After a slow start, Hammer, Whitten and Schnider started lapping the field; a few only once, but much of the field multiple times.  With two laps to go, former Keirin world champion Jennie Reid (Fanatik) attacked - despite being two laps down.  Whtten jumped across to her as Hammer and Schnider hesitated, and then came around to take her first victory.

"I was little worried at the start," revealed Whitten, "because I hadn't had a chance to cool down or warm up [while receiving medical attention] and was cramping a bit.  But they eased into the race, so I was able to get warmed up.  On this track it can be a good tactic to go in the last two laps, because it is hard to come around someone who keeps upping the tempo.  So, I was thinking of going myself when Jennie went."

Sarah Hammer now leads with 117 points to Tara Whitten's 97, followed by Pascal Schnider at 91 points.


For the men, it was Madison night, with four variations on the event taking place.  In the first short 60 lap event, Holloway and Jackie Simes (Hayman) crashed in the final third of the event.  Holloway and Pearce had been leading until that point, and had to settle for second behind James Carney and Jason Allen (Team R&B).  Zach Bell and Svein Tuft (Haywood) had some bad luck in the race, when Tuft flatted, forcing Bell to stay in for an extended period without relief.  They finished eighth.

The second Madison was a more traditional Madison.  Holloway/Pearce, Bell/Tuft, Allen/Carney and Dan Heeley/Ian Moir (Trainer Mic) all managed to take a lap on the remainder of the field, with Pearce and Holloway taking yet another victory, by one slim point over Bell and Tuft.

The third event of the evening consisted of a Madison-Elimination until only five teams remained, and at that point became a Madison-Scratch Race.  All of the top teams didn't make the final cut.  The BCIT team of Cam MacKinnon and Jacob Schwingboth outsprinted Colt Peterson/Kit Karzen (RTL) for the victory.

The fourth and final Madison of he evening was the longest, at 160 laps.  Tuft and Bell held the lead at the halfway mark and looked to be in a commanding position until the final three sprints, when both the Garmin duo of Christian Meier and Tyler Farrar, and the Pearce/Holloway pairing began scoring on them.  Garmin took their first win of the two days, finishing one point ahead of Pearce/Holloway, with Bell and Tuft in third.

Holloway and Pearce now have a commanding lead:  a lap ahead of Bell and Tuft.  Plus, they have 118 points to Bell/Tuft's 83.  In third, and the only other team on the same lap as Bell and Tuft, are the Trainer Mic squad of Ian Moir and Danny Heeley.


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