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April 10/00 6:23 am - Toronto Paris-Roubaix, Montreal World Cup

Posted by Editor on 04/10/00

Toronto Paris-Roubaix
(courtesy Mike Barry)

Ray Duggan again demonstrated his superiorty over a small but select field in the 13th edition of "Toronto's Paris-Roubaix Challenge" to take his fourth consecutive win.

The event started at the Toronto Zoo with a stiff very cold North wind blowing straight into the riders faces. This made Duggan's lone breakaway within the first couple of kilometres appear to be somewhat foolhardy. With more than sixty very hard kilometeres before the finish the other main contenders let him gain about thirty seconds and there the gap remained for almost 30kms.

The course consists mainly of gravel roads with four "Sectors" of abominable track. These sectors were made even worse this year by a covering of several centimetres of snow. The nice smooth snow covering hid the frozen ruts and bumps beneath. Almost every rider fell at some point but with no serious injuries.

The first sector at the 6km point broke the field up into small groups with Duggan emerging with 30 seconds over a group of five, Peter Morse, Malcolm Munro, Steven Heck, Enrico Traini and Neil Ross.

At the end of the second sector (30km) Duggan had increased his lead to three minutes and the chase group had broken up and Munro had abandoned. Duggan's cyclo-cross expertise was demonstated even more on the third sector where he increased his lead by another two minutes.

The lead remained at five to six minutes until the "Hell of the North" was reached. This 10km sector is an old disused rail bed, which this year was covered with snow and ice. At the end of this sector with just four smooth kilometres to the finish, Duggan had increased his lead to almost eleven minutes.

Peter Morse pulled away from Steve Heck over the last sector to take second place 10:58 behind Duggan with Heck finishing a further 54 seconds back.

Lisa Hoskins rode strongly throughout and was the first woman finisher almost thirty minutes before second placed Tara Mulder.

13th Annual "Toronto's Paris-Roubaix Challenge" April 9th 2000. 66km.

1 Ray Duggan Saeco 2.47.53
2 Peter Morse Trek 2.58.51
3 Steve Heck Trek 2.59.45
4 Enrico Traini M.R.C 3.03.44
5 Neil Ross Trek 3.03.49
6 Jim Kooz Kiro 3.19.51
7 Sean VanRooyen Kiro 3.19.51
8 Ben Scott Mitzi's 3.30.34
9 Mark Hopper Toronto Randonneurs 3.36.17
10 Larry Strung Toronto Randonneurs 3.36.21
11 Peter Breward Schwinn 3.38.47
12 Albert DeCiccio F.B.X. 3.38.48
13 Chris Jones Toronto Randonneurs 3.42.13
14 Alan Kriss Independant 3.44.52
15 Lisa Hoskins High County/Epic Ride 3.46.35
16 John Saulnier Independent 3.55.36
17 Tara Mulder Kiro 4.15.04
18 Amit Ghosh Independent 4.22.24
19 Mike Kosche Independent 4.24.48
20 Geoff Gadd Toronto Randonneurs. 4.34.21
21 Derek ? Hideouswhitenoise 4.36.23

Montréal, World Cup

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