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April 3/00 11:41 am - Letter from Italy, Help Wanted, Paris-Ancaster, Ontario Results

Posted by Editor on 04/3/00

Letter From Italy

Canadian road racer Paul Kelly, who is racing in Italy, sends us regular reports about his experiences in the Italian racing scene. Here is his first one for the 2000 season.

Hi everyone,

It's been a slow beginning to the Italian season, after a good early start with the national team at the Tour of Malaysia. I'm back in Italy, racing for SC Reda-Baggioni once again, after autumn rumors of a contract with Cantina Tollo fell through (it seems that only riders with family in the right loops, or money, turn pro here). Now at least, there's something to write home about:

Eliseo Dal Re, my SC Reda-Baggioni teammate, won the XXV Coppa Caduti di Reda on Sunday. The challenging course covered 150 km in 3 hours and 44 minutes (avg. Speed 40km/h). Eliseo and Mirko Biondi - also from SC Reda-Baggioni - finished 23 seconds ahead of a 4 man chase group. Patrik Montanari (GS Parmense) won the sprint for third. I finished 19th, coming about 2 minutes down on the leaders, in what remained of the 160 rider field (still not bad for a Canadian kid racing clean, eh?). Great teamwork during the entire stage allowed us to keep our fittest riders, Dal Re and Biondi, fresh for their final attack on a short 20% grade at 10km from the finish. Their top placings gave our team some points towards qualification for the Giro D'Italia Dilletanti...which we desperately needed after much misfortune, and plain lack of speed in the early season. We also confirmed our participation in the Giro delle Marche, a 4 day stage race over the Easter weekend.



Help Wanted

Trilife needs one more Mountain Bike Event Trail Staff Person!

Mountain Bike Trail Assistant

- People describe you as having the following qualities; Mountain Bike Event savvy, Great communication skills, attention to detail, quick learner, ability to follow instruction, display an intense willingness to get the job done, whatever it takes.
- The Trail Assistant will be responsible for setting up and taking down all aspects of the race course at each event. This includes banners, tape, signage, aid stations etc.
- The Trail Assistant will help in the execution of the event which includes coordinating volunteers, maintaining the course, and doing whatever it takes to ensure a successful event.
- You will report to the Road Crew Manager.
- Consulting with local mountain biking contacts, it will be up to you to make recommendations and suggestions as to the race course routes.
- You will help out, as required, in other aspects of set up and take down of the event staging area.
- Contract will run from approximately May until October.
- Extensive travel is required! - California, BC, Colorado, Georgia, Alberta, New Jersey, and more! (Trilife pays for all travelling expenses)
- Remuneration commensurate with experience. (Salary plus bonus incentives)

Please forward your resume to the attention of Steve Merker: Director of Events, Trilife Sports International:

7321 Victoria Park Avenue, Unit # 8
Markham, ON
L3R 2Z8

Fax: 905.944.9434



You have a little over 2 days left to register for the Paris-Ancaster Enduro. Online registration closes April 5th at 8:00 pm EDT, and the event takes place next Sunday, April 9th. To register, click on the Paris-Ancaster logo in the upper right corner of your screen.

For entrants who wish to pick up their event kits prior to the day of the ride, the organizer will be offering rider package pick up the evening before. Saturday, April 8th, between 6 and 8 pm, riders will be able to pick up packages at Adventures on the Grand (the starting point). Note: this is pre-registered rider pick ups, NOT late registration. See the map on the P-A web page for directions.

Hilton Falls Time Trial, Ontario
(courtesy Al Hawley)

