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December 20/99 6:38 am - National MTB Calendar 2000, Team Updates

Posted by Editor on 12/20/99

National Mountain Bike Calendar

The CCA says that the 2000 national mountain bike calendar will hopefully be out within the next few days. They acknowledge that this is the latest release ever for the calendar, but say that it isn't their fault. This time, we agree with them.

The primary problem is the current date for the Mountain Bike Nationals - July 29-30. There is a Norba National Series scheduled for the same weekend, and some of Canada's top pros are concerned about sponsor requirements that would see them face penalties for missing the race if they attended the nationals.

The CCA picked out the date for the Nationals a year ago, based on COA (Canadian Olympic Association) deadlines for Olympic team selection. They registered the date with the UCI, did everything they were supposed to. Then Norba, who are notoriously slow at deciding upon their schedule, announced that they were scheduling a race on the same date. The CCA talked to Norba, who gave them the brush-off (Norba doesn't care about other schedules).

So, the CCA has a choice - go head-to-head with Norba, or change the date of the Nationals. But, there is a problem with moving the Nationals: the only feasible date is a week earlier, which presents its own problems. First, they bump onto the dates for a B.C. race (which cannot move, due to venue/sponsor requirements). Second, the UCI exacts a fairly hefty fine for changing dates this late.

The CCA is stuck between a rock and a hard place, all because of the arogance of a U.S. series that considers itself more important than any other country's national championships. One way or another, they will have to make a decision within the next few days. Whatever they decide, there are going to be howls of outrage. However, this time, it isn't the CCA's fault. Really.

Register your vote on whether or not the CCA should move the National championships date to accommodate Norba by clicking on the Vote! button at the top of the screen.

Team News

Mark Walters returns to Navigators for 2000. Lyne Bessette and Clara Hughes are back with the Saturn women's team, and Brian Walton and Michael Barry stay with the Saturn men's team.


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