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January 16/12 17:41 pm - T-One Factory Visit

Posted by Editoress on 01/16/12

Canadian Cyclist was invited to visit a number of Taiwanese bike companies in the fall of 2011.  Here is one of our factory visits - to read the overview to our visit and access all the articles, go to the main page Here



T-One is an example of the newest phase of the bike industry that has come to Taiwan - a OBM and ODM company.  Founded in 2007, it was created by parent company Thunder Graphic, which provides decals for many bike companies, including Giant.  T-One is a design company that sub-contracts manufacturing.  Approximately 30% of the work they do is Original Design Manufacturing, under contract for other companies, with 70% their own branded designs.  Among the products the small design team (six) have worked on are bags, racks, bottle cages, cell phone holders, multi tools battery cases (for E-Bikes)and handlebar grips.



The headquarters of the T-One design house



One of the most unique products is their Undercover alarm system . It consists of two parts:  a base which is attached to the bike underneath the bottle cage, and a small, handheld remote.  When the alarm is activated, if anyone moves the bike too far from the remote (approximately 120 metres), a 100 decibel alarm goes off.  Great for being able to leave your bike outside the coffee sho without having to lock it (or even if you do lock it).


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