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April 3/00 1:18 am - B.C. News, IMBA Canada, Fund Raising Ride

Posted by Editor on 04/3/00

South Island Mountain Bike Society - Victoria, British Columbia

Capital Regional District Parks, after consulting with SIMBS and gaining our support, has closed one unauthorized trail and removed some unauthorized constructions (ladders, catwalks and drops) early this week. The primary rational for the tear downs were liability concerns, and a bylaw that prevents building without permission in parks. There is considerable debate within SIMBS and in the MTB community on the reasons for this action and on SIMBS policy on this issue. For a more complete description of the policy and background, see the "NEWS" section of our website Please e-mail us with your opinions, or call 250 477-2455 to leave a message. We will print or post all replies so that a full discussion can take place. We represent you, the mountain bikers, and want to know what you think so we can ensure our policy represents the majority of bikers. E-Mail us: SIMBS@COASTNET.COM

April 6, Thursday, Hartland Time Trial - School League Race, 4 pm - 8 pm
April 9, Sunday, West Shore Bikes Race #1
April 27, Thursday, Tour de Dump - School League Race, 4 pm - 8 pm
May 7, Sunday, West Shore Bikes Race #2
May 11, Thursday, Revenge of the Dump - School League Race, 4 pm - 8 pm
May 14, Sunday, BC School MTB Championships **
June 11, Sunday, Downhill Race - Oak Bay Cycles (Also Hartland 2nd. Anniversary Celebration)
July 28-July 30, Friday - Sunday, BC Summer Games MTB Race **


Jim Richardson, President
250 477-2455 tel
250 383-6253 fax

IMBA Canada Launched

Mountain bicycling enthusiasts from Western Canada and Ontario have joined forces to establish IMBA Canada as a national mountain bicycling trail access association. IMBA Canada's mandate is to work closely with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), local access groups, bicycle industry and provincial bicycling associations by:

- Providing logistical and management support to local mountain bicycling access clubs;
- Providing leadership in national, provincial and local access issues;
- Promoting mountain bicycling opportunities that are environmentally sound and socially responsible;
- Encouraging cooperation with other trail user groups; and
- Providing technical expertise and guidance on trail construction and maintenance.

IMBA Canada will support the creation of local mountain bicycle trail patrols such as those in operation in Banff National Park. The organization will assist with trail projects such as those proposed for the Ganaraska Forest in Ontario, the Nordic Centre in Hinton, Alberta and a Mountain Bike Park in Kelowna, British Columbia. At the regional level several IMBA Trail Building Schools and mountain bicycle trail patrol-training seminars will be hosted in Canada in conjunction with provincial bicycling associations. At the national level, at the request of various provincial tourism agencies, IMBA Canada will establish a certification program for mountain bicycling guides and outfitters.

IMBA Canada offers sponsorship and membership opportunities including trail projects, a national trail care crew program, a national mountain bike patrol training program and various marketing efforts. These opportunities will include support in form of bicycles, equipment and tools, clothing and cash for travel and more.

IMBA Canada is looking for volunteers to help with the creation of the IMBA Canada web site, brochure printing and design, copywriters, administrative assistance, and more!

Associated provincial and local groups that have provided support for this effort are the South Island Mountain Bike Society of Victoria, Kelowna Mountain Bike Club and Cycling British Columbia, Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance, Trail Riders Access Club of Edmonton and Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance of Alberta, Oak Ridges Fat Tire Club of Ontario and IMBA, in addition to many others who have given considerable moral support. Special thanks must be proffered to the Alberta Bicycle Association, Cycling BC and IMBA for grants and organizational support.

Donald V. Weir
#303, 9920-90 Ave, NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 2T3

Ph. 780-439-5130
Fax 780-992-1473

The 6,000km Odyssee Dumont 2000 Begins Today!
(courtesy Ed Arzouian)

Below please find the schedule for the 6,000km cross-continent benefit ride for Autism which Guy Bolduc and Noel Burlon are beginning today in San Diego, CA. The donations they will collect in the US will be shared with the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation, which the Buffalo Bills' Quarterback has established for his son who also suffer from autism as does Mr. Bolduc's son. More information on the project is available below or at their web site at , then under Odyssee 2000.


Day 1 (April 3) Start
San Diego to Coyote Wells,CA along Route 8
140km. Total 140km.

Day 2 (April 4)
Depart Coyote Wells,CA along Rt. 8 to El Centro,CA then north on routes 86 and 78 to Imperial Gables,CA.
132km. Total 272km.

Day 3 (April 5)
Depart Imperial Gables to Vidal, CA, Route 78 & 95 North.
137km. Total 409km.

Day 4 (April 6)
Depart Vidal to Fraconia, AZ via RT. 62 West & 95 North through Native America Reserve
129km. Total 538km.

Day 5 (April 7)
Depart west of Franconia via Rt. 40 for Route 666 to Walapei through Kingman,AZ.
120km. Total 658km.

Day 6 (April 8)
Depart Walapei,AZ on Rt. 66 to Pinaveta,AZ near Rt. 40.
145km. Total 803km.

