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November 26/99 1:06 am - Madsen Reinstated, CC Awards Update, OCA AGM Report

Posted by Editor on 11/26/99

Track Cyclist Steen Madsen Reinstated
(courtesy G.F.)

Steen Madsen has been reinstated: Steen Madsen, suspended one year ago for a doping infraction, has been reinstated by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. The CCES has recently found evidence supporting Madsen's claim that his positive test for Nandrolone was caused by a nutritional supplement, and did not constitute a wilful act of doping on Madsen's part.

CC Awards

We have removed a number of blatant "ballot box stuffing" attempts in the 1999 CC Awards. The removed ballots changed things a little: as of this morning, Peter Wedge holds a considerable lead over Gord Fraser in the Male standings, Alison Sydor and Genevieve Jeanson are tied in the Female voting and, as expected, Jeanson continues to pull away in the Best Individual Performance category.

OCA AGM Report
(courtesy Jim Crosscombe)

The 26th AGM of the Ontario Cycling Association was held on November 20, 1999. The AGM was attended by 70 members who took the time to participate in some very exciting changes for the association.

Ralph Neumann (treasurer) presented audited statements for the previous two fiscal periods. Ralph emphasized that the audits represent the past and that the board members present at the AGM had no involvement with the association during these fiscal periods. A short presentation followed on the current year's financial picture as of Sept 30, 99. The Association has money in the bank and it would appear that the deficit is well on its way to being eliminated.

The board has already approved a year-end change to tie in with the calendar year - i.e., Dec 31. The audit or financial review will be performed in January and will be ready to be presented at the spring AGM. The spring AGM will likely be held around the time of the Toronto consumer bike show. Budgets and OCA projects for the upcoming season will be presented for member review at the AGM. A significant step toward accountability to the membership has been achieved.

Mr Roy Taylor from the Ministry gave a short presentation on the role of a PSO and the 5 initiatives that his ministry will provide funding for. The presentation was very informative and well received by the attendees. A short Q & A session followed.

We moved on to the proposed bylaw changes. The association's lawyer (John Wilkinson) gave a brief presentation on the changes. The process for approving the bylaws was explained by "Speaker" Alf Plummer - he would run through the bylaws page by page and any "offending" clauses would then be removed to be voted on later. This resulted in about 5 clauses being removed. The basic bylaws were then voted on and approved. Three of the clauses removed were of a housekeeping nature and the changes were readily approved. There was great discussion on whether or not the two proposed committees (Road and Mtb) should remain in the bylaws, thereby committing the board to a specific course of action, or whether to allow the Board to strike the committees as it sees fit. After significant discussion, an amendment was proposed followed by an amendment to the amendment which effectively removed all formal committees from the bylaws. The board has committed to striking High Performance and Development committees.

The elections followed with the following positions up for election.

VP High Performance
VP Development
VP Recreation
VP Administration

All positions with the exception of recreation had at least two candidates. The results are as follows.

VP High Performance - Ralph Neumann
VP Development - Brad Day
VP Recreation - William Martinen
VP Administration - Rob Schultz

The board will appoint an interim Club Liaison Rep whose term will expire at the next club presidents meeting in Sept 2000.

A short Board meeting was held immediately following the AGM for the purpose of establishing the date of the first formal board meeting ˆ December 1, 1999.

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