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June 6/12 21:13 pm - Hugo Houle Wins Season Opener at Mardis Cyclistes

Posted by Editoress on 06/6/12

Hugo Houle (SpiderTech powered by C10) won the first stage of the Mardis Cyclistes presented by Jean Coutu road bicycle races in pouring rain Tuesday evening in Lachine, Quebec. Houle, 21, a two-time U23 Canadian road champion finished the 50 kilometre race with a time of 1:03:49 for an average speed of 47 km/h.



photo: Pasquale Stalteri

Houle did a solo breakaway for 14 of 31 laps around LaSalle Park, increasing his lead with each lap. The time trial specialist finished a good two minutes ahead of the pack. Second place went to Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Ekoi.Com-Gaspesien), followed by his team mate Jordan Brochu in third.

“The rain and my tires helped me a lot this evening. With each turn in the circuit, I pulled away further from the pack. I decided to give it all I had and take off solo; it was the right decision because I was the strongest. I kept pedaling at a steady pace, but was nonetheless surprised when I lapped the pack and caught the others.”

Joseph “Tino” Rossi claims to have only once before seen a similar exploit - with a solitary cyclist lapping the pack - in the 35 years he has organized the Mardis races.

Houle is having a great beginning to the season. He distinguished himself at the May 31-June 3 Coupe des Nations stage race in Saguenay by picking up the best climber jersey.

Stage two of the ten stage Mardis series takes place on Tuesday, June 12th. This race will probably yield some surprises as many of the regular participants will be away at the Tour de Beauce.


1 Hugo Houle (Spidertech p/b C10)
2 Jean- Samuel  Deshaies (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
3 Jordan Brochu (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
4 Pierrick Naud (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
5 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Bontrager)
6 Simon Lambert Lemay (Spidertech p/b C10)
7 François Parisien (Spidertech p/b C10)
8 Michel Henri (Archibald / EIC)
9 William Blackburn (Médique p/b Silber Investme)
10 Stephen Keeping (Steven Racing p/b The Cycle)
11 Hugues Lapointe (Cycle Néron LaPrairie)
12 Jean- Francois  Laroche (Fantino Mondello/Cycles Re)
13 Martin Gilbert (Independant-RP)
14 Shawn Turcotte (Rocky Mountain-Forget Aub)
15 Francois Chabot (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
16 Olivier Delaney (Ride with Rendall)
17 Mathieu Fradet (Suarez-ACQ)
18 Pierre- Olivier  Boily (Indépendant-RP)
19 Emile Jean (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
20 Francois Doyon (Quilicot- Rackultra)
21 Adam J Carr (EKOÏ.com/Gaspesien pro cycling team)
22 Edward Forest (Archibald / EIC)

1 Florence Laplante Lamarche (Indépendant-RP)
2 Elisabeth Albert (Rocky Mountain-Forget Aub)
3 Catherine Couture (Indépendant-RP)
4 Anne- Marie  B. Morin (Specialized-Mazda-SGC)
5 Veronique Drapeau- Zgoralski (Specialized-Mazda-SGC)
6 Laurie Dumas (Powerwatts- FITTIME)
7 Josiane Lessard (VCL- André Cycle)
  Audrey- Anne Blais (Espoirs de Laval Primeau Vé)
  Melyssa Fortin (VCL- André Cycle)
  Catherine Ouellette (VCL- André Cycle)
  Alizee Brien (Indépendant-RP)
  Veronique Labonte (CSM Epinay sur Seine)
  Josee Lessard (Iris)
  Rosalie Cardin- Houde (cc IAMGOLD)
  Laurence Paquette (


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