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November 21/99 2:45 am - Illawarra CC Race Results 21/11/99

Posted by on 11/21/99

Thankfully the rain held off last Sunday until after the 18.5km time trial was finished.

Riders either like time trials or dislike them with a vengeance, they are difficult as each rider has to pace themselves and not rely upon others, hence the name 'the race of truth'. A lot of riders use them to assess how they are performing in relation to the same time the year before or since they have been using different training methods or just to compare themselves with other riders of similar ability.

Thankfully no one uses Jono Hall to compare themselves with as he consistently takes minutes less than the second place getter. In his last four starts in the past two years he has recorded 24:09, 24:16, 24:34 and 24:31 last Sunday. Not bad considering he is in a rest period. The closest anyone has come to him was a 25:09 by Garth Hennessy in January this year.

Second fastest time went to Paul Forrest in a time of 26:28, a huge improvement of 3:02 over his last TT in January. Hans Batteard again showed his strength in recording a time of 27:32 for third fastest time.

Brendan Cato and Mark Scott were also very impressive in recording 27:55 and 27:58 respectively. Both promising juniors have just accepted scholarships with the Illawarra Academy of sport.

Next Sunday's race is a 27km scratch race.

The Nutra-Life Illawarra Cycle club track open will be held next Saturday. A good size field of almost 100 riders will be competing, ensuring some very exciting racing. Juniors will start at 5:00pm and seniors at 6:30pm. At 1:00pm the first half of the Southern Division Track Cycling Championship will be held with the second segment before the Southern Highlands track open on Sunday.

One of the features of the night will be the wheel race with a Festina watch valued at over $450 as the main prize.


18km Time Trial 21-11-99
1Jonathan Hall0:24:31
2Paul Forrest0:26:28
3Hans Batteard0:27:32
4Brendan Cato0:27:55
5Mark Scott0:27:58
6Roland Backhouse0:28:24
7Frank Tortorici0:28:30
8Tony Pulo0:28:37
9Mal Haigh0:28:38
10Paul Blackwood0:28:57
11Marcus Arnold0:29:00
12Michel Vermande0:29:26
13Paul Blackburn0:29:35
14Mark Owen0:29:40
15Steve Vangils0:29:41
16Mick Lockyer0:29:47
17Barry Neall0:30:01
18Anthony Deboer0:30:02
19Lionel Covington0:30:03
20Phil Cuifo0:30:20
21Kirsten Molloy0:30:24
22Andrew Telford0:30:43
22Andy Shannon0:30:43
24Brian Joyce0:30:48
25Dave Morris0:31:02
26Sid Brown0:31:08
27Peter Kelly0:31:30
28Joe Pereira0:31:34
29Pat Delahunty0:32:14
30Phil Jones0:32:38
31Bart Salafia0:32:58
32Joe Chiaverini0:33:07
33Peter Daley0:33:08
34Max Baker0:34:07
35David Carter0:34:44
36Gordon Allen0:34:58
37Lisa Muelle-Ott0:36:29
38Rebecca Borgo0:36:33


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