Minime (13-14)
1Steffan, Elzinga0:38:56.941
2Mathew, Vandenecht0:39:17.576
3Adam, Thuss0:40:36.816
4Jordan, Axani0:43:13.441
5Codey, May0:43:59.031
6Jonathan, Smith0:45:04.934
7Malcolm, Bagg0:48:16.977
8Michael, Cunningham0:52:22.397
XU17S Cadet (15-16) Men
1Byron, Dawson0:35:58.944
2Mark, Pozniak0:38:38.024
3Peter, Glassford0:40:24.147
4Ryan, Moon0:41:27.504
5Brett, Moon0:41:35.674
6Denis, Gregoine0:43:15.528
7Matt, Guse0:43:19.819
8Mac, Harknet0:45:54.954
9Scott, Kelly0:45:58.647
10Nicholas, Bauer0:46:43.888
11Keith, Willoughby0:47:26.993
12Anthony, Bauer0:47:53.543
13Brendan, Teed0:55:56.381
14Tyler, Comat0:56:30.633
15Talon, Keys0:57:07.172
16Mike, Lenda0:58:09.753
Beginner (17-29) Men
1Stuart, Johnson0:38:28.798
2Vince, Langlois0:41:14.088
3Mike, Fabioni0:42:42.474
4Mike, Rooyakkers0:44:28.850
5Richard, Lopez0:46:35.076
6Giancomo, Cocchiara0:48:03.324
7Vincent, Matozzo0:55:30.174
8Nick, Falcone1:01:20.534
XMB Master (30+) Beginner Men
1John, McArthur0:39:10.513
2Sascha, Ohme0:40:49.056
3Neil, Baker0:41:41.112
4Mark, Hunter0:42:59.381
5Andy, Will0:46:22.399
6Brian, Peebles0:46:27.526
7Edward, Bandurka0:49:25.452
8Mike, Will0:51:57.085
9Glen, Storrie0:53:05.942
10Leo, Campione0:55:10.998
11Michael, Baby0:57:08.399
12Frank, Connell0:58:43.737
XMW Grand Master (50+) Women
1Monika, Blewett0:54:18.757
Junior (17-18) Sport Men
1Galen, Kennedy0:35:32.483
2Daniel, Skinner0:36:05.901
3Paul, Berger0:36:36.491
4Tim, McClure0:37:18.371
5Kyle, Findley0:38:06.472
6Kemp, Plumb0:39:08.308
7Daniel, Cheriyan0:40:49.005
8Jamie, Shankland0:40:53.884
9Ted, Richardson0:48:44.632
Junior (17-18) Women
1Cydney, Galbraith0:40:45.394
2Stephanie, Tarlton0:43:44.797
3Helena, Coney0:49:47.505
1Alex, Vaughn0:33:06.676
2Andrew, Szafranski0:36:10.976
3Stuart, McKay0:38:11.858
4Mark, Schmidt0:38:56.646
5Neil, Dignam0:39:06.130
6Kevin, Bos0:39:09.029
7Charly, Godwin0:39:29.583
8Roland, Schuetz0:39:29.630
9Glenn, Baynton0:41:51.860
10Derek, Hales0:44:04.139
11Robert, Nella0:49:17.374
12Gino, D'AlesioDNF
Senior (19-29) Sport Women
1Lora, Woolner0:44:59.465
2Chantal, Marchesse0:55:43.357
XMS Master (30-39) Sport Men
1Mark, Janeck0:34:47.502
2John, Kalinowski0:34:57.240
3Karl, Choltus0:35:23.314
4Paul, Stone0:35:42.686
5Wayne, Floreani0:36:51.963
6Rob, Schultz0:37:32.678
7James, Pringle0:37:59.798
8Steve, Morris0:38:04.383
9Karl, Finstad0:38:29.083
10John, Scharff0:38:39.112
11Kevin, Shirley0:39:42.188
12Tom, Knox0:40:06.768
13Bartt, Eade0:41:10.862
14Michael, Drinkwater0:43:07.283
15David, Stowe0:47:35.156
XMS Master (30+) Sport Women
1Caroline, Janeck0:45:42.056
XMS Master (40-49) Sport Men
1Ron, Spencer0:38:00.505
2Gordon, Avann0:39:24.358
3Ken, Masi0:39:57.501
4Bogie, Preis0:45:35.327
5Dave, Cunningham0:53:05.579
XMS Grand Master (50+) Men
1Paul, Skinner0:38:50.035
2Robert C, Galbraith0:40:15.755
3Rick, Blewett0:41:32.882
4Andre, Ouimet0:43:35.547
5Stuart, Connolly0:44:52.787
6James, Stokes-Rees0:45:18.527
7Rolf G., Gube0:45:47.418
8Chris, Buckley0:47:08.123
Cadet (15-16) Expert Men
1Doug, Shankland0:34:04.299
2Brendan, Buckler0:35:11.443
3Paul, Brown0:36:15.612
4Michael, Lewis0:36:25.955
5Ryan, May0:37:33.705
Junior (17-18) Expert Men
1Ryan, Roth0:33:33.799
2James, Krieck0:35:06.266
3Andrew, Watson0:36:08.160
4Chris, Crawford0:36:34.572
5Steve, Amos0:36:55.459
6Matthew, Sims0:37:24.675
7Adam, Gleba0:39:18.277
8Rory, Dick0:53:16.034
Senior (19-29) Expert Men
1Blair, Purvis0:32:35.886
2Derek, Cripps0:33:57.126
3Franz, Schuster0:34:04.528
4Neil, Sauve0:34:38.482
5Mike, Garrigan0:34:40.466
6Richard, Ter-Vrugt0:35:42.548
7Jamie, Matheson0:36:38.529
8Greg, Roth0:36:45.539
9Jackson, Myers0:37:42.472
10Mike, Faucett0:37:44.454
11Colin, Campbell0:39:24.590
12Chris, Spalding0:40:10.631
XMX Master (30-39) Expert Men
1Egiclio, Carine0:32:37.422
2Mike, Collins0:33:19.441
3Marty, Adams0:34:07.544
4Brent, Thomlison0:34:42.553
5Nigel, Moo Choy0:38:54.404
XMX Master (30+) Expert Women
1Margaret, Dubois0:52:07.119
XMX Master (40+) Expert Men
1Scott, Thomson0:33:24.616
2David, Boswell0:37:24.320
XSE Senior-Elite Men
1Adam, Wade0:31:32.860
2Thomas, Skinner0:31:49.714
3Jon, Barnes0:32:51.452
4Michael, Dennis0:33:15.087
5Brook, McArthur0:33:20.410
6William, Martinen0:35:08.228
XSE Senior-Elite Women
1Leslie, Greene0:37:27.793
2Lisa, Hoskins0:42:18.630


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