Day 7 (April 9)
Depart Pinaveta via Rt.40 through Flagstaff to Winona,AZ.
114km. Total 917km.

Day 8 (April 10)
Depart Winona via Rt. 40 south to Holbrook,AZ.
123km. Total 1040km.

Day 9 (April 11)
Deaprt Holbrook,AZ southeast on Rt.180 to Springerville to Rt. 60 east to Red Hill.
179km. Total 1219km.

Day 10 (April 12)
Depart Red Hill east on Rt. 60 to Magdalena.
164km. Total 1383km.

Day 11 (April 13)
Depart Magdalena east to Rt. 25, south to Rt. 380 and east to Adobe Ranch
114km. Total 1497km.

Day 12 (April 14)
Depart Adobe Ranch on Rt. 380 to Riverside
140km. Total 1637km.

Day 13 (April 15)
Depart Riverside to Roswell, NM via Rt. 380 then north to RT. 70 and northeast on RT. 70 to Elida.
144km. Total 1781km.

Day 14 (April 16)
Depart Elida, NM on Rt. 70 to Clovis, NM on Rt. 60 and take junction towards Rt. 86 east to Demitt, TX.
157 km. Total 1938km.

Day 15 (April 17)
Depart Dimmitt, TX on Rt. 86 to Turkey, TX.
Distance 136km. Total 2074km.

Day 16 (April 18)
Depart Turkey,TX on Rt. 86 to Childress,TX then north on Rt. 83 to the junction of Rt. 62 towards Duke, OK.
155km. Total 2229km.

Day 17 (April 19)
Depart Duke,OK on Rt. 34 north to Elk City to Rt. 40 east to Clinton,OK .
134km. Total 2363km.

Day 18 (April 20)
Depart Clinton on Rt. 40 to Oklahoma City and take Rt. 66 to to Luther, OK
178 km. Total 2541km.

Day 19 (April 21)
Depart Luther, OK to via Rt.66 to Tulsa, OK.
126km. Total 2667km.

Day 20 (April 22)
Depart Tulsa, OK on Rt. 66 east to Afton,OK to Rt. 60 to Senaca, MO.
158km. Total 2825km.

Day 21 (April 23)
Depart Senaca,MO on Rt. 60 to Springfield, MO.
137km. Total 2962km.

Day 22 (April 24)
Depart Springfield via Rt. 65 north to Rt. 73 to Osage Beach, MO.
143km. Total 3105km.

Day 23 (April 25)
Depart Osage Beach, MO via Rt. 54 to Jefferson City,MO then along Rt. 50 east toward Gerald.
150km. Total 32555km.

Day 24 (April 26)
Depart Gerald, MO towards St. Louis, MO via Rt. 44
85km. Total 3340km.

Day 25 (April 27)
Depart St.Louis towards St. Elmo, IL on either Rt. 40 or Rt. 140
123km. Total 3463km.

Day 26 (April 28)
Depart St. Elmo on Rt. 40 to Livingston, IL
123km. Total 3586km.

Day 27 (April 29)
Depart Livingston towards Six Point, IN along Rt. 40
120km. Total 3706km.

Day 28 (April 30)
Depart Six point across Indianapolis back to Rt. 40 to Richmond, IL.
100km. Total 3806km.

Day 29 (May 1)
Depart Richmond on Rt. 40 to Rt. 42 north to Plain City, OH.
155km. Total 3961km.

Day 30 (May 2)
Depart Plain City to Ashland, OH
125km. Total 4086km.

Day 31 (May 3)
Depart Ashland to Cleveland on Rt 42, through Cleveland to join Rt. 2 on the shore of Lake Erie to Willoughby
126km. Total 4212km.

Day 32 (May 4)
Depart Willoughby, OH along Rt. 2 on Lake Erie shore to Ripley
162km. Total 4374km.

Day 33 (May 5)
Depart Ripley on Rt. 2 to Orchard Park (Buffalo, NY) to Rt. 20 east towards Darien Center, NY
140km. Total 4514km.

Day 34 (May 6)
Depart Darien Center, NY on Rt. 20 to Auburn, NY then north towards Port Byron, NY
169km. Total 4683km.

Day 35 (May 7)
Depart Port Byron, NY to to Oswego, NY along Rt. 3 to Sackets Harbour, NY
131km. Total 4814km.

Day 36 (May 8)
Depart Sackets Harbour, NY on Rt. 12 to Ogdensburg, NY
119 km. Total 4933km.

Day 37 (May 9)
Depart Ogdensburg, NY towards Hull,QC along Rt. 16 which becomes Rotue 416.
90km. Total 5023km.

Day 38 (May 10)
Depart Hull, QC to Hudosn, QC along Rt. 148
145km. Total 5168km.

Day 39 (May 11)
Hudson to Montreal
51km. Total 5219km.

Day 40 (May 12)
Montreal to Victoriaville
157km. Total 5376km.

Day 41 (May 13)
Victoriaville ˆ Quebec City Congratulations!!!
112km. Total (estimated) 5488km.

Day 42 (Mother‚s Day , May 14)∑ They rest!!!∑.


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